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7 months and still vomiting

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01/11/2006 at 10:03

I am seven months pregnant and still suffering from bad morning sickness. Although I am now not sick every day as i have been for most of my pregnancy so far I am still dashing for the nearest toilet most mornings.

I am struggling to find any information about morning sickness that carries on through pregnancy past 12 weeks and so am a little worried about the health of my baby as this is my first pregnancy

I would love to hear if anyone else is suffering or has suffered as I seem to be the only one of my friends who has had such bad sickness.


01/11/2006 at 11:00
Hi Victoria,
I suffered with sickness all through my first pregnancy, certian smells would trigger it off, such as curry or someone walking past with strong perfume on. I lost over a stone within the first 12 weeks and didnt add any extra pounds throughout. I did go to the doctors as i couldnt hold any food down at times or i would urge just thinking about food. The doctor gave me some indigestion type of medicine to take before eating to line my stomach, this sometimes would make me sick but eventually helped, its like swallowing chalk. Hubby would bring me digestive biscuits and a cup of tea in bed before i got up, which also helped me. As long as what you are eating is healthy and try iron tablets baby will be fine, they are parasites they will take what they need and leave you with the rest. I did ended up with anemia and piles with my first. Hope this helps.
01/11/2006 at 11:05
Thanks - its great to know that i am not alone in this suffering! I am keeping food i eat after midday down and am finding that coca cola really helps, although i know its bad for me but anything to get me through the mornings....

01/11/2006 at 13:35
Hi Victoria

sounds like Hyperemesis Gravida. how do i know, because ive got it!! im 6 1/2months pregnant and still being sick, i ended up going to gp who has put me on anti-sickness drugs, i still havent put on any weight. however they dont seem to bothered about that as the baby is measuring the correct size!

there is good information on this site about it, just copy and paste the word into the search for tab above. hope this helps


01/11/2006 at 13:39
Hi Victoria
Sorry to hear that you're still suffering. As Julia says, you are not alone in this and as long as your doctor is keeping any eye on things like iron levels (in case the vomiting is depriving you of useful nutrients), then you should be fine healthwise, if horribly uncomfortable in yourself.
Coca-cola is very good for nausea as might be other fizzy drinks if you can take the aroma of them - maybe ginger?
Are you taking a multi-vitamin with iron, that's suitable for pregnancy? At least that would help keep up your calcium etc.
Laura xx
05/11/2006 at 23:21
Hi there, I am 36 weks pregnant and have been having morning sickness since i was 7 weeks. at first it was all the time and I could hardly eat a thing, I lost a stone in weight. I'm still being sick most mornings. I have tried everything and nothing works. Doesn't matter how well I sleep or what I eat the night before. I havent been able to do anything about it. I dont even feel sick it just happens. I gave up trying to understand it and I actually feel so much better for being sick. As soon as I am sick I can have my breakfast and get on with the day. Only good thing is they say that it is a good sign that there are plenty of the right hormones circulating. It wont harm the baby unless you are dehydrated. I know I am going to be like this the rest of the pregnancy, as long as it stops as soon as baby comes!

07/11/2006 at 14:52
Hi Victoria, hi all.
Mags is right, it sounds like you have Hypremesis. I am 21 weeks and also have this, i have been taken in to hospital 3 times and put on a drip and given stemitil, anti sickness injections. Its not nice and each time i thought that nobody could help me but the one thing the doctors made clear to me was that sickness is a sign your baby is strong and well, i was told if your baby doesnt get what it needs from your placenta she will take it from you and thats why we feel so ill. I couldnt eat or drink a thing, i lost 2 stone and could hardly walk, i cant stress to you enuf how important it is to drink, lucosade was my life line.Each time your sick just remember at least you know your baby has what it needs, the other thing i found helped was veg. I so hope you feel better knowing your not alone and it is normal, i know i did and just think what you will have at the end. Good luck, Nicky x
24/11/2006 at 13:03
Hi everyone
Iam about 7 - 8 wks pregnant first time mummy to be. I am so glad that i am not the only one suffering. I am constantly feeling sick and vommit many times in the day and evening. Trying to carry on as normal is very hard as all i can think about is where the nearest toilet is. I have lost a stone in weight and i cant keep the folic acid tablets down, the thought of even swallowing it makes me feel very sick. I just hope i dont get dehydrated. Good luck to everyone xxxx
24/11/2006 at 15:27
Hi claire, you poor thing, its very hard to enjoy being pregnant at the mo ay! Have you been to the doctors about this yet? make sure you do right away, dont suffer cus its not good for you or baby, your doc should give you a tablet you put under your lip against your gum, i had this at first, it tastes grows but can work. I was unlucky enuf to get a real bad case of it and i hope you dont get that bad but if it helps im 24 weeks now and fully ok, it stopped at 18 weeks. Top tip, eat veg and dont drink till an hour after to let the food digest but you MUST try to have sipps of drink all day, youll be fine and so will your baby its just hell while it lasts. Hope iv helped you. Take care. Nicky x x
24/11/2006 at 15:31
P.S Claire i couldnt keep folic acid down either and baby is fine so dont worry to much. x
27/11/2006 at 13:36
Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant, this is will be my second baby, I didn't have any morning sickness, tiredness or anything with my first, boy am I making up for it this time!!! As soon as I go downstairs and put the kettle on in the morning, I am rushing upstairs to be sick. As soon as I have breakfast, I am fine, but I only started being sick at 11 weeks, before that I just felt like I had permanent travel sickness and it seems to be getting worst not better! If I go shopping and I smell certain things, it sets me off! On Friday in one shop it was cushions!!!!, Shoes!!!!! and Candles!!!!!! whatever next .... when will it end. I haven't put any weight on yet and I am constantly exhausted (running around after a 4 year old probably doesn't help!)
07/12/2006 at 21:09
Hi Nicola

Hope your well! Thanks for your advice, had a pretty grim few weeks with sickness but i seem to be getting less sick. I even managed to eat a proper meal today and keep it down! hopefully i have turned a corner!! if not it was a well appreciated rest!

Kim hope you are feeling better

Claire xxx
31/12/2006 at 20:07
I'm almost 12weeks pregnant but now getting depressed with the severe sickness that i'm having. I have always had terrible sickness in all my previous pregnancies, but this one is the worst and sometimes i feel as though no one understands me at all.
My last babies were twins and i was dehydrated but after i had the saline drips i was okay. With this pregnancy i have had all the anti-emesis tablets and suppositories but to no avail.
As i have been working for the NHS for over 13 years and i do have an understanding manager it still makes me extremely guilty and angry as i have to keep constatly explaining my situations to them.
My husband is not coping very well as he feels frustrated for not been able to do anything to help me, and this is when my first daughter needs me most as she is still doing some entrance exams. Please help me with any suggestions as i have had enough of this baby.

Shola, London
01/01/2007 at 17:30
Hi Shola

sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly! try remain focused on the outcome, i know its hard but you will get there,

as for you work, maybe you need to use some of your sick leave? if its paid then use advantage of it, sometimes even just a rest will do you the world of good and make sure you put your feet up in the house and do no housework or shopping for a couple of weeks and do not feel guilty.

ask your husband to do the shopping and invest in some nice aromatherapy oils, just check with your gp which ones you can use then take full advantage of back and leg rubs and long baths.

im now 34+2days pregnant and also still being sick, it really is pretty crap but there is light at the end of the tunnel and when all else fails just have a good cry!

hope you feel better today than you did yesterday and even better tomorrow.

01/01/2007 at 17:32
Hi Shola,
You sound like me, read back throu the notes on here and you will see how bad i had it, i was in and out of hospital for the first 5 months, i am now 7 months with my first preg and because i had it so bad this will be my only pregnancy. My partner too felt bad as he couldnt do much to help me. If you have friends and family to help you with your other children then ask for help as often as you can. I was given all the things you were along with a drip each time i was in hospital, this rehidrated me but each time i was let out i was back in two days later, i can only advise you to eat raw veg, very little, drink sips of lucozade, onthing seemed to work for me and i was so so close to getting rid of my baby as i felt i couldnt go on any longer but for my partner and familys sake i lay on the sofa every day waiting for it to stop and Shola it does stop i promiss. Hang in there because if you dont you will never forgive yourself and think of that tiny little life inside of you trying to surrvive, depending on you to keep it strong.For a life time of joy with a new baby a few months of sickness is worth it. As soon as you feel the need get to the hospital, tell them you need to be admited and put on a drip, dont wait for them to tell you. Good luck hun, stay strong. Nicky x x
04/01/2007 at 13:59
i'm in my 16 weeks and i still have morning sickness it started by weeks 12 i' worried by the way it's my 1st pregnancy
04/01/2007 at 15:40
Hi Paidj, this is usually quite normal, most women have this, try eating small but frequent meals, have a cup of tea and some toast whilst still in bed in the morning, this can help.

usually by week 16-18 the sickness starts to wear off, if not speak to your midwife as it can become very wearing for you,

congratulations on your upcoming arrival


04/01/2007 at 16:20
Hi there Paidj
As you can see on here, sometimes morning sickness really doesn't go away. It's horrible and frustrating and occasionally worrying as you feel so weak and rundown that you wonder what affect it is having on your child.
It is no sign that your baby is not well, but you do need to see if your doctor can refer you to the specialist at the hospital rather than trying to treat you in general practice as this kind of prolonged sickness can need special treatment and care.
Shola - I am really sorry that you are getting so down with it. Wth other children to care for it makes it all the more draining. I heop the words of support here are helping in some way, but have you had a meeting yet with the consultant overseeing this pregnancy? I think you need to raise this asap instead of only seeing your midwife and GP.
24/02/2007 at 18:37
Unfortunately I had sickness from 8 weeks until my daughter was born at 41 weeks. Everyone said it would pass but it didnt. I got acupuncture for the sickness which helped to take the edge of it and I was then only sick first thing every morning rather than all day. As for the nausea I wore travel sickness bands and they helped. Hollie was born at 18.06 on the Wednesday night and on Thursday morning I didnt feel sick, it was like a tap had been switched of. I've just found out Im pregnant again so fingers crossed I dont have the same sicknesss again as I can only imagine it would be harder with a 14month old running around me as well.
26/02/2007 at 14:07
Hi to all those ladies who are still being sick, just to let you know, although i had , Hyperemesis Gravida through-out my whole pregnancy, did not put on any weight at all, infact lost 3 pounds,

i delivered a very healthy 8lbs 4oz boy on the 15/02/07, his placenta was even bigger than him with a very healthy cord,

so dont worry and keep your chins up!

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