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15/01/2007 at 10:16
What can you girls tell me about having a breech baby?whats the healing process after a ceaser?
15/01/2007 at 13:29
Hi Bump makes 4,

How many weeks pregnant are you? - my friend was having a breech, but he moved at 38 weeks so she ended up with a normal delivery, i know some hospitals will still go for a vaginal birth if they can with a breech, and play it by ear i.e if baby becomes distressed they will then go in for a c-section, but most hospitals will go for an elected c-section to be on the safe side.
I am having a second c-section next Monday, first one in 1998 was because my son had a huge exomphalos, and this one is because i have placenta praevia. I would rather have gone for a normal delivery but trust my consultants opinion to go for an elective c-section.
The healing proces is individual to each person, but expect around 2-3 days in hospital - my hospital is very quick to get people moving to aid the recovery process, but is also accommodating with the pain relief to ensure that new mums are very comfortable. You are probably concerned as you have children at home, you will need extra help for a couple of weeks to help with day to day things as well as coping with a newborn baby - luckily i have my parents who live close by and my hubby is taking 2 weeks off to also help.
Has your consultant talked to you about trying to move the baby so that it is in the correct position? I know it doesn't always work as some little monkeys turn around again!!!
Hope everything turns out well for you.
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2 messages
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