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01/02/2007 at 22:58
Hi all, I'm new to this and this is my second post - thanks to 'mummy2b' from my previous post, I am starting this to see if anyone is due in October??? I've been given the due date of 1st October by my doctor (going by the date of my last period).

It would be good to meet all..
02/02/2007 at 10:46
congrats Lois, I'm due 28th September so 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant now. I just can't stop worrying about everything. This is my second and i promised myself I wouldn't be like that this time but here I go again. Really excited though! I've been longing for this for 2 years now and love babies. My little boy is 5 now so it's like havin my first again. Can't wait to tell him but will prob wait until 12 weeks if poss. Telling close friends and family just now though for some support. Hopin it will be a girl to complete the family but will be more that happy with a cuddly boy again obviously. I see my doctor today to register the preg so looking forward to asking her about aches and pains to put my mind at rest. Got cramping when I cough and roll over at night etc but remember it from last preg so not too worried. Worried that I'm not nauseus yet though as was with first. Can't win though, last time I longed not to have the nausea but this time I'm worried without it!

Keep in touch
02/02/2007 at 15:09
Hi Julie and Lois

Congratulations to you both..I too am due 29th Sep (I think), so 6 weeks tomorrow - found out at just 4 weeks, so the last two weeks have felt like an age. Was going to join Sep mums, but there are so many messages to catch up on, so here I am.

Absolutely over the moon as was trying for well over a year, and had an appointment with the specialist in January to get checked out - but didn't know when I was sitting in his office that I was actually pregnant.

Am very anxious, as this is my first pregnancy and I seem to be worrying about everything. My biggest worry is that I have no symptoms yet!(apart from sore boobs) Feel like you Julie, never thought I would actually WANT to be sick! and sure I'll regret feeling that way when it eventually comes.

How did you get on at the doctors? I'm just waiting for my first midwife appointment on the 20th! time is going so slowly at the moment!


02/02/2007 at 17:05
Hi Julie and Louise

Congratulations to you both. I look forward to sharing my experiences with you over the coming months or weeks...(I'm still getting used to the fact of referring to it as weeks rather than months...

Its good to hear we're in the same boat - My boobs hurt like mad. It feels like the nipples are going to fall off..Lol!! That is really my only sympton so far. Oh, apart from suddenly having wierd dreams which normally I dont remember for some reason I am now.

One question, do you feel that your stomach is getting big already? I have really noticed a big difference in stomach size but surely, your not supposed to notice it this early?

Louise, I was well disappointed with the doctors cos being my first preg, I didnt know what to expect but I really thought there will be lots of test and questions but it was pretty much a confirmation thing and then fill in a form for the midwife to get in touch with me...that was it. Maybe your doctors will do it differently or is that just the norm?

Julie, I did get cramps but I assume it was my period at the time. Is that the sort of cramps your talking about? Whats your little boys name?

I'm off to play basketball in a bit - I hope I can still do that? I really feel ok..

03/02/2007 at 11:07
Hi Julie
How did it go at the doctors?
03/02/2007 at 11:30
Hi lois

Just to let you know, I replied to your yesterday in the due September thread. Still figuring out how to use this forum proberly!
03/02/2007 at 13:03
Julie, i'm glad it all went well at the doctors and they said you had nothing to worry about - now you can look forward to enjoying preg..

I havent really started buying any maternity wear yet cos I can still fit in my ordinary clothes - my only problem is that I dont really want to tell people yet until 1st scan, but I think they might start guessing cos i really do feel like my stomach is sticking out.

What is with my bladder? I really cant stop going toilet. It keeps me awake at night! Are you feeling like that at all?
03/02/2007 at 13:43
Hi Lois, Julie and Louise

Congratulations to you all. I'm pregnant with my first. I'm over the moon but scared as well. Only found out I was pregnant this Wednesday (31/01/07) by doing test. I couldn't stop shaking when the test turned positive. I was have cramp pains as usual like every month & thought my period was due anytime as my periods are generally irregular. Got confirmation from doctors yesterday & I've been told I'm due around 5th 0ct going by the 1st date of my last period, so I'm 5wks + 1 day.

I've been experiencing a few symptoms: sore nipples (I can relate to you Lois), lower back pain & nauseous feeling but not actually being sick. I've also been going to the toilet all the time! I cant stop weeing! The pressure on my bladder, I thought that this was suppose to happen later on in pregnancy?!

I look forward to chating to you all & sharing our experiences together.

I've checked out a few websites online regarding pregnancy but this site just covers everything so thumbs up so far.

Hope to hear from you soon

03/02/2007 at 15:04
OH MY GOD!!!!!

I have just tested +ive!!!! 18 months of trying after depo provera, and me and DH have made it! I'm so happy, i feel like crying!

Just done a due date predictor and i am due on the 11th Oct (according to that anyway!)

Good luck to all and congratulations!

Em x
03/02/2007 at 17:15
Hi Emma and Sam
Congratulations to you..Welcome to Oct Mums..sure we'll all be hearing lots of intimate details over the next nine months! Look forward to it.

Just debating whether to book some flights for end of July! we have a wedding to go to. I would be 31.5 weeks on the return, which is apparently OK as long as everything goes smoothly. Can't ask friends how they felt at 32 weeks (as only my Mum and Dad know at the moment - haven't even told OH's parents!), did get some replies from March mums on how they were feeling, and general consensus was should be OK. What do you all think?

Enjoy the weekend - sure we'll start to get a few more expectant mums joining soon!
03/02/2007 at 18:13

Thanks Louise,

I think you will be fine by the way with your flights, I am going to south of france then too. (The in laws live there.)Also, how cool would it be to have a foreign born baby!!!!

I am cabin crew myself (not that i'll be flying for a long time now! (hopefully anyways x) hehe) and we accept pregnant women up to 32 weeks or 36 with doctors note.

If you are worried, ask the doc to do you a note.

I feel ODD today. Really dizzy and can't remember things. Also, very emotional!

Take care Oct mums!

Emma x
04/02/2007 at 13:10
Hey Sam and Emma - welcome and congratulations to you both. Emma, having read your message, I feel like crying toooooo???? I dont get it, I'm not normally that emotional (except of course watching films)

Woke up this morning an I feel crap. Feel really nauseas and I hate it. I just wanna be sick - you know to get it out of my system but it wont come out. My mouth tests awful. This is probably my fault for thinking I was ok...

Emma, have you been to doctors yet? I think I read somewhere that dizziness was part of the whole thing but its probably still worth mentioning it to the doc?

What a coinciedence - my friends and I have been planning on going away in july coz its my wed anniversary and my mates big birthday (both on the same day) so we thought a whole group of us go away this year. She's the only one that knows, so we both assumed that I wont be able to fly, so we have been thinking about going away in the UK instead. But now that I know that I can still fly, I will look into it more and maybe we can still go abroad afterall! Thanks for that Emma
04/02/2007 at 17:14
Hi everyone,
Just found out yesterday that I am pregnant so thought I would join you here as I think I'm due on 10th October. Can't believe it actually! I was glad to read all your symptoms as I have had period-like crapms and very tender boobs but nothing else. It's going to be so hard not to tell anyone... am nearly 5 weeks now but really don't want to say anything until all is safe. I haven't even been to the doctor yet. I hope to keep in touch with you all and we can compare notes!
04/02/2007 at 22:08
Hi All,

Congratulations to everyone :o) I found out I was pregnant yesterday morning so it's still sinking in for me and my partner Barrie. I believe I am due on 9th October which happens to be Barrie's birthday! Symptoms wise I've only really had tender boobs but I'm finding if I'm slightly hungry I feel really sick, does anyone else feel like this?

I had an appointment with the doctor tomorrow anyway so I will see him about it then I suppose.

Look forward to keeping in touch with everyone and good luck to you all :o)
06/02/2007 at 09:08
Hi Everyone,

Congrats to all of you.I found out on Friday 2nd Feb,that we were expececting our 2nd!!I am due on 5th October & my little girls birthday is 14th October, Must be something about January!!Am not feelin many symptoms except sore boobs & am hungery all the time!!

Good luck to you all!

Liz x
06/02/2007 at 11:48
Congratulations to all new October Mums..

Still no more symptoms from me, just looking forward to first midwife appointment in two weeks.

...sorry to bring a bit of a downer to everyone. But is anyone else worried about m/c?

Read so many books/website over the last year and scaring myself with the statistics. Also, heard last night that a friend has just had a mc at 7 weeks, another friend told me (she doesn't know yet about me). This is always sad news, but upset me more last night because I didn't know she was pregnant and she was nearly exactly the same along as me.

Sorry to burden you all, but it's something I am quite worried about because I want this so so badly.

06/02/2007 at 14:04
Hello to all, and congratulations, i'm due on 2nd October, 6 wks pregnant today!
Me and my hubby moved into our first house 26.01.07 and although we've been trying for over 12 months for a baby(after coming off depo injection), i don't think it has sunk in just yet! We are both over the moon!!!!
Is anyone else as worried tho??? I want to scream from the roof tops that i'm pregnant but the threaten of miscarriage hanging over is stopping me. We've told some close family i.e. grandparents to be and brother and sisters. What about everyone else?

Mel x
06/02/2007 at 14:13
Oh forgot to mention... i bought my first maternity bra today, it's not at all attractive, however but my boobs have felt quite uncomfortable for the last week or so and i had to do something. I was told that wearing bras with underwire can damage your breast tissue? Thought i'd better be on the safe side.

Not going to bother with any maternity clothes just yet, at home i'm sticking to joggers and t'shirts, work wise i'll try get away as long as possible with my current get up - luckily for me so long as i'm smart anything goes!

Really looking forward to sharing the next 9 months with you all x
06/02/2007 at 16:13
Hi Louise,try not to worry to much about m/c.I remember wiv my 1st i worried myself sick & everything turned out fine.It is a very worrying time(i worried all 9 months think my hubbie got fed up wiv me) & it is very sad about your friend.(i hope shes ok)Try not to read so many books! says me!!!I haven't been off this computer since i found out on Friday,we didn't have it whilst expecting my 1st!!thats prob a good thing!cause i know what you mean there is too much info 2 scare you.
take care
liz x
06/02/2007 at 17:32
Congratulations Everyone...I am due on the 2nd of October with our first baba and am 6wks today. Haven't had many symtoms either apart from sore boobs! However I had some toast for breakfast and it left the most horrible taste in my mouth! Lois I feel exactly like you that if I could be sick I would feel a whole lot better.

We have only told my sister as its our first we want to make sure all is okay...I think m/c is on everyones mind, think its normal to feel that way but I really want to enjoy being pregnant so I am staying positive!

Look forward to comparing notes over the next few months... isn't this site great esp for these early days when you haven't told anyone gives you a bit of escape!

Angelee x
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