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Due Feb 2012

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03/06/2011 at 18:07
Hi just wondering if there's anyone who's in the early stage of pregnancy like me?  Still hard to believe it's happening, kinda scary at the same time but soooo exciting!! 
04/06/2011 at 07:42
Congratulations!!! When is your due date? Is it your first? I have an inkling I'm pregnant but won't test yet - too early x
04/06/2011 at 11:11

Hi Loopy

 Thanks!!  EDD is 4th Feb 2012.  Only found out on Monday, been to see doc on Wed and now have to wait on my midwife appointment!  When are u able to do a test to find out??

04/06/2011 at 12:57

I will probably wait another week to be sure. I hope some others join you before then! It's nice to have some company.

Don't expect to see the mw straight away...they seem to be pretty laid back about the whole thing. My friend is nine weeks pregnant and is still waiting to hear from hers!

I might catch up with you in a week or so... 

04/06/2011 at 15:47

Yea it would be nice to have some company and chat to others in the same boat, as this will be my first baby! 

Good luck over the next week or so!  Fingers and toes crossed for u!

07/06/2011 at 21:58

I can't believe no-one has joined you. This was a lovely forum back in 2008/09. Sadly I won't be joining you as my AF started today.

Good luck with everything. Pregnancy is amazing - try and enjoy every second. Although sometimes it will seem like forever, when you look back it will feel like it happened in an instant. 

 Oh, and motherhood is amazing. Hard work, but the best job in the world xxx

07/06/2011 at 22:14
Hi ya!  Studying for an exam at the minute so that is keeping me busy!  Sorry to hear that, all the very best over the coming months then.  xx
08/06/2011 at 20:01
Wow a Feb 2012 board, it really doesn't seem like a year since I started this fab journey I found out on 22nd June 2010 that I was expecting and my gorgeous baby girl is now 16 weeks, the time really has flown!

Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy, birth and motherhood. x
08/06/2011 at 21:58
Thanks Amy, it's my first pregnancy so I'm a bit clueless lol that's why I posted on here.  Would be nice to talk to others around the same stage as me.  Thanks for the well wishes!  x
14/06/2011 at 15:51
We think Im due about the 4th of February next year with my second baby (my son is 6) but thats a total guesstimation I have my first midwife appointment on Wednesday. How is your pregnancy going, any symptoms yet or does it all still feel a bit surreal? 
Kat x
15/06/2011 at 11:10

Hi Kat,

Nice to hear from you.  I have been to see the doctor for a quick appointment, she just took my blood pressure and checked my heart, then said the midwife will be in touch.  I've went ahead yesterday and rang the midwife to make the appointment as around the 12 week mark I'm off on hols.  It still all feels a bit surreal!!  Hard to take in that i'm actually pregnant, we weren't trying for that long, even seems funny saying it lol!!  I haven't really had any symptoms apart from being quite tired, but I had an exam last week so I was flat out studying which didn't matters much!  Felt a wee bit sick a couple of times but this never lasted long.  How have things been going for you?

 Nicola x

15/06/2011 at 14:15

Hey Nicola,

It all seems like a little bit of an anti climax after the excitement of the positive test doesn't it? lol Hope you did well in your exam by the way! I'm glad you didn't have to try for too long. I totally sympathise with the tiredness but it's true what they say that every pregnancy is different because I had no tiredness with my son but a LOT of sickness which I don't have this time. I was supposed to have a midwifery appointment today but they cancelled 15mins before because they double booked me! Very frustrating! Now need to wait until next Wednesday. So have you told people yet or are you holding off until the 12 weeks?

Kat x

15/06/2011 at 15:11

Hi Kat,

Yea it definitely does!  She didn't even do another test, just took my word for it, she said so you think you're pregnant or you are, I said well 4 tests are telling me I am, she laughed and said well I think i'll take your work for it lol!!  Won't get my exam results til August which is a bit of a bummer!  I'm hoping it passes soon, my husband just laughs at me, don't think he believes me!  I've got to wait til 26th July for my next appointment, seems like a lifetime away but going on hols on 19th July, so that'll break it up for me.

We told our parents and brothers and sisters on eash side, holding off telling anyone else til the first scan, it's soooo hard though!!  I've a few friends who have babies recently and have been visiting them and it's really hard not to tell them.  What about you have u told anyone?

Nicola x

15/06/2011 at 18:35
am due on 4th feb,went to see my gp on monday.
16/06/2011 at 11:40
How did u get on, when do u go back?
22/06/2011 at 12:12
I'm going on hols in a few weeks, won't be having my first midwife appointment til the day after I get back. Have only had a quick appointment with my doc so far, so am still a bit clueless!  I'll be ten weeks when we go, going for a fortnight.  Could u ask for some things I'd need to watch out for on hols, going to Turkey, i'm thinking drink plenty of bottle water, no ice in drinks, watch out for eating salads, certain fruits etc, as don't know what type of water they've been washed in etc.  Also eating pineapple in early pregnancy, I know it can be used to induce labour, but I nearly certain I read somewhere that u'd need to eat about 7 or 8 of them including the core, so just wanted to check it was safe as I love it!
26/06/2011 at 09:01

Hi can i come and join you, am due around 18th feb 2012! with a totally unexpected lil bubs! I struggled to concieve for 3 years and then gave birth to my first lil boy in dec 2008, my 2nd then came along in nov 2010 so this lil bubs wasnt planned at all ( in fact after only letting oh near me once since birth of lil boy it was a huge shock) . We werent planning on having anymore and although were both a little disappointed when we found out , we are now both prepared for the joy ( & stress) this lil one is going to bring!

hope everyone is doing well, got my midwife appointment on july 5th.

claire n bump(6 weeks)

26/06/2011 at 20:09

Hi Claire,

nice to hear from you.  How are u keeping?  I haven't had any sickness or anything, just am really tired at the minute.  I've got to wait til 26th July for my first midwife appointment, seems like a lifetime away but I know it won't be long coming round.


27/06/2011 at 10:54
Hi all, would live to join this. My due date is 3 feb. 1st so a little scared, excited you name it! Seeing mid wife on 22 July. Only been to see gp once but should I have been more often as I have loads of q's?
27/06/2011 at 12:51

Hi Sheela,

Nice to hear from you!  I'm due 4th Feb, my 1st as well.  I've only seen my doc once and at that it was a very quick appointment, not seeing midwife til 26th july.  How have u been keeping?


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