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changing from breast to bottle

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30/11/2009 at 17:32

Hi all

My baby is 1week old 2day.

I changed from breast to bottle on friday Morning as baby was not getting enough milk!

The past 2nights around 9oclock baby Girl keeps crying very loud Like a high pitch scream & will not settle at all also kicking her legs onto her tummy Also is straining to go the toilet and goes very red faced. Its horrible to see her like this.

She was crying last night for 3hrs none stop then managed 2 do a tiny poo & then slept for 6 hrs after that! She has not done a poo all day & didnt do 1 yesterday untill the lil 1 in the middle of the night

She is having SMA gold at the moment & is taking 3 - 4oz every 4 hrs with no problems at all. We have tried to giving her water inbetween feeds and she seems 2 like that to lol!

please have mentioned 2 me colic but im really unsure does anyone have any suggestions on what this could be or wjat 2 do?

Thanks All x

30/11/2009 at 18:33

ti, maybe try aptamil instead of sma- it's better for their tummy and might help her settle and do her nappies better. it's probably the wind in her tummy as formula is quite different to digest than breast milk so it'll take her a few days to get used to it. she is still so tiny that'd i'd not worry just yet but speak to mw/hv if you are really concerned. good luck x

01/12/2009 at 22:00

You could try infacol. I used it with my first baby 2 years ago and it worked a treat. Thankfully haven't had that problem this time around with my 3 month old! I have used SMA both times!! They suggest not changing formulas once you have started with a particular brand. It's probably just the change from breast to bottle as Zo says as they are different to digest.

Hope it sorts itself out!!

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3 messages
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