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Due Feb '08

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05/06/2007 at 08:39

Any girls out there expecting a baby in Feb?

Seems like a long time away, but it would be good to chat. I'm hoping some of the 'trying again after miscarriage' thread girls will join me here soon too!

Sadly, I miscarried with my first in March and have just found out I'm 4 or 5 weeks pg again, I'm over the moon but very nervous about things after the last time though.

05/06/2007 at 12:49
hi jane,

congratulations! yeah same thing happened to me. lost baby at 11 wks last sept and got preg again on my november cycle and im 30 weeks now and its great!
agree with you i was really nervous esp around the 11 wk mark but with every week that past thereafter i felt more confident that everything was well.
you could find out if theres a local early preg assess unit in your area. they have a website. i phoned at 4 weeks and told them what had happened to me before and they brought me in for scans every two weeks up until week 13 which was an enormous help.
best wishes to you, alix
05/06/2007 at 14:41
Thanks Ali, it't great to hear more good news as miscarriage is just terrible! 30 weeks, how exciting!! I hope you are keeping well, I'm sure you are loving it!

My EPU will do a scan for me at 9 weeks (I lost at that time), that will be a long wait! Keep us posted on how you are gettting on. Best wishes to you and your bump!
05/06/2007 at 14:46
congratulations i had a miscarriage in november and am now 15 weeks pregnant again with baby no8 good luck,nikki xxx
05/06/2007 at 14:55
Thanks nikki, no 8!!! I'll know who to ask if I have any questions!! Congratulations to you too and good luck with your pregnancy. xx
05/06/2007 at 18:58
Hi Jane
I'm pregnant with my second child (dd age 10) and am due on the 1st of February! I am now 5+4 weeks so very early days.
05/06/2007 at 19:06
Congratulations Jane! It is a scary time, but I would just like to say I miscarried in 2004 and had been trying for a baby ever since. I have now got 8wks till my due date! So good luck! :-)
06/06/2007 at 08:06
Hi Polly,

Glad there are 2 of us now!! Congrats on your pregnancy and lets cross our fingers that everything goes our way! I have my booking in appt tomorrow morning. How are you feeling?

Rachael, it's always good to hear positive stories, lots of luck to you and your bump, let us know how you get on.

06/06/2007 at 10:25
good luck to the both of you!!

polly told you it wouldn't be long before someone joined you,

here to some more ladies joining you
06/06/2007 at 10:37
Hi Jane, I've popped across from the October thread. I was delighted to hear your news. Here's wishing you and all the Due Feb girls the very best of luck.

06/06/2007 at 13:22
hi, i've just writen something on the jan thread but i may pop in feb so thought its worth being on here too. i'm 6&1/2weeks preg so when does that mean i am due? sorry if i sound alil blonde(which i am) but i dont understand propa how u find out

06/06/2007 at 14:20
i think you are counted as being 4 weeks as soon as you miss a period, not 100 % sure on that though but if you go on the babycentre web site they calculate how far gone you are by the date of your last period, hop this helps you jennifer


and here is another link for you
06/06/2007 at 14:25
i know i am 6and half weeks gone...had scan but still not sure when due, crap at maths
06/06/2007 at 14:26
Hi ladies, im just popping in from due Dec. Jane im really nosey and often have a quick read of all the other threads and i was so pleased to see a BFP on the "trying for baby after m/c" as you all deserve so much happiness! Im 13 weeks now and so excited as i have my scan in the morning.You ladies will soon be at this point and im so excited for you! Loads of glue and enjoy every second xx
06/06/2007 at 14:27
jennifer do you know the date of your last period
06/06/2007 at 14:37
no i dont as i concieved whilst on the pill and my periods have been iregular anyway. i was told i was 6-10 weeks 2weeks ago but had scan and found out i am only now 6and half weeks
06/06/2007 at 14:41
oh well, i think you'll just have to go off the hospital date they give you when they do a dating scan at 12 weeks, if they do those in your area
06/06/2007 at 14:45
went on that web site and it looks like 25th jan ish. oh well i will go off hospital coz also think am carrying wins mayb too as really suffering and already showing

thank u for advise
06/06/2007 at 16:19
Thanks Emma R and lots of good luck with your scan tomorrow. Keep in touch as it would be great to hear how you are getting on.
09/06/2007 at 20:18
Just wanna wish you all the best, I am on the due Aug thread and its been great having chat and info from other. Time will pass quick I cant believe I am due my bambino in 7wks and days
Tracey xxx
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