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Due July 2007

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04/10/2007 at 06:41
hi all, sorry i havn't been back to tell you all i had a boy and agirl on the 3rd of july lewis weighed 6lbs and charley[girl] weighed only 4lb 5oz ive never had such a tiny baby i had them naturally with gas and air i do love that stuff, and no stitches but about an hour after they were born i had to have gas and air again as i was in agony , all the blood in my uterus had clotted and they had to scrape me out it was awful million times worse than labour anyhow they are both fine i was 38 plus 2 when they were born and charley didn't have to go into scbu thank goodness we came out 3 days later they are now 13 wks old lewis is 11 lbs 6oz and charley is 8lb 8oz which probably doesn't sound alot to most of you but to me she is massive now, i hope you are all well and all your beautiful babes and familys are too, take care love nikki xx
04/10/2007 at 06:52
oh sorry forgot to tell you all my labour started at 12.45 pm on a lovely tuesday afternoon and lewis was born at 3.14 pm and charley was born at 3.29 pm exactly 10 mins apart it was so long ago now i forgot i was really lucky labour was only 2 and a half hours long which they were expecting as my last daughter took about 30 mins  oh just to tell you it might make you chuckle i was really proud of having no stitches until my other half pointed out that maybe i shouldnt be boasting about having 2 babies and no stitches needless to say i dont tell people now lol see you soon love nikki
04/10/2007 at 08:14

Hi Nicola,

Fantastic to hear from you congrats on the birth of your beautiful twins, am glad they got here safe and healthy. Sorry you had a bit of a rough time though!! We are all on a new forum now July 07 Mummies, come and join us hun

Trish xxxx 

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2181 to 2183 of 2183 messages
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