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Due December and Worried

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30/04/2007 at 16:04
Hi, I am new to this site and the whole pregnancy game. I found out about 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant with our first baby. I did 2 pregnancy tests and then last week it was also confirmed by my Doctor.

I have been experiencing some discomfort in my lower abdomen, usually late at night, but am also getting nausea, headaches and severe tiredness. I am approximately 7 weeks pregnant and am overwhelmed by it all.

I have experienced some fudge-coloured discharge this week, only of a morning and not containing any blood at all. Is this anything to worry about? The nurse at NHS Direct said it was quite normal.

I would love to hear from anyone else going through the same.


30/04/2007 at 16:12
hi victoria, i had cramping with a couple of my babies, try not to worry, i was told it was the embro emplanting in the uterus. i also had a light bleeding for a couple of days in my 4th pregnancy but again was told it was implantation bleeding. every pregnancy is different, i am getting bad headaches with this one and am very tired (but that could be because im either an old fart! - im 41 - or running around after the other 3 makes me knackered) hehehe theres a thread called DUE IN DECEMBER? and theres alot of really great girls on there. feel free to join in if you like - we'd make you very welcome! by the way - CONGRATULATIONS!! xx
30/04/2007 at 16:13
Hi Victoria - Sorry I cant help that much a the mo as I am due in Sept. But there is a december mums club here that you should join. There are loads girls going thru the same as you that you can talk to!

x x x
01/05/2007 at 09:53
Thanks for the feedback Karen and Tanya. I will go and have a look for the due in December thread and have a look at joining.

01/05/2007 at 11:03
glad you found us ok. hope things go well for you, hope we get to chat more in the dec club!! LOL xxx
24/05/2007 at 07:35
hi victoria im expecting dec 4 and its twins.the cramping can be normal but still mention it to the gp i had cramps bad and it was painful to cough but it settled down but after it happened again i went to the hosp and they now know i have a urine infection which i had no symptoms other than cramping in the lower abdomen, but it could be just the round ligament growing that can hurt also. but dont be worried when you do the pain seems to intensify so try to take your mind off the discomfort
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