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4D scans at Babyface4d in Cullompton

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29/08/2008 at 23:12
I have been comparing prices for 4d scans and Babyface4d in Cullompton have launched a £99 special promotion offer for 4D scan and they have a 10% discount offer on all 4D packages. You also can have a free rescan if they don't get good pictures and DVD on first scan. They also offer free reassurance scan later in pregnancy with their 4D gold package. If you return in the same pregnancy for 4d scans they will offer a 25% discount.
I was considering a few other places but I think I will have my done at Babyface4d, their website is
08/09/2008 at 16:19
there is also one in cornwall called they are very well priced and have a lovely mid wife sonogropher working there. i was so pleased with them and the mid wife answered all of my questions that my own mid wife never has the time to answer.
08/09/2008 at 21:10

comparing the two Babyface4d are well priced in all the 4D scan packages, they have a 10% discount and a £99 4D special promotional offer. The scans are done by qualified Sonographers who have the technical know how from the ultrasound point of view and they can talk you through this for example colour Doppler of the umbilical artery.

They have free parking and privacy, they are not located in the city centre or high street. 

09/09/2008 at 13:14

yes it seems that babyface4d and the babyskanstudio are very simular on there prices and there sonographers could answear any of your questions and so could there mid wife and they also have the input of a consultant so they do have alot to offer. 

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