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13/07/2007 at 12:26
Hi All!
Bit of a strange one but I'd just like some advice please. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and I think everything is going ok with no problems that I am aware of (i feel pretty good etc). I am however concerned that I have not had the correct medical checks or care that I am supposed to so would like to check what I should have had and see.
I saw the nurse at about 6 weeks pregnant to advise her I was pregnant - she took my BP etc and advised me to see the doctor to tell him. I saw the doctor at 8 weeks to advise him I was pregnant and he did nothing but said he would get the receptionist to contact the hospital and set up midwife apps. I saw the midwife at 13 weeks for the first time who took blood/urine etc, checked my BP and asked loads of info and put into the computer. I then had my first scan at 16 weeks and all seemed ok. I have my next scan on 24th July.
So everything seems to be ok. However I have never had anyone check the babie's heartbeat or anything else yet - something about a doppler? I have never received the results of my bloodtests or my 'pregnancy file' that the hospital said they would send and I need to carry round with me. I have also got no appointments sent through to me to see the midwife again or anything. Is this something I should have been organising or do the hospital arrange all this? I could try to call the reception at the hospital but the witch that mans the desk never seems that helpful when I have been there so I'm a bit scared. Should I be concerned about anything or is this normal? Thanks guys - I just want whats best for my bump....
13/07/2007 at 12:34
Hi Emma

It sounds like you have been seen the right amount of times, every time I have been in to see the midwife I have asked when should my next appointment be and then made the appointment on the way out. I have only been to the hospital for my scans I see the midwife at the doctors surgery. I saw the doctor first to confirm at 6 weeks, then had booking in at 10 weeks, dating scan at 13 weeks, midwife check at 16 weeks, anomly scan at 20 weeks and midwife check at 25 weeks. I have had to book all my own appointments and my next is at 28 weeks.
however you should have been given your notes at your booking in appointment and then been taking them with you, I would ask where they are and why you don't have them, you may find that your test results have just been put in the file. If there was a problem I'm sure they would have contacted you.

Take care
Anna 25+4
13/07/2007 at 12:57
Well it seems I have missed 2 midwife appointments - you've had the 16 week and 25 weeks midwife check and have another booked in. I have had nothing since the first booking in. I am going to call them and see. I am more worried about not having my notes, especially as I went to Barbados last week and was worried I had no proof of baby apart from a bump (but I could just look fat). Thanks for your help so far!
13/07/2007 at 13:39

Just thought I would say that depending on your hospital / Midwife, most of them are told not to listen for the baby's heartbeat until after 20wks. This is because its easier to find then, and if they cant find it earlier then the mum to be doesnt get upset.... the doppler is something they can use to listen to the heartbeat.

13/07/2007 at 13:52
Emma I depends where you live by the sounds of things. I am 37wks pregnant and here in Edinburgh we only have one scan. I demanded an amonly scan at 22wks which I got. I have seen midwife 4 times! now I should see her every week up till 40wks not the case every second week. I would ask about the blood results they normaly take a couple of weeks but you should have had them. Also you should have got your file at your check in appointment, they prob forgot so best asking for it.
I am amazed at the lack of constistancy from healthcare.
I heard my baby's heartbeat at 16wks I think its important that you bring your worries to the attention of your midwife.
Try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy.
I am so excited not long now, less than 3 wks to go.
13/07/2007 at 14:00
Ok that puts my mind at rest a bit - i keep reading everywhere that people have had all these check ups and things and it seems like I've had nothing. I'm sure I should be grateful that everything is running smoothly and that I don't have to keep seeing anyone. Now that the baby is kicking and moving around so much its all becomming more real and i feel like I should be doing something else. I have just spoken to the hospital and they have told me my I will pick up my pack at the '20 week scan' which I am having at 22 weeks and when my next appointment is - although I will be 28 weeks by then so I will have gone 15 weeks without seeing anyone. Blimey its all a bit confusing! Thanks for your help!
13/07/2007 at 14:05
Wow Ronchi! I too am really surprised at the inconsistencies - the 2 times I have been to the antenatel clinic it has been so busy and the receptionists sooo unhelpful and unfriendly - is this what our NI goes to? - although the midwives seem ok (which is more important really). Good luck with your baby - I hope it all goes wonderfully for you - how exciting!!
13/07/2007 at 19:11
Thanks Emma, its crazy honest I have learnt so much from the internet and books as nobody tells you how you are going to feel and how worried you get.
I have had massages, reflexology and go to yoga and aqua. This has helped me stay focused and positive and I have had a great pregnancy even tho its my first and I am 38. Now as I approach 38wk I am tired but still trying to do stuff hoping he will make an appreance soon. Thanks and if there is anything you need to know or check just let me know.
Tracey xx
13/07/2007 at 19:49
hi emma,

as long as they check your blood pressure, and take urine samples as these are the most important things that they need. i bought a £20 baby bible and it has helped me enormously. everytime i go to the midiwfe im coming out with all these terms that ive read in the book and shes probab wonderin how i know all this! my midwife seems more interested the further on iam, now that im 36 weeks she listens to hearbeat asks if i have had any itching or swelling and checks blood pressure and urine. make sure you get your blood test results, they need to keep an eye on your iron levels, etc. sometimes if there is nothing wrong with your blood results they wont contact you but so you have peace of mind its always good to check up so that you can relax and just enjoy pregnancy, suzxxxxxxxxxxx
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