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Due August 2007

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02/12/2006 at 17:45

i tracked my ovulation last month and pleased to say that it looks like it has worked, tested positive this afternoon!
im not really surprised as i've been having symptoms all week!!

its really nice to be expecting with christmas and new year on the way. really looking forward to chatting to others who are also due in august! :)


02/12/2006 at 19:21
Hi Ali
i tested this morning (twice!!) and got BFP so according to my EDD chart im due on August 12th. (first day of last period was Nov 5th)
I wasnt too suprised either asbeen feeling very nauseus all week - at nights mostly, and been going to the loo loads.
Ive got two kids 14 and 12 - each pregnancy has been conceived in the first month of trying so feeling very lucky after reading the threads on ttc.
We havent told anyone yet so looking forward to that.
good luck for the next 9 months!!
02/12/2006 at 23:50
hi fiona,

my last period started 4 nov, tried to work out if ive got a 28 or 30 day cycle, its 30 so due date is 13 aug!
yeah we feel very grateful that we can concieve so soon, i know that for some its not so easy.
we're going to keep it a secret for a while, thinks its more exciting that way.
glad that i can share my thoughts on this thread!
wishing you good luck too for the next 9months!:)

03/12/2006 at 13:39
hi there im also due in august my due date is coming up as the 9th. we are really excited and are going to tell family at christmas, will be about 8 weeks by then. i feel quite anxious at the moment wish these next few weeks would hurry up, as i cant wait for first scan. hope everything is going wellxxx.
03/12/2006 at 14:53
Hi Kim
well looks like we'll be sharing stories over the next 9 months! we are going to tell family and close friends after next week.
After all the build up to whether i could get pregnant at nearly 37 and with new partner im now worrying whether everything will be ok!! tink im a born worrier!

Fi x
03/12/2006 at 18:13
hi all,

yeah im hoping that because we have the christmas holidays and new year coming up that it will go in quickly.
started to take my pregnacare tablet and they're nicer to take than the last ones i had.
really can't wait to phone the antenatal clinic to book my first app.

03/12/2006 at 20:03
Hi All,

Just found this site today sooo excited, found out yesterday i am pregnant, due date i think will be around 5th -7th August have to confirm with doctors.

Just hoping everything goes ok over the next few weeks as i have told everyone already, was just too excited to keep it to myself.

Look forward to chatting to you all
03/12/2006 at 21:34
hi tracy,

really good that you found this website!
we're only a few days into dec & there's already a few of us :) my tummy is already sticking out a bit and that was before i ate!

04/12/2006 at 11:53
i think the ecxitement is starting to build now!! Im glad im not the only one who cant wait to tell tracy!
what pills do you recommend to take now Ali? Ive been on folic acid for 3 months.
Ive got my first docs appt with my DP tomorrow afternoon so that will really make it official.Looking forward to seeing how things have changed since my first pregnancy 15 years ago (i really dont feel that old!)
wish the tearfulness would go though, ive been weepy for 3 weeks now.. even the colour of my coffee (decaf lol)set me off this morning. Thank goodness ive my own office.
My stomach is feeling a little swollen to Ali!
speak soon
Fiona x
04/12/2006 at 15:08
i thought i was being silly thinking my tummy had grown already hee hee, wouldn't be all that food i have been eating.

I haven't got my first appointment with my midwife until 3rd Jan - do you think thats late? i will be 10 weeks by then.

04/12/2006 at 15:32
my stomach is def inches bigger this aft.. but reckon its wind from the veg soup!! should make for a quick drive home tonight!!
im off to see docs tomorrow to get ball rolling but dont know when i have to see midwife. I know due to my age it should be sooner rather than later for any tests. so if youre under 35 10 weeks is probably fine.

04/12/2006 at 21:51
Hi, I found out I was pregnant with our second child a week ago (our son is 4). My due date is 7th-9th August, just waiting to see my Dr on 18th to confirm. We are all so exicted and plan to tell our friends and family on Christmas day. My stomach def seems bigger too, but that could also be the extra food I've been eating!.

04/12/2006 at 23:47
hi all,

was working late tonight, so going to have a late feast! yeah fi, glad im not the only one with growing tummy, i had to go to work with the top button of my trousers undone!! just started taking pregnacare, tablets contain lots of vitamins & minerals. if anyones interested they're website is

i was just thinking today, my first midwife app probably won't be until next year! don't mind though just want to have a date set!

welcome rebecca that will be a lovely surprise for your family eh!
its handy that we're pregnant at christmas cause it won't just be us eating for two, everyone will be scoffing lots of extra festive food!!

05/12/2006 at 07:18
hi rebecca - welcome to our group!!
I will def be eating tons ova xmas Ali - will miss my cheeses though stilton and red wine.... cheddar and pop just doesnt sound so good! maybe one small glass of bubbly on xmas day will be my treat!
I prob wont be able to see my midwife till next year either.
does anyone else have boobs that feel like theyve been kicked by a horse??
had to resign my pretty bra to back of drawer and wear a support one now..

Fi xx
05/12/2006 at 15:38
boobs, dont mine were an F that was bad enogh now they are growing!! think I will suffocate soon...
05/12/2006 at 16:06
Hi All! I found out that I'm expecting 1st August( I think) will know for def wen have 1st scan on 20th Dec. I'm only 5 wks gone but get an early scan due to havin IVF/ICSI to get pregnant. I'm new to this site still finding my way around. It's nice to read how other women are feeling. I'm just very tired and can't stop eating will be the size of a bus by next Aug....I'm only a size 10 now hehe :-)
05/12/2006 at 16:51
hi everyone got my 1st doctors appointment tomorrow my blood pressure will probably be sky high as ive had a bad few days, my dog(my baby) has been ill, hopefully she is now on the mend so i can relax. we are also telling family on christmas day, i know they will all be really pleased i cant wait. my tummy also seems bigger considering i havent had much of an appetite, but my husbands grandad is a twin so you never
05/12/2006 at 23:37
hi every1,

was stuck in a big que at the doctors this morning, everyone else was being seen for ages, i was in & out again in a flash, urine sample is off for testing. should find out on thurs/fri & thats when il get my 1st midwife app arranged!!
boobs are not hurting yet, but they are getting bigger. appetite is getting bigger too, feeling hungry at work a lot of the time!!roll on christmas dinner!!

07/12/2006 at 07:44
hi all
we had 1st docs appt yest, she kept syaing not to tell anyone until im 12 weeks! as if..! we are going to tell next week, i cant hide my symptoms for much longer! (and not drinking over christmas!!)
my trousers are def tighter and i dont think ive eaten much more than usual.
Have my 1st mdwife appt on Dec 22nd to arrange a nuchal fold scan.
Hope your dog is ok Kim.
Congrats Louise! my friend has been trying unsuccessfully for 7 years, and had 3 attempts at IVF, I wish it could work for her its been a traumatic time.
Fi x
07/12/2006 at 11:57
Hello every1!! Hope yr all well!!
Thanks Fiona! It is very hard going thru all the treatment, I'm very lucky that it worked 2nd time round...I really feel for yr friend I know how tough it is...I wish her all the luck in the world.
We have told family and friends they all knew bout treatment so cudn't really keep it from everyone.
I went to the Docs on Monday had to do a wee sample and am being refered to the midwife.
I'm back to work next Wed, have been off for 3 weeks will be glad to get back to normal...everyone has been wrapping me up in cotton wool...bless them.
Hope Docs went well Kim and yr dog is ok.
Oh Fiona what is a nuchal fold scan??
Lu xx
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