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8 weeks and sleep

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08/05/2010 at 19:31

Hi everyone!!

My little girl is now 8 weeks old and im in need of advice about sleep!!!she has regular naps in the daytime and can spend hours asleep during the day.When it comes to the evening we have a regular pattern of bathtime,stories feeding and she then dozes.although she seems completey crashed out,as soon as i put her in her basket shes bolt upright and just wants to be in my arms!!i try to leave her as long as possible but theres no going back to sleep!!I know there's a lot on controversy on the co sleeping but i make sure that there is absolutely nothing around her and she has plenty of space around her also.Any advice would be much appreciated!!

much love xxx

09/05/2010 at 07:56


Does she fall asleep by herself during the day/in the evening in her basket?  I found that as soon as my son learned how to go to sleep by himself he settled better and for longer.  Also you may need to let her to cry it out although co-sleeping is fine in the short term it is probably not something you want to go on too long. 

Might be worth making sure she's not sleeping too much during the day or skipping feeds as she's asleep...

I did the Gina Ford routine with my first born and they really worked, they're not for everyone butnyou can follow to the letter or use it as a rough guide but the principals make 4 weeks my son was feeding 7,11,3,7 and sleeping 2-4 hours between the feeds.  He slept through the night from 11-7 from 3 mths which was a godsend!

Good luck


11/05/2010 at 21:36
Hi amoir my problems slightly different my 12Wk old won't nap thru day once she's sleeping at night that's her right thru but she's feeding herself to sleep on me first. the advice i've been given is to leave them awake and let them cry if Ur not keen to do that Have u tried waiting a bit longer before trying to lay her down make sure she's in a deep sleep first. the co sleeping thing i wouldn't recommend i have a friend who did this and now 2 he's daughter has never slept in her cot she has just had another baby so plan's to not make this mistake again its up 2 u how u play it tho x
20/05/2010 at 16:20
controlled crying on an 8 week old come on guys seriously
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