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Missing the kicking

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12/07/2009 at 10:17

Hi girls

I have got the most lovely two week old little girl and am loving being a mummy.

I wondered if anyone else out there really missed being pregnant and feeling those kicks inside, as I am having serious withdrawal from it!!!

I know that at the moment, if I could be pregnant again, I would be, I realised just how much I loved being pregnant, although I moaned about it at the time, I really loved it!!

I think my hubby knows how I am feeling, maybe it is the hormones because I love being able to see my daughters face in the morning - even at 5am!!! She is only 2 weeks but she smiles and gurgles and I am totally in love with her!!!! But I miss being pregnant, Having been pregnant since last march - had a mmc then a three month break, then fell in sept with Alice - so have had a baby in my tummy for a long time it seems!!

Well, if anyone else feels the same I would love to know, or am I totally insane!!!????!!!!

Sarah and baby Alice xxxxx

12/07/2009 at 12:46

Hi sarah

no you're not insane! After i had Theo last july, obv i love him to bits, but i had a weird sense of loss for my pregnancy. I always put it down to the fact that Theo arved 4 weeks early, so i kind of hadnt finished being pregnant if you know what i mean! I think pregnancy is such a fantastic and special experience, and one that is completely indescribable to anyone who hasnt been pregnant. You have such a bond with your bump its almost hard to associate the new baby as being your bump. I found myself constantly patting and rubbing my tummy for months after id had theo! and def in the first few weeks id find myself lying there waiting to feel kicks. 

i wouldnt worry about it - i tink its just a natural thing - you've carried a baby for 9 months that has been all yours and al of a sudden the baby is there but no bump. It will soon pass, and if you're anythig like me you'll end up trying for another quite soon. I had a mc in april then fell pg again staright away, so im happily looking forward to my whole pregnancy all over again.


12/07/2009 at 18:50
Hi, I had my son 3weeks early by emergency section and felt that not only had I suddenly been handed a baby, my baby, but I also hadn't finished being pregnant! It was such a shock!! You always get told that you'll probably go overdue with your 1st, but I didn't!! And I really missed being pregnant. I still feel like I had that time robbed from me, and also the birth... I had pre-eclampsia and was taken to hospital, induced, in labour for 1.5days, then given an emergency section, it was not at all how I had planned!! I don't think I'm over it yet and he's 13months old I missed out on those last 3 weeks and really missed being pregnant. We are going to try for a sibling for our boy in December, that's what we agreed as I'd have another by now but OH wants to wait a bit lol. I think you're definitely not alone in missing it!! x
12/07/2009 at 19:00
Hi just thought i would add to your little forum - im currently expecting another baby whos due in oct and no, each pregnancy ive had you do really do miss the kicks and feelings of being pregnant for ages after you have given birth and it doesnt matter how many pregnancies you have - this is no.7 for me!!!!!! its always the same LOL so other than getting pregnant again straight away - enjoy your little girlie!!!! they sure arent little for very long xxx
12/07/2009 at 19:07

Hi all!

I know exactly where you're coming from! My little girl was born last July and we celebrated her first birthday last Wednesday. I missed the thrill of the pregnancy from the moment i had her.

We've just found out that i'm pregnant again, positive tests on my DD's first birthday! Her special present was the gift of a little brother/sister!!!

As Karen says though, they really dont stay little for very long at all so enjoy your time together. Its precious.

Charlotte, Abigail and bump no.2 xxx

12/07/2009 at 20:34

Thank you girls

I do miss the fact that in some way, when she was still inside my tummy, she was all mine and I got to have that and did not have to share it with anyone - now I have to share her, ooo that sounds mean!!

I think as I did not get to have her naturally, I have not really come to terms with her birth - I was supposed to push her in to the world, but she could not get down and I did not dilate past 5cm. I will get over that, but I do miss her booting me in the ribs.

We are not even talking about number two at all, I am going to enjoy my daughter and spend all my time devoted to her

Sarah XXX

18/08/2009 at 11:10

Hi Sarah,

It was exactly the same for me, my son came 6 weeks early, completly unexpected. Two days after his arrival I started to really miss the pregnancy and feeling his kicks - I felt cheated out my precious/special time with him that no one else could share.

He's doing really well and his growing fast, he's now 16 weeks.  


10/01/2010 at 09:07
i know this is n old post but i am totally in argeement with this i have a 9day old and totally miss being pregnant i feel so empty inside like part of me is missing, also i knew he was safe in my belly now he is here and anything could happen to him it scares me
13/01/2010 at 22:12
Ahhhh Laura, he'll be fine  I still miss being pregnant especially at my bumps and babies group when theres a very pregnant mummy to be and my little one is 10months old! Im so looking forward to hving another one and the labour everything, I have to keep talking myself out of oing for it cause we just can't afford 2 and Im totally devoted to Freya and want to give more time just the 3 of us myabe next year but Im seriously counting down!!! lol xx
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