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Due May 07

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10/02/2007 at 19:33

I was wondering if there are any other May 07 mums out there? I know there are one or two on last years' May Mums club (I've been lurking there but I'm only just starting to get over my supersticion!). Anyway, I thought it might be nice to start a new thread... There must be more of us surely! :)

I'm Fiona and I'll be 27 next month. My husband and I are expecting our first on May 14th. We're so excited! We bought a car seat yesterday which feels very grown up - we'll be able to bring Baby home now when the time comes!

I love feeling Baby kick. I think I'm incubating a footballer! I still can't get over how amazing it feels. It makes the niggles all worth it. :)

Anyway, anyone want to join me? :)

Fiona X
11/02/2007 at 18:05
Hi Fiona,

I am due on 16th May with my second. We have a son (9), this little one was not exactly planned, but is very much wanted (after 3 MC in 18 months , we had given up). My husband was on the waiting list for the snip, when i fell pregnant in August. He had the opp at Christmas.

I had given all my baby stuff away so we are starting from scratch again.
We have been given a cot bed, we bought a travel system in the Jan sales and I am picking up little bits when I go to Tescos, ASDA etc.

We used to have a lovely tidy spare room, now we have baby stuff all piled up and multiplying daily!!!

I know what you mean about the kicking, I had forgotten what it was like!!!

15/02/2007 at 19:34
Hi to Fiona and Vicky,

I'm 29 and am due on the 21st may, this is my first pregnancy, very excited and feeling well.

Only complaint is heartburn which cripples me but I think this is causd by too much chocolate, can't get enough of it!!!

I think I'll be joining you Fiona with the footballer, I too have a vey active baby and it is lovely though isn't it, except when it jumps on your bladder!!!

18/02/2007 at 17:47
Ah yes - the jumping on the bladder or kicking the cervix are not so fun but I think I finally talked Baby into turning head down because over the past few days the kicking has moved up.

So far I've been lucky. I had really bad MS but I've been well since. I get a bit of heartburn sometimes but not too badly.

We still have to get so much stuff. We're slowly starting to collect stuff now. We have to get a cot because my in-laws are offering us one but it's at least 30 years old and probably has lead paint as well as having the bars to far apart and I don't want to strangle my baby - they think I'm being silly but I'd rather be safe than sorry! Thankfully, hubby's on my side. :)

How are you girls doing?
03/03/2007 at 20:23
Hi Fiona

Heart burn big problem!!! Everything I seem to eat gives me it. Seem to be living off Gaviscon!!

I had a scan yesterday as I have crohns disease and my baby had head down and I'm getting all the kicks around my ribs. Baby was also yawning all the way through scan, but it was lovely to see him/her again!!! Got some lovely pictures!!

Starting to feel quite stretched and uncomfrotable now and still have 12 weeks to go!! What am I going to feel like in 10 weeks!!! I'm sleeping well though which is a bonus!!!

Glad your MS is under control during pregnancy, I find it has really helped the couple of symptoms I have with my crohn's disease.

I agree on the cot, I have got a second hand one but is was new only two years ago and were going to buy a new mattress for it.

Hope your feeling well.

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