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blood clots

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12/06/2009 at 16:29

hiya i am laura, i woke up this morning pretty much ok, i got ready and walked over to my mums, when i got over there i had a pain in my shoulder blade on my left hand side, and during last night i had a really bad sleep anyway, i rang the doctor and went to see them at 3.10 today, they tested everything, my pulse, oxygen levels etc, they said that blood clots of the lungs do occur sometimes.

do you reckon older ladies are at higher risk??

 does folic acid take away the risk of blood clots??

please give me some answers as im a bit worried.

many thanks laura of ashley-c and another on on the way

13/06/2009 at 20:20

Hi Laura - i have no experience of anythign like this but can only suggest that if you're not sure about it ask another doctor to give you another opinion and your midwife might be able to suggest ways you could reduce any risk - whether folic acid might help as you'll be taking that supplement anyway i'm guessing!!???

best of luck hope it's nothing serious..


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2 messages
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