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15/03/2010 at 16:54

Hi all,

I'm not sure if you can post about specific services that you have tried, but just wanted to let Mums know about this in case anyone was looking for a service like it, as I thought it was really good!

I had a sort of Mummy MOT, at a clinic in Central London called Tonicity a month ago (they call the assessment and treatments Natal). Lots of questions about the birth of my DD, general health and that sort of thing.

The physio gave me a programme to help my pelvic floor get back into shape. I had been 'trying' to do pelvic floor exercises but found that I still needed some help in this area as it was weak - and I also had some strengthening exercises for my tummy and back, which were definitely needed!

I found them through the NCT Westminster link but there maybe similar services in other areas if anyone was interested. I didn't actually join the exercise class as I found the other treatment was more suited to my needs. I passed on the details to a friend who has also had some treatments, and found them really helpful, so just thought I'd spread the word, as it was not just me!

29/03/2010 at 10:20
This sounds good. I wish I had known about it this time last year! How soon after delivery can/should you be seen? And how much did it cost for the MOT and treatment sessions? Just so I can pass on some details to a friend... Thanks. 
09/04/2010 at 12:19

Hi DarW,

Sorry I did not reply before - manic Easter! I'm not sure how quickly you can be seen after delivery. One of the questions was about my 6 week GP check (that everything was fine really) and their postnatal classes are from 6 weeks postnatal, so I'd probably hazard a safe guess at that. I was 8 weeks postnatal.

The first session was an hour and cost £45 (with an additional £25 for the treatment probe for pelvic floor work) and each follow up was 30mins and also £45 whether for pelvic floor or tummy, back and bottom etc. exercises. Hope that helps.

26/04/2010 at 13:01
Thanks v much for all of the info. My friend is now past 6 weeks, so I'll suggest to her to give these people a call! It does seem like a good idea to actually have a chance to be able to ask all of those 'silly' questions and get some help, especially as our GP checks are somewhat brief!
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