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February Mum's

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12/06/2006 at 20:00

Well it seems like no-one else has started a Feb group yet so I decided I may as well!

So is there anyone else out there due in Feb 2007? I found out last week and still getting over the shock!

Think I am about 5.5 weeks at the moment (have not been to docs yet - that is next week), and feeling reasonably ok- just sore boobs and going to the loo alot- anyone else got any early pregnancy compaints?

Anyway hopefully hear from some Feb mum's soon!

Clare x
12/06/2006 at 20:13
Hi Clare

I've been watching and waiting for someone to start a Feb Group for a couple of weeks now so glad you started the group.

I too have not been to the doctor as yet and i'm also around 5.5 weeks. I think my due date will be around the 9th Feb. I was really impatient and took a test over 2 weeks ago so it already seems like i've known for ages. Me and my husband are both really excited as this will be our second child, we have Oliver 17 months.

I have only just started to get sore boobs and have been weeing lots (mostly during the night). Have also been very tired and bloated which i didn't notice last time but i'm not complaining just yet!

Anymore Feb mums out there?

x x x x

13/06/2006 at 16:20
Hi Ashleigh,

Great to know I am not alone! This will be our first and I amazed that we got lucky the first month of trying. I think I am due around the 11th-14th Feb but not too sure!

We are also v excited but I am also really nervous as I want the first 12 weeks to past v quickly and the days seem to be going sooooo slowly!!! We have not told anyone yet - it just seems so soon and I am really paranoid that someting awful will happen so am going to wait for as long as is possible!

I am not sure when morning sickness is supposed to start but there has been no sign of that at all so am thanking my lucky starts at the moment!

Hopefully you will be wise to the signs of symptoms of pg and be a bit more relaxed having done it all before! How did your last one go -was it ok?

Well I am really glad we have met so to speak and hopefully we will be joined soon by more Feb mum's!!

Speak soon

14/06/2006 at 13:49
Hi to you both!!! Congratulations!!! I got my morning sickness at around 8 weeks which was when i found out i was pregnant (complete surprise!!!) and it eased off at about 13 weeks i think. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and the time has flown by soooo quickly and im sure it will for you too. I also had the sore boobs and weeing alot which did ease off but i am now up 2 or 3 times every night!!!!! I wish you both every luck in your pregnancy.

Emma xx
18/06/2006 at 13:34
hi, i found out yesterday, due 22 feb? going to doc mon as got serious questions....

Had lap and dye done 2nd june, according to web i caught the night before !!! so , will this affect me ??

so excited but scared too.....

good luck you two ...

xXx ( me 4 weeks)
19/06/2006 at 09:17
Hi Rachel

Congratulations! Hope all goes well at the docs today - let us know how you get on, will keep fingers crossed for you- how are you feeling?

Thanks for the kind words Emma - I am sure we will all be relieved when the first few weeks are over and we start to feel a bit better!

How are you doing Ashleigh? I (thank goodness) have still no sign of morning sickness but I am sooo tired-it seems to hit during the middle of the day and then I perk up at night - but also I wake up every day at 5.00a.m. and cannot get back to sleep - this has happened since the day I found out I was pg- v annoying!!

Well got first docs appt on weds so hopefully all will go well and I can find out when I am due- will let you know!

Bye for now

Clare x
22/06/2006 at 09:00
Hi Rachel and Ashleigh - hope you are both ok- have not heard from either of you recently- let me know how you are getting on.

I had docs appt yesterday and am 6weeks 4 days and due on 11th Feb. Got m/w appt in 3 weeks.

Feeling really rubbish at the moment- are either of you two? Can't believe how tired and emotional I feel - work is a real effort at the moment!! I hope things get better soon!

Are there any other Feb mums out there, are are we the only ones-surely not?

Take care

Clare x
22/06/2006 at 13:37
Hi Clare + Rachel

Hope your both well...Clare - your not alone I've been feeling really rubbish too for the last couple of weeks (and looking crap). I feel sick all day but i suppose at least i'm not actually getting sick. I don't fancy anything much to eat just crap and the smell of most food is really not nice.

I've got my midwife appointment 19th July should be nearly 11 weeks by then and hopefully getting over the worst. This pregnancy is so not anything like my last i had nothing but sore boobs last time this makes me think we might be having a girl not that we are bothered.

I really want to get to 3 months to start enjoying being pregnant as the moment your right and it doesn't feel too nice. Enough moaning!! Have you been thinking about names browsing the baby shops and looking at all the maternity clothes? And noticing how many pregnant women are around all of a sudden??

Sorry i haven't been in touch for a while what with feeling crap and having a son who is teething i've been busy, we may also be moving in a couple of weeks so it's a busy time.

How did you get on Monday Rachel - i hope everything went well, let us know.


Speak to you all soon
x x
22/06/2006 at 13:50
Hi all
I guess the Feb mums will start to appear in the next month - as they get into their swing!
Ashleigh - it's so weird when you just feel drained. In those first few weeks there's no other signs of pregnancy very often, so it's even more strange. How's Oliver? Is he a very lively child? Do you have anyone who can run around after him sometimes to give you a bit of a rest?
Rachel - let us know how you're doing.
Clare - I agree with Ashleigh, you will pull out of it once you get to three months. For now, just focus on looking after yourself and not giving yourself a hard time. Is your job very stressful? one of the lovely things abotu pregnancy for most women, once they get into it, is the time to just enjoy your body doing this amazing thing, and the natural urge to stop overdoing it in terms of going out, drinking or whatever, that we all find ourselves doing without thinking.
When I had my two pregnancies it was the healthiest I'd ever been!
27/06/2006 at 12:03
27/06/2006 at 12:17
Hi all,
I found out last week and was told by the locum Doctor to wait another week and return (what a long week that has been!) Been back today with all confirmed. I am 5.5 weeks now (ish) and due end of February. Feeling exceptionally tired! The thought of going to work has never disparred me so much before! Sore breasts too. Don't feel sick yet. Telling parents tonight, just so excited. My husband and I have been trying for 6months. Congratulations to all, It's good to know your not alone. Does anyone else gets mild cramps too?
27/06/2006 at 14:56

Congratulations Chelle!!! Great news and so good after trying for 6 months! Yes I get cramps most days- they can be a bit unnerving but apparently they are quite normal. It is lovely to have a fellow Februaury Mum - I think Ashleigh, Rachel and I were beginning to think we were the only ones out there!! Like you work is a nightmare at the moment - I make a million excuses to go out so I can just get a break for few mins- it helps get me through the day!

Ashleigh- no wonder you are tired with a potential house move and a toddler! Hope you are doing slightly better- the sickness has now set in with me and the tiredness is not improving yet -roll on 12 weeks!!!!

I have had a turbulent few days- I had bleeding over the weekend which completely freaked me out - I of course was thinking the worst and rang the out of hours docs who were v unhelpful and told me they could not do anything and to go to the GP on monday - which I did and I was referred to the early pregnancy unit at my local hospital and after 1 very long day and many questions and tests later I got a scan and all was ok-hurray!!! I am not ectopic and the bleeding has now stopped and the baby has been dated as being 7 weeks today so my new EDD is 13th February. IT was totally amazing seeing the scan and although the baby was really just a blob it's little heart was beating really fast - which they told me was really good news. Apparently it is fairly common to bleed around 6-7 weeks - but no one told me this!!!! Anyway I still wont feel completely happy until 12 weeks but I do feel much more reassured now as now they have seen the heart beat the risk of any further probs goes down to 5%. So a horrid experience but feeling much better now.

The only bad news is that now I have had that scan they wont give me another at 12 weeks so we will have to wait till 20 weeks now unless we pay for a private one.

Anyway girls - lets hope we all get through the next few weeks quickly without too much more sickness and tiredness- I really want to get to the bit where you enjoy pregnancy and get excited about baby clothes and prams!!!

Speak soon

Clare xxx
27/06/2006 at 17:14
sorry i haven't been on, i had a miscarriage last wednesday. Had to go for a scan today to make sure i had had a complete m/c. Scan revealed an egg sack still there, but blood tests say i am not pg anymore, conclusion....

either i was having twins and have lost one , or the egg sack has still to fall out, or i still have yet to have a second m/c from the twins !!

anyway , bummer, which ever way i look at it !! got another scan next week to measure egg and see if it has grown or dead. So i am having a FAB time !

Hope you all progress well, not envious of your morning sickness, LOL

27/06/2006 at 17:17
Chelle, cramps can be the uterus contracting and very normal.

Clare, laura and Ashliegh, all the best and rest well, you to chelle ....

27/06/2006 at 17:22
Im sorry to hear your news Rachel - must be a very unpleasant time for you at the moment, we are all thinking of you x
27/06/2006 at 17:25
Ooops , very sorry emma, i missed you off, all the best to you too and thanks, will keep you all posted
27/06/2006 at 17:29
Thats okay - Im not sure if i should be in here anyway (not a feb mum!) Good luck with everything x
27/06/2006 at 19:00
Hi Everyone,
First of all, so sorry to hear your news Racheal, fingers crossed for you and hope the news gets better. Glad to hear you are o.k. Clair, what a scary time. Also pleased that everyone else is having cramps. I'm flying a week on Saturday, quite anxious, but Dr says it's o.k. and shouldn't be a problem. I never expected to feel so nervous all the time. But were all here for one another, it's such a good idea. Emma, it's quite good to hear from you because you can let us all know what to expect.
27/06/2006 at 19:43
Hi everyone

Rachel - So sorry to hear about you news i will also keep my fingers crossed for better news next week.

Glad your ok Clare and i bet your feeling so much better after the bad weekend and having a scan. I didn't believe last time i was pregnant until i see the scan it makes it so much more real. I'm sure time will pass quickly till your next scan.

Congratulations Chelle i flew when i was pregnant last time and everything was fine, hope your well too Emma (i wish i was at your stage).

Well i'm still feeling sick some of the time it's eased off slightly. Really struggling with strong smells, and dont like the smell of most food. I feel really bloated at the moment and know it can't be baby as it's too early unless i've got more than 1 inside me which i seriously hope NOT. Have had some cramps which are alarming as i didn't have them last time round but this whole pregnancy is different to last time, but knowing your all having cramps helps.

Well it's only around 4 weeks before we can all announce our news to the world and i can't wait! Feels like we've known for ages, and to make matters worse 2 of the girls at work have just announced they're having babies and i so wanted to say ME TOO!

Well thinking of you all xxx
Take Care
x x x
28/06/2006 at 21:15
Thought the sore boobs had worn off, but they returned tonight. Started to dislike some food smells too, like Garlic and aftershave (funny enough!). And I love both. Hope evryone is o.k.
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