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A partner's guide to being pregnant

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19/05/2007 at 10:16
i'm 1 month pregnant, and my husband is thrilled to bits. i went through this website and i was satisfied with the information i gathered. i have got tips about my baby and i'm grateful for this. i would like to receive more tips and advice for my baby.
19/05/2007 at 16:22
Gosh where do we start Hansa... Congrates with your gret news.
I am just over 29 wks preganant firstly you should check the thread for your due date and there will be plenty of new mothers to be on it.. Jan 2008. I am on Aug 2007 and have made great friends.
Its early days yet, firstly go and get checked at doctors and he will forward your details to the midwife you will arrange your first scan at 12wks, once you have this scan you are offered blood tests at 16 wks for downs syndrome, spina bifida and edwards.If you dont want to wait you can have a nuchal scan up to 14wks which is private depending on where you live. We had it done and the results where quick its for downs and Edwards/
So much to tell....
You may be offered an amonoly scan at 20wks to check the growth again depends on where you live. Then you have a few check ups.
I have enjoyed my pregnancy and take pregnacare vitamins and go to pre natal aqua and yoga best wait till your at least 12 wks before attending.
Starting to feeling tired now tho and only have 10 wks to go.
Enjoy your pregnancy and a great book to buy is the Baby Bible as has a chapter for the man to read, my partner has been wonderful and supportive and helps with all housework. Hope some of this helps you enjoy.
Tracey xxx Bump 29 wks 2 days
04/06/2007 at 16:01
Thanks Ronchi..
i'm doing well, hope u are great too. i've already done 1 scan so far, i was thrilled to see my baby, though couldnt understand where was the head. my hus was absolutely belated, he couldnt stop talking about it. he was very much concerned and asked the gynae lots of question. the first day we did our first scan, i went to work, he went home, called his mom and sis and told them lots and lots about the baby, its heart beat. when i went home that evening, roul, my hus bought lots of juice, all that i like to eat; cakes and snacks. ooouffff i got my stock to last the whole month.
me still at work, got to go.
see u.....................
06/06/2007 at 15:06
Great news Hansa, Have they give you your due date? if so you should join the thread for the month you are due, I am due in 7/8wks! arrrgh nervous and excited to. Its amazing when you hear the heart beat.I have found it great chatting to others going thru the same symptoms at the same time.
Take care and all the best. I finish work a wk on Friday x
Ciao Tracey
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