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Due October 2012

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07/04/2012 at 19:02

Hi all - can you help? Every now and again I get a bit of a twinge which sort of feels like a pulled muscle in my abdomen. I notice it when I cough or stretch (or if I put my foot down awkwardly while walking). Its not severe - I just wondered if anyone else is having similar symptoms?

11/04/2012 at 10:28

Hi Karen, 

How's it gone - still happening? I have had a cough for the last couple of weeks, and whenever I cough (or sneeze) it all feels a bit tight at the bottom of my stomach.  I've put it down to the muscles having to adapt to the baby and not really coping with an extra strain, but it all seems fine the rest of the time.  Sometimes the tummy seems to ache, especially in the evening - again I guess we've got to expect a bit of discomfort and not bore the hubbies senseless with every last twinge! Hope I'm right with that, anyway.  6 months to go...

I hope that you have found a good answer to yours...


12/04/2012 at 23:51

how's everyone keeping?

13/04/2012 at 15:54
Hi, I'm new here but thought ild join. I'm pregnant with our 2nd baby.. Due 20th October. We have our scan next week. Very nervous/worried!! x
13/04/2012 at 20:53

Hi folks - had my 12 week scan on wed and all is well. Great relief to finally see a baby-shaped picture of my insides!

Gillyoz thanks for your comment about the twinges - I looked it up and I think its just the muscles and ligaments stretching to make way for the expanding uterus, so I'm reassured.

Hi Steffi - welcome!


16/04/2012 at 14:43

Afternoon ladies x

Sorry not been on for ages, i've been really poorly, turns out im allergic to milk .  So since cutting it out I've slowly got better.  Congrats on 12 week scan being all ok Karen, I had mine last week to I was 13 weeks initial signs are good, next scan is booked in with the consultant on the 30th May where we will have to find out the flavour (I would prefer not to but depending on the sex will depend on how much I am monitored).  If we have another little boy there is a 1 in 20 chance that he will have the same complications as my first little monster and may need bringing early again and operations.... I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I will be able to go full term with this pregnancy and bring my bundle of joy home with me very quickly...anyways hope to be around a bit more from now on

Hi Steffi Welcome - hope that your scan goes well - let us know how you go xx

17/04/2012 at 12:54

hi everyone going for my 1st scan 1st of may and cant wait but nervous,i will keep you all posted

26/04/2012 at 19:49

How is everybody? how are you all feeling?

Im 15+1, and have starting feeling more like myself, skin is clearing and bump is growing really fast! Getting twinges and pulling sensations which I got last time and have felt a couple of flutters too...Have come around to the fact that we have to find out the flavour and am really looking forward to finding out now.  Will anybody else be finding out? Anyways, hope people are still about wishing your all H&H pregnacies xx

28/04/2012 at 11:10

Hi Em, you must be glad to have sorted out that milk allergy, rubbish to have that on top of the normal nausea.  We've decided we'll find out what the baby is - it's a surprise whether it's at 20 or 40 weeks, and I'm finding not knowing really hard!! Not that we're going to go all out for pink stuff, or blue - but a little clue will be good to have (Hopefully they can see what they need to).  I'm off bra-shopping today!

Have people who don't know you're pregnant noticed yet? I'm still at the stage where people wouldn't say anything incase they were wrong... not sure how long for though.

28/04/2012 at 19:48

Hi Gilly, your not wrong! although Im desperately craving milk now, in tea and on cereal but I feel heaps better than I did, just got the normal stretching pains and tiredness now.  You dont need to buy loads of baby clothes friends and family will buy most of the stuff you need for the first 6 months - especially with this being your first x  Hope you found a good bra - They had to order mine in (the puppies were big to begin with but now!..)

Its pretty obvious im pregnant now my tummy properly popped out at about 13 weeks, Ive had my clients ask ahh when are you due and are amazed when I say im only 15 weeks.  Your body does things quicker and earlier the 2nd time round, its supposed to have learnt from the 1st time (mine is obviously a slow learner when it comes to morning sickness though!)

Will you tell people what your having? or just keep your name ideas secret? Im convinced from my scan pic that Im having a boy but will find out for definate on 30th may.

Really pleased there is still somebody about, its got really quite on here x

29/04/2012 at 19:20

Maybe everyone's a bit busy with life and not so desparate to talk now it's not new news, and now that they've been able to tell all their friends?? - but I find it's nice to have the odd natter with people at the same stage.  People keep saying "oh my sister/colleague/whoever is also due in October" so maybe I should make links with them! But it seems a bit tenuous to only talk to people for that reason!! 

Sure did find a bra - first time in my life I've made a B cup - sad eh!  Yes I think I won't try buy too much stuff, just the essentials and I'm sure eager grandparents and friends will get in there with the rest. Going to go to some NCT sales I think.  

I think we'll tell people what we're having - it seems wrong to know and not share, but we've a few weeks to decide that.

Em can you drink Soya milk? It's nice, if you're able to.

03/05/2012 at 21:17

Yeah I suppose, I dont have time to think about being pregnant never mind talk about it with anybody really, every so often I remember that I actually am pregnant! Oh today it felt like babbles was doing somersaults (had a busy day at work - it felt like I was being got at from inside and out!)

I was a 32F to begin with ... now its just silly!

NCT sales and ebay are great - I just got a wedge cushion for £2.00 that helps when lounging in front of the TV (whilst Im still waiting for my sleep pillow to come back from my sister in law)

Yeah ... I doubt DH will be able to contain himself once he knows the sex and wont be able to help himself. 

A few people have suggested soya milk, I know this sounds really daft but Im scared to try it in case I react to it... I should give it a go... will try and be brave and taste it this week...

Ive missed booking my 16 week check (oops) and there are no appointments available until 18 weeks! oh well hey ho.. are you up to date with your appointments? There seem to be so many dates - mind Ive still got Jacobs Alder Hey, and Ormskirk appointments in the mix too on top of him having been poorly (again) and being back on extra antibiotics on top of his normal medicine...

Anyways keep in touch, is nice to chat x

07/05/2012 at 21:22

Hi again

I think half the problem with this site is that you have to do so many clicks to get to the most recent chat in the forum - it's not very usable! But I know what you mean about forgetting you're pregnant - it's beginning to just seem normal isn't it.  Sickness over, fatness not really here yet, most people told, and novelty has worn off!  But, we've started the buggy/cot/changing table etc hunt (ebay now back on the favourites page).  I'm very jealous that you are feeling wriggling already.  I am 16 weeks, nothing yet, but it's the first, so I wouldn't expect to just yet.  I think I had an appointment at 15 weeks - must have been the 16 week one I guess. They just keep making the next appointment at the previous one, so I don't think I'm at risk of mising one, thank goodness.  I was peeved today because in my diary I saw I'd missed going to the local Home-Birth group which met last night - I just clean forgot.  They only meet monthly so ages to wait until the next one.  It seems a good place to meet more local Mums, and also to find out opinions on homebirth, as it's definitely something we're considering.  

So this week, hope all those appointments/antibiotics go OK - sounds like you're being kept busy.  Good luck with the soya - maybe just a little to get going?!!  I know what you mean about being scared to give it a go though, if milk has made you feel rough previously.

   Everyone else - hope you are also doing well!


12/05/2012 at 19:31

Hi folks - so glad someone's posted at last! I've been on holiday for 2 weeks, and discovered that although I haven't had morning sickness - car-sickness is a BIG problem! I was a sufferer as a child, and I've got it back in a big way.

Also managed to shift my awful throat/head cold after 4 weeks and a course of antibiotics, but as usual, the antibiotics gave me thrush. Nice.

But the holiday and rest were great. Back to work Monday!

I think I need to book another midwife meeting? Not sure. I'm 17 weeks now - I'm sure its about now.

15/05/2012 at 20:49

Hi Karen, is nice to hear from you x Where did you go on holiday? How was being back at work on Monday?  You should have midwife appt around week 16 so should prolly book one if you havent done already x

G- 1st pg movements are later unfortunately - it is so lovely when they start you will love it but will still be a while after you feel them before DH will feel them to.  Im not sure about home birth (assuming all ok and I have the option) despite loathing hospitals and not wanting to be there long they offer a sense of security - I may change my mind if all is ok - but probably not x Baby clubs after bubs is born are a great way of making new friends in the area...some of the ladies I met have already had bubs #2 or are pg with #2 - so will be nice to go through it again with them.  I still havent given milk a go, but DH is away this week so if it where to go bad its not a good time - so that is my current excuse!

I am 18 weeks tomorrow and had my 16(ish) week check today (all 5 minutes of it!)  Heard bubs heart beat which was great but was told i have key tones? and that I need to eat and drink more? I generally eat to my appetite so a bit miffed really - but will try to get some fruit or something in there as I dont want to do any harm.  Im really looking forward to finding out the flavour now - appointment on 30th May - Dont believe its only 2 weeks away (Im praying that the specialist doesnt find any problems (they will be looking for the same problem my 1st little monster has))...keep fingers crossed for me x

Take care xx

20/05/2012 at 21:59

Hi Karen and Em

Sorry to hear you've been ill Karen, must be rubbish.  hope everything clears up fully. And thanks for the note Em; I'm sure those movements will happen soon... paying close attention in case! 

We had a succesful weekend - at the NCT sale we bought a cot and a pram, and a heap of clothes from our next door neighbour and are feeling quite a lot more prepared in general.  

Hope the ketones are nothing bad Em.  Nice to hear the heart though - and my next scan's on the 31st, just after yours, so that's something to look forward to.

All best to you all... enjoy the next week!

22/05/2012 at 16:14

Well done at the NCT sale Gilly - I havent thought about buying anything yet! mind will use a lot of the stuff we already have, should be a tad cheaper the 2nd time around!

Its really exciting waiting for the scan - its coming around really quickly

Karen how did your appointment go?

Well I have had an unplanned visit to the midwife today ... I woke up this morning unable to walk after having sciatic like pains in my hips/legs for about a week (maybe a bit longer) She has referred me to a physio for treatment for suspected pelvic girdle pain - a belt and crutches   and has said that the pain isnt likely to go until baby born!  Just been on t'internet to have a look - Im not happy is a long way to go to the end to feel like this - Im hoping that I have overdone it and pulled something and it will go without all of the intervention...

Hoping everyone else doing better than me! xx

22/05/2012 at 22:19

Em - that sounds awful!

I've got my midwife appt on Thursday and then 20 week scan on 6th June - looking forward to it!

25/05/2012 at 21:44

ooohhh exciting karen - are you finding out what your having? (sorry if you have already said) - yeah the pelvis thing isnt that great physio confirmed pelvc girdle pain, waiting for my belt and the crutches are a nuisance (using them occassionally) although not in as much pain as I was as taking it much easier.  It could be much worse so counting my lucky stars! xx

30/05/2012 at 20:15

Evening Ladies x

My scan went well today kidneys and bladder the right sizes and doing what they are supposed to do ... Im having a little boy - DH and I are thrilled that my little monster is going to have a little brother.  I have another scan in 8 weeks and then one 2-4 weeks after that - please keep your fingeres crossed for me that all stays well x

How are you all? Im enjoying this stage of pregnancy very much, bubs is a little wriggler!

Will be nice to hear from you all x

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