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21/05/2010 at 14:57

Hey All,

I am looking for some advice, I am due my 2nd baby on 31st July and i am unsure about breastfeeding. With my DS i desperately wanted to bf but due to complications, tyler being in special care baby unit and the fact that i didnt get any support from the midwifes at my local hospital it didnt happen.

My worry now is feeding in public, i know i would be fine during the day in the house but don't know if i could do it in public. I am looking for advice on mixing bf and powder milk and just to see if other people have done this and has it work effectively.

My other worry is nighttime bf as my DS is going to be 18 months when new baby comes and he doesnt sleep well at night and is up most nights thro the night so i dont want to be up with him and new baby so was thinking about bottle feeding the baby at night, what do you's think ?

Any advice would be great.

Thanx, Claire xx

21/05/2010 at 15:13

Hi claire!!! LOL where to start!!! ok - breastfeeding in public is "just one of those things" these days, i have fed my last baby here, there and anywhere!!! if the baby wants a feed then theres nothing more to say!!! BUT, alternatively there are some fab breast pumps about, why not get one of those and express if you know you are going to be out and tiddler will need a feed, altho i did find that most towns etc have places that have a parent & baby room so you could feed in private.  There are also some really good breastfeeding tops about too, (Ebay!!! LOL) and you could always invest in a very light shawl and just drape that over you and the bab while feeding so its discreet then!

Mixed feeding:  I did try this with my last babe, but she has decided that we WONT be having any of that thank you very much!!! LOL but am glad really as i really do enjoy our time together when shes feeding, its very special.  If you start mixed feeding from about 3/4 weeks i guess you would be ok as YOUR milk supply will be established and its not too long to leave it to intro a bottle or two during the night/out shopping etc either, so it would keep your options open.  Keira does have juice and the odd normal milk drink now from a bottle (shes 7 months) and im due another baby in January '11 so i was getting abit worried about transition, so every so often she'll have a bottle just so i know she will get a drink when i go in to have the new baby, but i will still give her milk through out the day until she's 1 then i will cut it down to morning and bedtime milk so she gets used to it.

How come your little son doesnt sleep well? i take it, its an on-going problem since birth??? does he have his own room etc? I must admit all mine have been pretty good during the nights and have usually slept thro from about 4 months, when they start having abit of food basically. My son was the only one who woke up in the early hours until he was about 10 months old and he used to wake up at about 4/5 in the mornings, but then settled down and (touch wood!!) has been fine since - he's now 4.  Please dont think me intruding - but have you tried to get his night-time sorted, specially now you have another little one to tend to soon??? stating the obvious, but it would be easier on you for sure - does OH help out?? sorry if im being nosey - its not meant in any way! I've got 7 kids altogether, if you think i can give you any help, feel free to ask away! 

Hopefully i've given you some ideas re breastfeeding anyways.  Take it easy & good luck! xxxx

21/05/2010 at 16:39

Hi Claire,

I just had my second a few weeks ago and was/am feeling exactly the same!  Iam breastfeeding but is so hard with a 2nd one running around and it takes so long initially to feed.   I have just introduced an expressed bottle at the 10am feed and a formula bottle at 6pm and 11pm feed so my husband can help out and i can sort my eldest out easier!  I breastfed ryan for 6 mths but it's easier when you just have one and nothing else to do!!

I'm also rubbish at feeding in public although i have done it - many times there's been boob on display or a spray of milk!

I'm finding the mix of formula and breast milk is working for us and i plan to stop in a few weeks as long as they have some breast milk it's better than nothing!

Feeding in the night is easier with breastfeeding - no bottles to prepare or risk of disturbing other child, that's the one i plan to son is an early riser and has been quite tough on us all, as karen says might be worth spending some time to sort his routine out before baby comes.

Good luck, just do what feels right and fits in with you and your children and you wont go far wrong!


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