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anyone no much about flying through pregnancy

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01/08/2007 at 17:04
i'm due on the 29th jan but booked a holiday abroad for me my partner and my little girl in october before i knew i was pregnant,i just need to know if i'm going to be ok to fly i dont wnt to let my family down as it's our first holiday abroad as a familycan anyone help with my question?
02/08/2007 at 09:40
Hi stacey, its fine to go abroad in your mid trimester. Most holiday companies wont let you fly if you are 28 weeks or over on your return flight but before that its fine as long as you tell your insurer. Hope this helps. Nicola x.
02/08/2007 at 12:28
hello stacey,
most reputed airlines will let you fly upto 36th week of your pregnancy but you do require a medical certificate by your gp and signed by him stating that you are fit and able to must check with your airline before you travel as different airlines have different timings of asking for the certificate.the most convenient time to fly is the mid term of pregnancy but a little later than that should not be of any harm at all.i myself will be flying with my husband to holiday around 28th week in september this year and my baby is due in the mid december.just take care about things like you should not sit all the time during flight as it might cause deep vein thrombosis as the blood flow haults so after every certain amount of time get up and try to move and walk around little bit or shift your position every half an hour.wearing flight socks will help too and you can carry your fav massage lotion with you and massage your foot and legs during flight.drinking plenty of plain water and juice is a good idea to let your blood flow in a normal manner.i guess when you will visit your midwife or gp you can ask all these neccessery q and a.
03/08/2007 at 20:45
Hi yes its fine to fly i just got back from holls at 22 weeks, no questions asked. Enjoy yr holl.
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