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07/11/2006 at 08:43
Not sure how many will have time to post, but have started a new thread for us november mummies, but its not exclusive - all welcome!!
09/11/2006 at 02:38
Hi Sarah Jane. Good luck and best with your new arrival and with this thread - your Nov Mums was such a mammoth success!
Laura x
10/11/2006 at 00:09
Thanks laura - i'm hoping some of us will keep posting long into motherhood, this website is such a wonderful source of support.
Sarah x
10/11/2006 at 10:19
Hi sarah
I thought id come & join you on the new thread how are getting on!!
My girls seem to be really good they are very contented at the moment its a lot easier second time round i have to say i was really nervous about the fact that it was twins but its no were near as bad as i thought it would be which is great because im really enjoying them this time & joe has been brilliant he hasnt been jealous or anything yet he seems to really like them which is lovely!! (dont know how long that will last lol)
Spwak to you soon mich, ruby , rose & joe
10/11/2006 at 15:44
So glad to hear it's going well michelle. I'm so tired. Krishan has colic i think and he wont settle at night. I need to change my sleep pattern to suit his, but i'm finding it so hard to sleep in the day and as a result am still surviving on pretty much zero sleep. Hormones & love for my baby have been seeing me through, but think it has caught up with me a bit today and i have the baby blues a bit.
Hopefully he will settle better tonight. Hope your girls stay good for you and keep enjoying them - these first days are so precious and they're going so quickly!

Sarah xx
12/11/2006 at 09:30
have finally had some sleep!!
We've given up and put krishan in bed with us the last two nights. I was so scared about squashing him/ causing cotdeath, but I'm really aware that he's there and we make sure theres nothing that could cover his face so i don't think we'll have any problems and he's settling so well. Just concerned that i'm setting myself up for problems later by allowing him to sleep in our bed.

Have been in agony the last couple of days with my stitches (despite still taking co-codamol & ibuprofen) so went back to the hospital to have them looked at yesterday - was scared they'd restitch me or something because my midwife had told me they weren't infected so i thought it must be the mess they made when they stitched me. However, doctor says they will heal ok and they couldn't restitch anyway and thinks there is an infection so i'm on strong pain killers and antibiotics now. feel much better already, but think that's the pain killers!

My mum went home yesterday (she's been staying since the birth) so now it's just the three of us, trying to get into some kind of routine.

Will be posting my birth story later!
Sarah xx
13/11/2006 at 14:35
HI all

Well keira has given me a few sleepless nights, so i haven't really been on the net since last week. But i saw that you'd started a new thread sarah, so i thought i say i'm still here and coping. Keria seem to have her own personal alarm clock. doesn't matter what time your wake her to feed and change her, 12 midnight like clock work she wakes up and is up til 2-3 in the morning. trying to get her into a routine but, she's not have any of it yet. I've found beastfeeding a little trying, but i'm still perservering and giving her a bottle if she's needs topping up.

Sorry to hear your still having problems with your sitches sarah. Mine are okay, but i do still have a few minor pains if i've walked anywhere. Apparently my midwife said they can take up to 4 weeks to heal.

any got to go, sarah Jx
13/11/2006 at 19:29
Hi girls
Sorry to hear that your stitches are giving you grief sarah hopefully now you have tablets you will start to feel better??
I can understand why youve put krishan in bed with you sarah the need for sleep makes you a bit a desperate in the end but you might find it could cause you problems later on i dont think its much of a problem when there this young its when they get abit older & get used to it we were lucky with joe really because he didnt like it in bed with us so he made the decision for us really!!
You will definatley feel better when you are in some sort of routine a lot of my friends didnt bother because they said routines are to resricting but i had a proper routine with joe & still have it means you have to be home certain times of the day but he knows were he is i know were i am so i will definatley be doing the same with the twins!!
hope all continues to go well michxx
15/11/2006 at 08:32
Thanks for the advice michelle. we've started a morning & evening routine now but not at set times yet and he's still in our bed. He seems so new still, but he is learning things slowly - to begin with he hated having his nappy changed, but now he seems to realise that it's more comfortable afterwards and hardly cries at all.

Having major problems at night still - he slept most of yesterday and decided that 11pm - 2am was playtime. I was so tired i fell sound asleep so daddy stayed up with him. I have left them both in bed now whilst i catch up with a few things. I'm going to do my best to keep him awake more today to see if that helps.

Stitches are feeling much better. I've still not heard if they actually were infected or not, but it certainly seems as though the antibiotics are kicking in.

Anyone suffering with the baby blues? I'll be fine one minute and in floods of tears the next - usually because of something completely stupid like i forgot to put something in the wash. Just feel sometimes like my brain has disappeared completely and that i can't cope. I get frustrated with myself because he's such a good baby and i have so much support around me - i really have no excuse to feel overwhelmed.
15/11/2006 at 20:56
Hi all
So much for mine twins being good as gold the last two nights have been a nightmare!!
Their the same as krishan they seem to think all of sudden that bedtime is playtime rose will be fast asleep & ruby will be crying & by the time you get ruby off to sleep rose will be awake!
so at the moment we are getting zero sleep which is alright for a few days but it cant go on forever so today i have moved them into their nursery because i have to get up to do their milk & i put joe in his room at three weeks old because he used to fidgit all the time & i used to be awake an hour before he was!!
so im going to try that & see if it helps we might at least get a bit more sleep poor lee went back to work tues & hes absolutly knackered bless him.
I was in floods of tears last night because iwas so tired but i havent really suffered with the baby blues this time but i did with joe so i know how you feel & you do have every right to feel overwhelmed you just had your first baby & your life has completely changed so its perfectly normal to feel the way you do a rest assured it will pass!
take care & speak to you soon michxx

16/11/2006 at 13:01
Hi all
Well sucess with putting the girls in their nursery they slept like a treat last night! We bathed them around 9.00pm to wake them up then fed them at 10.30pm & they slept till 3.00am & i got up & fed them both at the same time which im starting to get the hang of now put them sraight back down & they woke at 6.45am & then lee got up & fed them & i woke up at 8.00am so it was lush!!
Im trying to push them to be fed 4 hourly in the day now instead of 3 because they dont seem to really want every 3 they dont seem hungry enough & so far today they have gone every 4 hours i dont think it will be like that all the time but most of the time will do??
My mil bought me some tablets from boots sarah called new mum they are in a gold & purple box she said they were quite pricey but somebody in her works had told her about them they are like vitamins that are supposed to give new mums more energy you take one a day & they definatley seem to have helped me so i didnt know if they might make you feel a bit better??
spaek to you all soon mich
18/11/2006 at 13:54
How's it going michelle? Are they still sleeping in the nursery? I'm still finding it hard with Krishan. He just has such bad wind and although it's not at set times of the day, he will have long periods of being totally unable to settle or stay calm. He rarely screams, but just makes unhappy noises, pulls faces, draws his legs up and goes really red. We have to try loads of different positions to help him bring it up and it can take hours to get him to fall asleep or at least calm down. pharmacist had recommended colief so we're trying that now, but he seemed better last night anyway (after an awful day).

i thought his feed/sleep paterns were settling a little but they've gone all erratic again and i seem to be failing completly in establishing a routine. my partner is coping so much better and taking it all in his stride, but he just doesnt get how i feel - he keeps saying that i've done the hard bit in giving birth and that this is the easy bit but it really doesnt feel lke that. I just feel so useless.

Sorry for the moan, I'm fine really and love him to bits, it's just a million times harder than i was expecting.
Sarah xx
18/11/2006 at 15:48
Hi all
Yes they are still sleeping in their nursery sarah & touch wood its going well rose took abit of getting off to sleep last night but i tend to think if they have been fed , winded & changed then there is not alot wrong with them so after getting up with her a few times we left her to have a bit of whinge & she eventually got her self of to sleep the difference with me this time is i havent got the time to mess about with them much so they have to get there selfs of to sleep & i cant pick them up & nurse them all day as i have joe to deal with as well?
so i have found it easier this time even though its twins!! but it does help that they are good babies & only seem to cry if they are hungry! so im lucky but joe was hard work he didnt have colic or anything but he was hard to get to sleep & he was quite a miserable baby to be honest they do say boys are more miserable than girls how true that is i dont know??
But try not to put to much pressure on your self sarah it took me agood 6 weeks to get into any sort of routine with joe & you are right it is a million times harder than you think its going to be i can remember coming home from the hospital with joe & sitting there thinking i have this beautiful baby & im really lucky but what the hell have i done why did i want a baby!! & than feeling really guilty because i felt like that which is apparently perfectly normal??
My husband is exactly the same he takes it all in his stride but they dont get all the hormones that come with having a baby so its just not the same for them they go back to work & life pretty much returns to normal for them its not the same for us as we are the ones that take care primary care of the babys so they do think its easy!!
But how you feel sarah is perfectly normal
& just one of the horrible side affects of child birth , if men had to do it we would all be one child familys because they would never do it more than once(lol)
take care & speak to you soon i promise it will get easier michxx
19/11/2006 at 21:02
thanks so much mich, it's good to know that i'm not the only one who has felt like this! had a much better day today, we went to my mil's and it was nice just to have a change of scenery. whilst he was asleep I went to tesco with my partner to get stuff like nappies - first supermarket shop that i've done since he was born. Did feel a bit bad that i was so eager to abandon him, but i knew he was fast asleep and we were gone less than half an hour. its nice having such close family that i feel secure leaving him with.

Hope it continues to go well with the twins - like you say, i guess they don't get your undivided attention because they can't so they (and you!) just deal with it. Krishan is blatantly going to be spoilt to death because he is now my whole life!

Speak soon, Sarah xx
19/11/2006 at 21:45
Hi there
I does feel a little bad when we want to go off and do our own thing even if for a little while, but I found that just a small shopping trip, or a long bath when my son wasn't in the house - so I knew the peace wasn't going to be broken by a grizzling baby at any moment – was not only fabulous but really important!
I made a point of hobbling down to the broadway near us to buy the announcement cards after Eleanor was born, too. That not only got me out of the house, but satisfied my lust for good stationery...
20/11/2006 at 13:03
Hi all
Glad you had a better day sunday sarah!
I know what you mean about feeling guilty about being glad to leave him with someone for a bit!
My mum has got two weeks of work now & shes been coming in and hoovering for me & then she takes joe up her house for the afternoon & i feel a bit guilty about that as if im dumping him off all the time but i know he loves it up there and he cant wait to get out the door he can barely say goodbye to me(lol)& my mum says it gives him a break as well because i cant take him out much at the moment as ive got my hands full a bit once i get in to more of a routine it will get back to normal hopefully??
At the moment i seem to struggle to get myself dressed i get joe up & get him dressed then i get the girls ready before their first feed at 10.00 but i still seem to be in my pj's at 1.00 but never mind im sure i will find a gap somewhere to fit myself in?? ha ha
Glad all is well speak soon michxx
21/11/2006 at 07:51
i'm sure we'll work it out michelle. tried such an ambitious trip yesterday - went to the local shopping centre and had a meal at pizza hut with my partner with krishan in tow. the pushchair is a dream to push, although it took us a bit to put it up and takes up all the space in the car!! krishan was an absolute dream for us - he slept in the car and only woke up in his pushchair but was quite happy just looking around & listening to the music in pizza hut. we bought him some new clothes from next.

the only hitch was when i changed his nappy in the car and he weed all over me!!! had a good night last night too. he woke every 3 hours for a feed, but went straight back to sleep after them.

health visitor came yesterday and said we're setting ourselves up for problems later by keeping him in our bed at night and suggested putting him in his own room! I know you've got the twins in their own room and i completely understand, but i just couldn't imagine doing that with Krishan at the moment. We spoke about it after she left and we've decided just to carry on as we are and we'll introduce to the concept of sleeping on his own when we feel ready.
sarah xx
21/11/2006 at 21:21
Hi everyone thought i would come and join you its the first time ive really had the chance to come on had a bit of a rough time during and after the birth and got a bad infection too but im getting there and it was all worth it to have my little boy. He was born 2 weeks ago on the 7th noveber weighing it at just 6lb 14oz which i was so shocked about as i was massive. i wouldnt worry Michelle about not getting dressed until 1 i only have 1 and i very often dont manage to dress until then. Mind you it winds mother in law up so i do it sometimes just to wind her. I also wouldnt worry Sarah about having your little one in your room half the health visitors havent even got children of thier own so its best just to go with personal preference i think.
Anyway its great to get online again and catch up with how you are all doing
Gemma x
22/11/2006 at 10:11
Morning All,

So we're finally doing it, being Mum's. So amazing, am still on quite a high from it all, Jacob is now 1 week old and the time has flown by. One minute everything is quite dream like (lack of sleep) and the next is so real like he's always been here. Absolutly love breast feeding, did'nt think that i would, feel so special that only i can provide him with it. Hubby feels a little left out whilst i'm breast feeding him so he gets to wind after. Hubby has being amazing and already miss him when he goes back to work, even though he's still got another week off! Reality will certainly hit me by then!!
Jacob seems to be getting himself into some routine with waking every 3 / 4 hours and feeding really well. As started staying awake for 2 hours in the late afternoon one day and the follwing day it will be in the middle of the night, which i find incredibly tough! No matter how much i try i can't seem to sleep during the day when Jacob sleeps. So am finding myself in bed at 8 o'clock after his late afternoon sleep ready for his feed at 11 / 12 o'clock. Some sleep is better than none!! Are you managing to sleep when Krishan sleeps Sarah? What about you Michelle, with twins and a toddler it must be quite tough at times? I know this is'nt meant to be easy, had'nt prepared myself for the lack of sleep!

Well we're going out for the first time today, only over to my Mum's but i feel ready. Be it a little nerve racking but need to get over this first hurdle before a major trip. Think that i feel nervous as my Mum wants to go around all the neighbours showing off her first Grandchild! Will try and let her go by herself!

Great idea Sarah about keeping in touch, really feel that i will need all your experiences and advice over the next few months and i'm sure beyond.

Loads of Love to you all
22/11/2006 at 20:07
Hi all
Glad you you had a nice day out sarah! we bought the girls some outfits from next on saturday they are really cute!
You have to do what you are comfortable with sarah if your not ready to put krishan in his own room yet then dont you are his mum & you know best!
I went to work today to show them the twins & it was lovely but it was quite a struggle getting a toddler & two babies ready i can tell you but i managed it & get out of the house by 10.30am which i was quite pleased about!!
I have to say i have found the whole thing easier second time round totally different from when i had joe i think your first baby is quite difficult to be honest because its such a shock to the system but it isnt long before you cant remember life without them!
Congrats gemma on your baby boy.
I cant sleep in the day either vicky but the twins only wake once a night so i do get about 7 hours although its broken because lee gets up & feeds them in the morning so i can stay asleep?
Also its not as hard as i thought it would be with the three of them but that is down to the babys being good at the moment!!
speak soon michxx
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