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Due October 2012

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31/05/2012 at 21:39

No, we're keeping it a surprise until the big day!! I do feel for you and the crutches etc. Fingers crossed that you'll be fine without too many worries as time goes along.

I don't know about you but the worrying is probably the worst part of pregnancy! I can cope with the gas, bloating, constipation, nausea, poor appetite, exhaustion etc, its the worrying that takes it out of me!

08/06/2012 at 07:24


Well my update's a bad one this time! I've gone and got a hernia - rubbish.  Doc's pretty sure that's what the bulge in my groin is, and there's not much to do other than be even more careful than a pregnant person would be anyway.  I'm quite disappointed!  I'm seeing a consultant in a couple of weeks who'll advise whether it should be operated on or left until after the birth (I think they have to be sorted out as they don't go away by themselves).  So I'm trying not to do too much internet research as I don't think that helps, and just manage lifting as little as possible now.  

At least we had the reassurance last week of the baby being healthy - that's the main thing I guess!  Hope the rest of you are doing OK... Gilly x

11/06/2012 at 22:09

Hey Gilly, sorry to hear about the hernia, thats pretty rubbish - make sure you take it super easy.  Glad to hear that all is ok with baby x

Well I think my little boy is trying to kick his way out of my tummy! Watching it moving is as weird as the first time!! I've not had to use the crutches much, my pelvis is sore and uncomfortable but bearable.


19/06/2012 at 20:46

Hey ladies x

Gilly - have you seen the consultant about the hernia yet?

Started with the odd braxton hicks contractions over the last week - took ages to realise as couldnt work out why my stomach felt tight and tired ... Started thinking about names and actually agree with DH!  DS trying to say "brother" is soo cute, I have seen a new physio this week and whatever she did it seemed to work the trick have been able to walk alot better today

How is everybody else doing? When are next appointments? im in on 10th July for regular checks and got next scan in about 5 weeks.  xx

24/06/2012 at 21:21

I got referred for glucose tolerance tests and extra scans. All because I'm slightly high on the pre-pregnancy BMI.... But I get 2 extra scans, which is nice!

01/07/2012 at 21:42

Hi Ladies,

not 100% sure if its ok to join this chat so late on in my pregnancy, i hope so . Im 24+4 today with baby #1 due oct 17th 2012 and very exited. Been meaning to join a group like this for a while for support and a chat with others going through this amazing time  

Katie x

01/07/2012 at 22:40

Welcome Katie - you're due within days of me! Its my first too. How are you doing at this stage?

02/07/2012 at 10:21

Thanks, im doing well, adapting to this ever growing belly of mine & these movements. how about you ?  X

06/07/2012 at 09:58

Yes, I've been very lucky. I have a high BMI in the first place, but so far I've managed to swap fat for baby! I weigh no more than I did pre-pregnancy, and feel really well. I'm still in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes, too! For this reason, its not that obvious that I'm nearly 6 months pregnant - which has its pros and cons! The movements are interesting - really nothing prepares you for how it will feel. It makes me wonder about people who claim they didn't know they were pregnant - what do they think those kicks and flutters are?!!!

09/07/2012 at 19:39

i know i have the same thought ! i was watching a programme called 'i didnt know i was pregnant' the other day and some of the stories are unbelieveable (litterally). well im 25+5 and i feel him all day everyday and he seems to just wriggle on a night time as if hes getting comfy lol. im still in pre-pregnancy clothes also - just maternity jeans are my best friend at the minute and loose jogging bottoms!

18/07/2012 at 22:29

Hello, sorry I've been a bit quiet.  

Impressed that some of you are in pre-preg clothes; I can wear loose tops happily, but my new best friend are my H+M preg. leggings, and a couple of dresses that are SO much better than jeans which I found dug in under the bump.  I'm having to wear trousers for work at the mo, and as I can't do the flies up the baby-band that I have is helping hold them up, it's great!

Thanks for asking about the hernia, basically, not a huge issue at all, aches if I stand too much at once (so I don't) and don't need to deal with it until after I'm fully recovered from birth.  No-one has recommended that I must have a hospital birth so we are still planning for a home birth if all else is right.  

Loving the kicks - especially after I've eaten.  I reckon people must think they have  serious wind to mistake them for anything else.

Hope you enjoy those extra scans Karen! Is anyone paying for the 4D scan that you can get? I don't think we will but it is really tempting to have a sneak peak!  And glad you're getting about OK Em.  Katie I'm due the day after you, hello!

All best to you all, and aren't we lucky to be having a cool summer, even if everyone else moans!!


21/07/2012 at 13:46
Hey gillyoz! I am no longer in pre-pregnancy clothes , never knew how comfortable maxi dresses are and how perfect they are for pregnant women lol !! My partner and I are deffo thinking about a 4d scan we consulted a few places that are most local too us, there's a couple of centres that my midwife recommended. Think That it's recommended you get them before 35 wks due to baby being to big after that and not enough space to get a good view of everything, it's just the actual getting round to booking it ect and choosing a package 2 go for think they vary from ??100-??250. Just paid for a new kitchen so .. ! everything seems 2 be going out at the mo. Speaking of cool summer ive just hung my second load of washing out of the day and am sitting in my garden reading and drinking mango juice! It's lovely and warm her in sunny Scotland !! Lol Take care all , KatieX
02/08/2012 at 07:14

HI folks, turns out I might have Gestational Diabetes - so now waiting for an appointment at the clinic to find out more!

Just about running out of pre-pregnancy clothes now, having to start wearing maternity stuff at 28 weeks (I'll be 29 on Friday). I'm surprised how late I've bloomed - even though it is my first. Fed up with the heat, so glad I'm due in October when it cools down a bit!

Hope everyone's feeling OK.

13/08/2012 at 19:33

Hey Every1, 

how are you all doing ? can't believe im 31 weeks pregnant !!! its so scary down to single digits now, wohoo! im now on iron supplements due to low iron levels in my last bloods that were taken. Not liking the side effects though !  

Im at the midwife on wednesday coming, so will be letting her know i dont like them lol ! 

Think this little man is trying to escape he wriggles all day ! very uncomfortabley sometimes but i love it all the same.

Hope your all keeping well & hope to hear from you guys soon ! 


16/08/2012 at 19:11

Wow - 31 weeks does seem so far along doesn't it.  I know what you mean about trying to break out - the wiggles are almost non-stop at times.  And a poke under the ribs / indigestion a bit - not so nice! 

V. impressed that Karen managed to hang on to normal clothes till 28 weeks.  I have been enjoying dresses, H+M leggings and have just discovered Oxfam Online has a maternity section so will check that out if I grow more... (I like pre-loved things!)

Briatetom - have you really just found out at 30(ish) weeks that you're pregnant or am I misreading? Congratulations if so.

Hope everyone's diabetes / iron / hips etc are doing OK... I've got a bump-belt which has really helped my trapped nerve (which gives sore thigh) - the change has been enormous, really recommend if anyone is suffering from that.  And, Karen, enjoy the 4D scan.  We've just ordered a waterbirth pool (La Bassine) - fingers crossed we get to enjoy it at home.


20/08/2012 at 21:10

I was thinking of getting a bump belt as im on my feet all day at work and thought that it may help with the discomfort and heaviness. Although im trying to sit down to paperwork a little more, it still proves pretty uncomfortable when getting up & down. ( thankgod ive only 5 wks left at work ) !! 

Braxton hicks ! - i know im getting these now and they are quite uncomfortable at times, i read they shouldn't be painful but 'uncomfortable'. 

i have 2 pregnant sisters atm and one of them due in 4 wks the other one not until Dec. So when she pops in 4 weeks ill be on countdown then for our little bambino. 

hope all is well with everyone & their babies

ps. midwife issued prescription for iron to be taken right up until i give birth !! 


21/08/2012 at 19:01

Well I'm busy trying to find trousers that fit (!!) and I'm doing blood-sugar readings even though I'm not convinced I've truly got gestational diabetes, but hey ho.

On countdown to finishing work though - I'm 31+4 today, and I'm due to finish work completely at 37 weeks, but I've planned my leave so I'm only doing a few days a week - brilliant.

Hope everyone is well xx

22/08/2012 at 22:00

Evening ladies x

So sorry ive not been around for a while - Is lovely that people are back on this site will try and come on more regulary. 

Sheryl Congratz on your news - Must be a bit of a shock if you are only finding out now! Are you finding out what you are having?

Katie - Is lovely to have a due date buddy! (although im really hoping to go at least a week early!) - Drinkning plenty of water is really good if your side effects of Iron are constipation...(im getting through 4 litres a day every day) its also good for cramps if your getting them too x

Gilly - Is lovely that you are having a home water birth - I hope that everything goes well (DH is absolutely against home birth - but still trying to work on him!)

Karen - Isnt it lovely having the end of work in sight! I finish at 37 weeks too currently on a 4 day week, going down to a 3 day week all September (only got 19 working days left!!) Sorry to hear about GD - are you feeling ok?

Im 32 weeks today have gained 33lbs  which is 8lbs more than im supposed to have but Im blaming the excess on the 4 litres of fizzy water im drinking every day!  My bump is all out front I can still get in my pre pg hipster jeans but Im really struggling for tops.  Havin very strong cravings for fizzy water I cant get enough of it (and sucking the carbon out of the bottle at the end )... that and strange smells - Im loving locking myself in the shower with the bathroom cif annd cleaning it - the smell is fabulous - that and markers and petrol and polish (really strange as alll of those smells made me feel terrible first time around).  The best bit of news I have had is that is doesnt look like my little boy has the same issues as Jacob had with his kidneys and bladder allthough I have what im hoping is my last scan in 3 weeks to confirm this.

Anybody else got strange cravings? x

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Katie (Kb-m2b) - #1 - Baby boy - due 17th October - 56 days left

Em (& Jacob) - #2 - Baby boy - due 17th October - 56 days left

Gilly - #1 - Baby ?? - due 18th October - 57 days left

Karen W - #1 - Baby ?? - due 19th October  - 58 days left

23/08/2012 at 15:59

briateom - Sheryl/George you seem to be copying and pasting other peoples posts as your own and in the last 11 days have claimed to be 5 weeks pregnant with #3, that your name is Sherly and you are due 14th October with #2 AND that you name is also George and that you are 7 weeks pregnant due in Jan 2013 - I believe George the originator of the post from 2008 has also commented on you using her post too.  PLEASE do not abuse the good nature of these boards if you want to chat to people Im sure there will be a thread somewhere for you.

25/08/2012 at 07:50
Hey everyone , Thanks em & Jacob for the water advice, to be honest the side effects haven't been too bad since starting the iron tablets, just part of my daily Routine now all I have to do is remember to take them which is easier said than done with this 'baby brain'. Good job the other half reminds me morning and night. I am also on count down from work woohoo !! I leave on the 21st sept working 5 days a week so 20 left !! I'm so glad because my feet are so swollen and it's pretty hard to sit down alot so can't wait to put my feet up ! & I'm also hoping to Go a week or 2 early Em & Jacob althoughy ive heard its not so common with your 1st, Fingers crossed. I'm currently loaded with the flu !! Have a constantly running nose Aches & pains everywhere and the chills, thanks 2 my other half passing it on 2 me, so taking paracetamol for this !! And gaviscon because my heartburn has come back with avengence !! Everytime I lie down on cue it's back , I hatttte it !! Hope everyone is keeping well !!! Counting down the days as October draws ever closer !!! Woohoooo Katie
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