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nursing bra for smaller boobs

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10/05/2010 at 20:54


Please help, I need to find a new nursing bra that fits! I can only seem to find them in c+ cup and i prob. need an acup, if anyone knows where i can get one without it costing the earth i would be really grateful, i have looked everywhere i can think of


Gems (mummy to Riley 19months and Freya 15wks)

22/06/2010 at 15:01

I'm not sure of any brands that start with an A cup but I know that Amoralia make nursing bras starting in a B cup. They are beautiful and are lined in bamboo so they are very soft and comfortable. Hot Milk are another great brand but again I think they start in a B cup. I hope you find something!
16/02/2012 at 12:37

Hi honey,

32b is the smallest I can find for you.  Not sure of any specialist shops for nursing bras either to be honest.

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