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20/12/2008 at 10:21

I am now 14 weeks today, and everyone I speak to says that the crampy feelings in my tummy are perfectly normal and not to worry.

Here's the thing, how long do they/should they go on for? Have had grumbles and twinges and cramps for the last two weeks, on and off through the day. Now I have a sharpish twinge in the 'neather' regions when I clench "down there" - sorry if TMI at this time in the morning. When I cough, someties it hurts across the lower part of my belly

Am I being a wimp?? Is this okay??? do I just sound like a moaning minnie???

Sorry to be a pain - pardon the pun!!


20/12/2008 at 10:31

hi hon. we spoke on the due jan/dec thread yesterday i beleive (sorry got baby brain!!) i would say that most cramps are perfectly normal and often happen on and off throught the full 9 mkonths. sometimes its ligament stretching, sometimes it can be due to spd. othertimes its just baby bouncing on an delicate area!!!

i would say if you feel worried about it may be worth contacting the m/w just for advice and explain the pains you are getting. just incase it is actually a urine infection or something. that can often be mistaken for something more sinister. and of course as you are prob well aware if it is with any bleeding get checked out straight away. having said that not all bleeding is bad. i had it on and off throughout the first 14 weeks and i am due to pop any time!!

hope that helps but if in doubt get checked out. take care and relax, drink lots (just incase it is an infection) and try not to stress xxx 

20/12/2008 at 10:46

Hey Natty

Thank you - yes it was me on the due dec yesturday, glad to see you are doing so well.

I will contact my mw on monday if the certain pain continues, am drinking a fair amount and trying to rest, but am at work so hey ho!!

In my head I know that the cramps are normal, but the paraniod part of me panics at the littlest thing!!

By the way - what is spd - thougth I had got all the lingo but this one I missed.

You take care of yourself hun, lookafter the bump and yourself

Sarah xx

22/12/2008 at 14:28

Sarah --- these are braxton hicks they start from 9 weeks, most people don't really feel them, seems you do I'm afraid.

It's just the stretching of the uterus and you will probably notice it a hell of a lot more later on. Especially from about 36 weeks!

22/12/2008 at 14:28

Hey hun

Spoke to the doc, have had thrush on and off - guess what!! it is on again, ho hum!!!

Sarah xx

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