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22/10/2007 at 03:00

hi im due dec 1 with my first baby  and want to be able to carry him/her at least in the first few months...i would really like some help in deciding which product would be best.

at first i was loking at  slings and pouches apparently they keep baby in a comfortable, natural position and are good for breastfeeding which i want tobe able to do as discreetly as possible when im out lol tho im sure after labour all modesty will be long gone.

my other option is the wilkinet....but im worried one if holding a newborn upright for extended periods is recommended and two will i be able to breastfeed in a wilkinet.

please help

Melissa xx


25/10/2007 at 20:53

Hi Melissa,

I've used plenty of different slings and carriers to review them for the site. A good place to start for opinions is the product review section for carriers.

You can't breastfeed without taking your baby out of the wilkinet, no. One of the things that is really nice about a sling, as opposed to a carrier, is that you can adjust the position of your baby without taking him/her out, and in most of them you can use a breastfeeding position (also nice and discreet). 

The wilkinet is pretty adjustable in terms of the different carrying positions and it does offer more of a sense of security than most  simple slings. What you really need to decide is where you fall on the security vs flexibility debate. In carriers like the BabyBjorn your baby is securely strapped down and won't be going anywhere, but in many slings the secuity depends on how you wear and adjust the sling and there will be times when you'll probably want to secure your baby with a hand when bending down etc.  

If you want to baby wear a lot of the time, as opposed to carry your baby for short-ish stretches then my personal recommendation would be to go for a sling. Do remember though that you'll need to either swap your baby from shoulder to shoulder, or opt for a sling that  uses both shoulders to bear the weight (usually a bit more fiddly). Have a look at the product reviews and, if you can, try and borrow a couple from friends to try out, as they are quite a personal product and what one person finds easy and comfortable to use, another person may find a fiddly nightmare.

this might not be much help, but I personally found that I reached for a different sling or carrier depending on the circumstances and on my baby's age - mine loved the carrier styles as a little one, but by about 8 months far preferred the flexibilty that a sling style offered. 

03/11/2007 at 01:15
thanks maria i'll take a look at the review section....i might have to get two slings afterall..
27/03/2008 at 16:51


I am looking for a sling/carrier & was wondering what you ended up going for?... I keep reading about ring slings & then saw the  babaslings. Have you found something that's worked for you?


10/04/2008 at 23:06
Hi. If it's of any help, my work clubbed together and got me a premaxx sling for one of my baby presents.  It's been really great and the little one seems to love being carried around in it.  I found out where they got in from as I had to exchange one of the items for a larger size.
04/06/2008 at 09:32

I've been using the babybjorn sling which is great. It is very very easy to put your baby in and if baby falls asleep it opens in such a way that you don't wake them. You can feed baby in it but I haven't. I actuaally waited to buy mine until baby was born. This meant I could go choose with hubby and baby. I tried it out with baby before I baught it.  I found breast feeding relatively easy but I'd still say it takes a little time to get the hang of it all and find the best positions. So this would be another reason not to buy until after baby is born. If you have friends who have carriers ask them if you can have a go with there. You want one that is quick to get baby in and out of and the baby bjorn does that. I can't recommend it highly enough. Babybjorn do an easy breath carrier (not the one i have) which you nmight find good as they can get hot when they fall asleep as baby tends to bury face into your chest as they can't hold head up. My baby is now 8 wks she does get a little hot if asleep in it but she can now hold head up better so if she's awake she holds it up and is cooler. Once she can gets older she can face outwards. I think getting hot will happen in any sling.

Hope this helps. Eowyn

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