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Can I get pregnant while on the pill?

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16/06/2008 at 19:18
i got pregant on the pill i did i got pregnant n m.c 2 times n nw i am pregnant again x
16/06/2008 at 19:28
I got preg @ 16 on the pill......but lost my lil bubs @ 6wks! I couldnt believe it when I found out..i fort the pill was suposed to be the best form!! xxx
16/06/2008 at 20:38

nope its not told but there is only meant to be a 47% cover rate, the pill is acutally meant to be used along side with a condom, i was told this when the pill made me ill and when i was at the GYNO clinic getting my coil. which didn't get fitted, its very commonto get pregnant on the pill unless you are using it right and its the right dosage which often it is not its usually very low one, sorry to hear about your loss emma, thats a shame my heart goes out to you about that, i lost my first after getting pregnant while on the pill but the midwife said the pill did not cause my miscarriage....

sorry also to hear about your miscarriage chantelle, good luck with this litte one how far along are you?

16/06/2008 at 21:57

Hi lynne.

To be honest I think it was not ment to be..was in a very violent relation 16 i know...and if the lil bubs came into that it would of been crule.

I am 24wks 2mz! Had my 24wk check 2day...and all is great!

How about you lynne?


16/06/2008 at 22:10

still sorry to hear about your little one never nice lossing a child no matter what is gonig on at the time, my miscarriages were from December 2004 - Jan 2008, i have suffered 5 all before the 12th week of pregnancy, i have one living son who will be 1 on sunday, and currently TTC with my partner, but i have Rhesus sensitivity and also a revolted uterus which both effect my fertility my revolted uterus stopps the fertilised egg from implanting my son was 7 weeks 2days gestation before he implanted which we believe is why he is still here he was also born at 33weeks gestation and my RS (rhesus sen) kills of the baby thru my blood, it was only when i was pregnant with my son they found this out and Anti-D shots do not work to portect sadly which makes it hard to carry a baby for any length of time, but just glad to have my little boy, and hopefully will be blessed with another one someday...

 congrats on little one, and hopefully all goes well and you'll have your little bundle of joy soon enough,

take care

17/06/2008 at 22:34

Hi iv not got pregnant while taking the pill but the injections that last for 3 months..well the last injection i had last year.. i ended up pregnant and im 25 weeks pregnant this thursday.

Claire xxx

17/06/2008 at 22:57

congrats on pregnant, bitch that it failed you but i guess sometimes we just got to tell ourself what will be will be no matter what we do ah? i envy you all now, me and parnter TTC for 7months but i have 5% of having a living child....

congrats again hope all going well

18/06/2008 at 15:53
My eldsst was concieved whilst i was on the pill
23/07/2010 at 01:52
Hi there,

Is it possible to get pregnant on the pill if you have sex during or just after your weeks break from the pill.

01/09/2010 at 14:55
i havent had a period since ive been on the pill i took it 12 hours after i was ment to is there a chance i could be pregnant x
03/09/2010 at 10:21
hi, im not sure of im pregnant, im on the pill and have been taking as i should be, when i went on the pill my boobs stopped being painful just before my period, im 3 days late, my boobs are massive swollen n hurt but iv had a very weird tiny 2 hour period yesterday, i have no idea whats going on... anybody had any thing like this happen t them or am i just being paranoid? xxx
26/09/2010 at 10:51
Hi, I've been on the pill for about 4 months, and i havent missed one pill. However there was one day after a night out and i'd had to re-take the pill 4 times as i kept vomiting from drinking too much. I was fine afterwards, but a couple of weeks later i started bleeding for a few days,even though i was still on the pill. Ive continued to take my pill as normal and then to have the 7 day break after this packet finishes. i have got 5 days left till i start the 7 day break, but my main concern is that me and my partner has sex last night, whilst i was still bleeding. Is there any risks of being pregnant, even though im still on the pill, but im bleeding still? Please help. xxx
07/10/2010 at 13:12
i had my period for 3 weeks while using the pill the day it went away I had sex and he ejaculated in me. Do you think the pill wasn't working for the past couple week? Could I be pregnant?
24/10/2010 at 06:45
Hey, just been reading everyone's stories. Does anyone know if taking the pill can cause you to miscarry? I was taking the pill all the time like I was supposed to, without missing any of them, yet last weekend I needed to go to hospital as I was having a miscarriage. I had no idea that I was pregnant either, so the whole thing was rather stressful and traumatic for me. I'm 23, healthy and now knowing that I was pregnant and had a miscarriage makes me think that I might have done something to cause it even though the doctor's told me that it probably had nothing to do with my actions. It's been a very confusing time for me, I was 4 months pregnant as well and not knowing that I was pregnant, and for that period of time as well has not been helpful. I had no symptoms at all of being pregnant, other than the lack of my period each month, but I put this down to stress of my upcoming law exams.
Is it normal as well to have real massive mood swings following a miscarriage? I keep feeling very emotional and crying (and crying is not something I normally do), yet if I didn't even know I was pregnant, should I still be going through the grief associated with a miscarriage?
If anyone could help out with this it would be really appreciated!!
28/10/2010 at 19:42
Hiya iv been taking the pill for 2 months and before that i was on the injection but ever since iv been taking the pill iv been on my period for the first 4 weeks and now i had sex 2 weeks ago and im starting to get pregnancy symptoms im now on the 7 day break from the pill and i havent come on could i be pregnant ? X
30/10/2010 at 19:57
i am exspecting my 4th child , after having the twins i decided to go on the pill so no more children as 3 was enough i found out i was i was preg again when the twins were 7 months old and i was 10 weeks gone , in just over 2 weeks boy no 4 will be here , my hubby had the snip through the doctors just over 2 months ago and no nookie till clear after baby is born .
21/11/2010 at 16:12
thank you for sharing that because i wasnt sure if i would get pregnant with the pill even tohugh i know its not 100% i didnt think i would fall into that percentage of people who do fall pregnant on the pill, i have just had a baby who is two months and i dont think its the right time to have another child yet lol xx
04/01/2011 at 16:27
hey, i have forgotten to take the pill for the past 3 days, and have now lost them :/ i have been sleeping with my partner every night since... without sounding stupid does anybody no what my chances of being pregnant is? shouldnt the pill back you up for a certain amount of time? i got told being on the pill provides a thick mucus type substance at ur cervix??? surley this should have still been effective for a few days? any help would be very much appriciated x
12/01/2011 at 09:54
Hi every1,

I wanted to know what are the chances of pregnancy if you took he pill everyday as per normal but at different times not always the exact same [but are within the correct times as per leaflet] & had unprotected sex but also got the emergancy contraceptive for just in case the pill might fail and you have been suffering from light diarrhoea and haven't take any extra precautions whilst the diarrhoea? I am on the 5th red pill & still am not bleeding... am worried out my mind right now!! How long should i wait to take a pregnancy test if the intercourse has only been less than a week ago.
20/03/2011 at 13:19
My girlfriend are noth 17 and she has been on birth control for about two months now and she is on Loestrin 24. She has been taking the pill everyday in the morning, but she recently missed taking her pill at the normal time, but took it later that same day at in the early afternoon. We have had sex since, but I used a condom the first time and the other two times I didn't ejaculate. She had 4 red pills with her birth control and she is on the 2nd pill, but still hasn't gotten her period. She got her period the first month right when she took her first red pill, so we are both worried. Do you think she might be pregnant or do you think her period is off due to the fact she took her regular pill a few hours after she was supposed to? Thanks
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