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Due August 2007

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22/12/2006 at 20:19
Looks like I may be leaving just been to the toilet and had a slight pink discharge so it looks like Im having a MC maybe I have just over done the shopping today but at only 6wk its more likely to be a sign that I am losing the baby good luck to the rest of you please help if someone else has had this
22/12/2006 at 21:20
hi jagruti,

welcome to the site, the more the merrier! there are so many of us now, its really good! good luck for the next 9 mnths!

first thing i asked midwife was for her to confirm that it was not an ectopic, then i was more relieved. my picture is good, it all looks very small, its great to actually see the heartbeat moving! it feels more real now, im making sure i really take it easy! going back for another scan 2 weeks today!

have you had any pain, my doctor told me that bleeding is quite a common occurrence in preg. if you contacted your doctor and asked for the early pregnancy centre then they would give you a scan asap so that you know whats happening. hope this helps a little, good luck.


22/12/2006 at 23:05
Hi All,

I'm off on holiday tomorrow so just wanted to wish you all a very happy christmas. I hope everyone stays well in the next week.

Kate xx
23/12/2006 at 01:07
Hi All,
I just wanted to post on here to share our fantastic news with you all. My partner Jackie and I are expecting our first child together in August 2007. Jackie is 33 and I am 37 and both thoroughly over the moon with the best Christmas present we could ever wish to receive from each other. This is Jackie's first pregnancy and I have 3 grown up children from a previous marriage. My eldest Daughter Nicola gave birth to a lovely cute little girl, Teagan some 14 weeks ago making Jackie and I Grandparents so a lot has happened in the past few months. It is fair to say that it seems quite strange that our Granddaughter is going to have an Aunty or an Uncle that is younger than herself. We have told all our close family and friends, but to be honest I am so excited I practically tell everyone I come in to contact with from colleagues to shopkeepers I just can't help myself. We have decided to call our wee'un Jelly Tot for now, no particular reason it just came to us in conversation. I am going to post an ongoing blog to this site throughout the pregnancty and beyond as I feel it is an excellent way to get all the feelings and experiences down, which due to the ongoing developments in technology it is a new opportunity for me that I did not have previously so I am gonna make the most of it. If there are any other Daddies to be out there please feel free to post you are not on your own and it would be good to chat as much about this as possible from a guy's perspective.
Take care everyone and bye for now Jackie, Paul and Jelly Tot
23/12/2006 at 06:54
Congratulations Paul and Jackie..Great christmas present isn't it?!!
Angela, I agree with ali, bleeding is very common in pregnancy. It's bleeding and pain or cramps together that usually indicates a problem. Some people have light periods throughout their pregnancy! Contact your doc and get a scan as soon as poss.
I can't wait to have a scan...I am 5wks preg today. I'm swinging from feeling elated to terrified....I just need to know it's in the right place and not another ectopic. I can't have a scan until wk7-8 unless I have probs in wk6 in which case they might do an emergency scan...but I'll have to wait and see. I think they would rather wait until they know they should def see preg on scan rather than doing too early and it being too small to see and causing even more anxiety! I am feeling ok, not sleeping well. Main symptom is this weired sort of burning discomfort at top of legs radiating round hips to my back. Is anyone else gettining this burning sensation? I'm wondering if it's a urine infection? Did sample on thurs at docs..don't know when I'll get results what with Christmas! Hope you mama and papas to be are all well.
23/12/2006 at 09:33
Hi all.
Well i got my first appointment by letter this morning. I am really dissapointed, it isnt until monday the 5th February and it is at a hospital which i didnt want to go to :(

I am going to phone next week and see if i can change it to the hospital where I had my son.
I have moved since giving birth to my son, so I am in a different area, but all my family still live near to the other hospital so it would be more convenient to go back there.
I cant believe it is so long til my first appointment. I am 7 weeks today so I will be just over 13 weeks by then.

Have just thrown up, but I have a bit of a chest infection, so I'm not sure whether its morning sickness or just because I am not too well!

Hi Paul and Jackie! Congratulations and welcome to the site.

Hope you are all well.

Lynette x
23/12/2006 at 12:15
Hi all no more bleeding yet just a little brown discharge but slight stomach cramps so it doesnt look good can't get an appt to see my gp until the 2nd Jan unless I go to emergency doc and don't want to bother them yet until I know I am definately losing the baby. I still feel sick and pain is probably due to IBS aswell Im trying hard to stay positive but its hard to relax with 2 other kids to look after I hope you all have a great xmas and hope you feel much better soon Lynette. thanks for your support
23/12/2006 at 12:27
Aw Angela, i know its hard to stay positive but you must try. As the others said some bleeding can be normal for some women, and as you say the pain could be due to IBS which i also suffer from(so can sympathise with.) I think if you are really worried you should go to an emergency doctor/A+E. They are used to seeing this sort of thing so they wont think you are being silly or whatever.
My nan had periods all the way through her pregnancy with my uncle. She bled until she was 7 months!

I know its hard to relax having other kids around, I am lucky that my son stays with his nan on saturdays to give me a bit of a break. Cant your other half take the kids out for a little while so you can get some rest?
My thoughts are with you
Lynette x
23/12/2006 at 13:15
hi everyone,

welcome paul and jackie, hope you both enjoy your 1st preg together!

eowyn, at my scan i was 1 day short of 7weeks and they could see the heartbeat clearly, so hopefully youll be able to get scan sooner. i have seen scan pics done at 5wks and you would see if its in the right place but making out baby maybe hard. really hope you will find out soon so that you can relax.

lynette, my 1st mdwife app is jan 8th so i should get scan at 12 weeks. some hospitals only do 1st scan at 15-16 weeks which seems like too long to wait. hope that you can be seen sooner by other hosp,
good luck!

angela, if you are still feeling sick then thats a good sign. usually all your preg symptoms will dissappear if its m/c. if your bleeding stays light and there is no heavy tissue don't worry. if in doubt don't hesitate to go & see docs. my doctor said that in just 1 week, its normal for him to see a dozen women attend surgery about bleeding during preg. hope this helps a little, take care.

23/12/2006 at 14:46
Thanks Ali the bleeding has stopped and no pain now so staying hopeful just going to try and take it easy for a few days. Im hoping to have a scan the ist week in the new year and hopefully by then I will still be pregnant. I hope you all have a great xmas and hope Jackie and Paul and Eowyn have a great time too its a wonderful experience being pregnant and even better at christmas time thanks for all your advice.
Angela xx
23/12/2006 at 17:07
Hi thought I would add one more person to the list. I am 7 weeks now and think I will be due around 10-12th August.
So far I have had lots of cramps, feel sick all the time and completely exhausted! Gone off chocolate and developed a liking for cherry tomatoes - so its' not all bad.
I saw my GP at 5 weeks and got my prescription for folic acid - but am not seeing the midwife until 5th January - not even thought about scans or anything yet. When I was pregnant with my son I lived in Oxford, the doctor didn't see you until you were 8 weeks, then you booked in with the midwife. They then didn't do scans until week 20, now we live in Wiltshire I think that you get a scan at 12 weeks too - so am feeling more lucky.
Hope every one is feeling well and looking forward to Christmas!
24/12/2006 at 08:28
hello everyone,
hope you are all doing good, im starting to feel really queezy now and heave everytime i smell something or move to quick but it usually means baby is thriving so bring it on. cooking full xmas dinner tomorrow should be interesting so i have cheated though and got everything i possibly can ready prepared so all i have to do is chuck it in the oven. im trying not to worry cos my husband is going away to Iraq when im about 16 weeks and doesnt get back till im about due.i had pre-eclampsia with my daughter and i really suffered with my hips so i hope i can cope ok on my own. thats what i get for marrying into the raf. happy christmas to everyone.
24/12/2006 at 08:51
Congratulations Susan...Take it easy over christmas everyone...we are telling my mum and my husbands sister on christmas day that we're pregnant...I've never kept anything from my mum before so it's been hard not saying anything...can't wait to tell them both tommorow.
Good idea becci getting stuff ready prepared. My sister in law is staying with us for a few days before we all go to see my mum on christmas day. I've been cheating and using ready prepared food..just too tired to bother standing for long..normally love cookong!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU AND YOUR LITTLE PINHEADS, BEANS OR JELLY TOTS (DON'T WE CALL OUR LITTLE TEENY BABIES SOME STRANGE THINGS!)I won't be back on site until end of next week so keep well and have a great time!
24/12/2006 at 10:06
Hi all, I had pains in my stomach all day yesterday, they started mild but become very painful by the evening. I hope it is nothing to worry about, I've read its normal to get them, but worrying never the less.

I haven’t had an appetite for the last 3 weeks; I normally eat enough for two people!!! We are going to a party today, so I’ll have to come up an excuse for not eating much and not drinking any alcohol!!!

Hi Susan, congratulations, we are due on the same date!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and an excellent 2007
24/12/2006 at 11:12
hi jagruti,
ive been having twinges similar to period pains but i did when i was carrying my daughter aswell so im trying not to let it bother me they say its you womb starting to strech and grow. i was no good at not telling people i have told just about anyone who will listen naughty i know but when your excited about something its almost impossible not to and i also found that close friends guessed cos they noticed i seemed different. hope you enjoy your party and christmas!
24/12/2006 at 19:43
Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for the well wishes and the thoughtfull welcome to the forum. It is much appreciated. We hope everyting goes well for everybody over the Christmas period and you all get what you wish for including a pain and worry free time. We are going to Jackie's Sisters for Christmas dinner tomorrow .......... so very much looking forward to the sprouts!!!!

Take care everyone and catch up with you all very soon.

Jackie, Paul and Jelly Tot.
24/12/2006 at 20:31
Hi all
Welcome to so many new parents-to-be!
Angela - with my first child, I had bit of bleeding at about six weeks. It scared me so much, even though it wasn't much, and then I felt sick, but I;m not sure if that was just worry. It was also New Years' even (2000!) and we were going round to our firends house, so I had a nervous half glass of champagne and we didn't want to tell them anything. I had called the midwife team I had been assigned by my doctor and all they said to do was rest, so I did.
Now I have a lovely son!
I know it's not easy to relax in these early weeks, and we've seen some sad posts recently, but I hoep you do all get to relax and exjoy a special Christmas.
Lynette - I'd try hard to put your foot down, doctors are always trying to send you to hospitals wherever it's most convenient for them!
Take care all
Laura (TB editor) xx
24/12/2006 at 23:04
i'm only 5 weeks pregnant, only had a son 9 months ago. I was a week late for the injection and the nurse said it would be fine, its only 1% chance that i could get pregnant so quick, but i started to get really bad abdomanal cramps, the same i had when i found i was pregnant with my son, so i done a test and it was possitive, i didn't blieve it so the doctor sent me for a scan and the baby was there, i went through a horrific labour last time, had to go through 17hrs of labour before they decided to do an emergancy caesarian section after doing a loads of different tests on me and my son, they also had to resusatate my son in the end so as you can tell i'm really not ready to go through all that again just yet, my partner is over the moon again as he really wants a girl but i'm not too sure about it.
25/12/2006 at 08:15
hi there michelle,
i had a bad labour with my daughter it dragged on for 3 days and then ended up in an emergency section and the thought of going through that again scares the life out of me so im going to opt for an elective section cos it will stop me from worrying when i should be looking forward to a new baby. im sure they will understand if you want to do the same its a much more relaxed atmosphere with an elective and is less distressing for both baby and mum. you should have a talk with your fella about it so he knows exactly how your feeling. also your doctor/midwife cos they are usually really good at putting your mind at rest. i hope this helps. merry christmas
25/12/2006 at 11:06
merry christmas to all august mums!

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