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Exercise while pregnant?

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21/01/2011 at 14:33

ive recently found out am pregnant (5 weeks) Ive been doing Zumba in my gym for the last 6 months but now I dont know whether I should stop or not? As am scared in case I go and something happens as this in my first.

Any Help would be great


04/02/2011 at 07:17
Hi ya, congrats and hope you are feeling ok. With exercise I do really think that it is a personal thing and something that you need to keep looking at as your pregnancy continues. Medical recommendation seems to be not to start anything new or increase the intensity, keep yourself hydrated and don't overheat. Any problems in pregnancy then to seek advice. I was lucky and had a problem free pregnancy (my daughter is now 1) and as a bit of an exercise addict continued with my gym classes until I was 38 1/2 weeks (only stopped then as was spending christmas with my parents and then my membership ran out!). I avoided anything too high impact but did low impact aerobics, body pump, yoga, pilates, aqua and lots of walking. I stopped running at 10 weeks as just felt too sick and wasn't good enough, but like to think if we were lucky enough to have another I would run for a bit longer. Something to be aware of is your joints become a bit more 'stretchy' due to the relaxin produced so can be easier to extend beyond what is natural/good for you - not to worry about but something to be aware of.
I know not a straight answer and more 'what i did' but hope it helps. Best tip i was given was to 'listen to my body' - only you know what feels right/wrong.

Good luck and hope you have a very healthy pregnancy.

G x
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