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Heart problems

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08/12/2009 at 16:35
My baby Luke was born premature in Spain at just 34 weeks and was kept in an incubator for over a week, then released from hospital with no after care (as is usual here) At 3 months old, we have just been told that he has a hole in his heart and needs an operation to fix t, but as he is so small and weak, we need to build him up a little first. Does anyone have any advise?
20/12/2009 at 18:43

Hi Kerry,

My sister in Law has 2 holes in her heart which she was born with. These werent picked up until she was 3 so try not to worry too much about holding the operation off until hes a bit bigger as a lot of people have them and the go unoticed until later on in life when they become a problem.

Babies are also a lot tougher than we think and no medical proffesional would reccomend an operation or give advice that would put a baby or anyone at uneccasary risk. Id they have said its ok to hold off then they are probably right and if they say its urgent then again they know what they are talking about.

If you are at all worried then talk to the consultant and ask him/her any questions you may have. Even if you feel they are silly just get them out there and hopefully that will put your mind at ease. Maybe even take a pen and paper as it can all be a lot to take in.

And to end it on a positive note my sister in law has only had one of her holes fixed up and she is as healthy as anyone else. You wouldnt even know she had them.

good luck x

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2 messages
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