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ECV (External Cephalic Version) as anyone had one?

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27/11/2008 at 08:38

I have had a stressful few days ended up going to hospital as my chilled out baby didn't want to move for a day of so (I am going to give birth to a surfer I know it).

I had a scan to find out that baby is breech. I was sent to the doctor on the delivery suite who gave me a choice of 3

1. Try to give birth naturally but as it is my first I could end up with both of us having difficulty and strangling my baby as you clamp shut after body comes out.

2. having an ECV possibly rupturing my womb or tearing away placenta or rupturing the cord. it is a small possiblity but could happen. I have since found out I would have another Anti D injection (Ouch). but after the stress of all this he could just kick his way back to breech and I end up having a caesarian any how!

3. Just saying sodit! and having a caesarian and not being pocked and proded but ending up havine the one thing I DO NOT WANT!

Why I opted for number 2 I do not know I have fibromyalgia which means I feel more pain than a normal person. Hate to use the term normal person but it is true.

He as moved now so he is transverseish so he may move on his own (I keep telling him 'come on you can do it').

My point is am I being a drama queen?

As anyone else had this done?

It all seems a bit to 'Aliens' to me (I mean the movie).


27/11/2008 at 09:21

hiya hun, sorry your having such a hard time at the minute.

with what you have said, if i was in your position i would properly go for a c section.  ive had 2 girls and my 1st was emergancy c section not a very nice experance as i had a placenta aprubtion and it almost went in to a rupturing womb.  my 2nd was natrual delivery with out too many problems.  i enjoyed delivering natrually and i am hoping to do the same with this one, but having had both experances i would just chose the safest way for me and my baby.  recover time from a csection isnt that bad now, my friend had one and she was up and about 8 hours after.  how long have u got left til u have to decide what ur going to do??  ur not a drama queen its normal to worry and panic over this sort of thing.  good luck hun xx

27/11/2008 at 15:15

Well they gave me 10 minutes to think about it and I am booked in now for 9th December! However I think I should be able to cancel it. They can't make you have anything done (I hope).

I am going to see the Midwife next Friday so I will speak to her. I think I have decided if baby asn't turned on it's own by then I will go for a caesarian. I have had lots of scrambling today baby as gone from 12 0'clock podition he was in when I had scan yesterday to a 2 0'clock position. The scan lady said baby was very big for it's date, my husband pointed out that he thought the dating was wrong and she got all upset.

27/11/2008 at 16:41

Hello! My baby was breech and I chose to have an ecv cos i really didn't want to have c-section. There's only a tiny risk that something bad would happen if you try it. It wasn't too painful and it only lasts a little while. It didn't work for me and the stubborn little madam refused to turn!! She was comfy where she was! I ended up having a c-section as there were fewer risks then natural birth. I'm glad that I had c-section, the epidural didn't hurt at all and the baby was out within 5 minutes. I had to stay in hospital for a few days after but as she was my first i didn't have a clue what i was doing so was glad to have the nurses around!

I was feeling exactly the same as you before. Try not to worry about it. If you don't want ecv they wont make you and will just book you in for c-section


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