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26/07/2006 at 12:02
My baby is nearly 5 weeks old now and I haven't really had a problem with her and crying but yesterday she cried nearly all day and most of the evening and only had about an hour and a half sleep all day. I have no idea what was wrong but some of her poo yesterday and today has been green and I'm worried that this isn't normal? Does anyone know if she could have a bug? Does green poo mean theres something wrong?
Kate xx
27/07/2006 at 15:12
Hi Kate
Sorry to hear your baby is suffering at the moment. Green poo can be absolutely normal so don't orry too much right now.
How often is she pooing? Is it runny or hard or does it smell bad? Is she feeding OK? (Breast or bottle?)
Sometimes babies have a one-off crying day that feels like it's never going to stop. if she hasn't really had a problem until now, she might be going through a growth spurt and be more hungry or just finding it hard to settle in the heat.
Did you notice anyting in particular that helped her stop crying at times?
Try to leave her as undressed as possible but out of the sun, in this weather, as she may be feeling hot, damp or too enclosed in her outfit. Sometimes just stripping a baby off and letting them lay down on a towel (in case of wee or more green poo!) can help them to relax if they get into a cycle of tears and frustration.
How is the poo today? Some babies, epsecially breastfed babies, don't poo every day, but do keep an eye on how it changes.
Your babies stomach is still very young hence the changes in 'stool' appearance! But also, don't feel afraid to mention it to your GP if you are very worried.
14/08/2006 at 12:02
hi kate
we found that our son was a little constipated and that was causing his crying but when we'd sorted that out a day or two later he seemed to be crying non stop again and we couldn't work out what it was. After alot of frustated tears and feelings that I'm a terrible mum, we worked out that in the 3 days he didn't sleep properly and feed constantly, he'd got noticably bigger! I suppose that when they are having a groth spurt you just have to grin and bear it as they can't tell you exactly what's wrong. He was 4 weeks old at the time and I was at my wits end. Luckily I have a wonderful and supportive partner, who is very hands on. I also went to see my mum who took over for the day which gave me a break. All I can suggest is when things get really bad, don't feel you have to do it all on your own. Sod the housework, sod the dinner and just sleep or have a really hot bath to relax as soon as you can. I thought I was the worst mum in the world and everybody else I knew who had newborns was breezing through it. Couldn't be further from the truth. I hope baby is more settled now Good luck
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