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fed up! im a few days over due!

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31/03/2007 at 17:22
im sammie im 20 years old pregnant with my 1st baby, its been a tough pregnancy but iv got by, i was due on wednesday 28th march was really looking forward to it and im over due now and fed up, i would just like my little girl out now, iv tryed things to try to get her to come out, iv tryed pineapple hot currys sex bumpy road, any other suggestions? cheers sammie x
01/04/2007 at 16:05
Hi Sammie, maybe this post is too late and youre having your baby, but ive heard of some things that can speed it along if not.
Try drinking red raspberry leaf tea, take long walks if youve got the energy or eat food with chillis in it. (know youve tried curry but something even spicier might do the trick)
Good luck, Em x (16+5)
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2 messages
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