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Feeling sick all the time..please help dont know what to do

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16/03/2010 at 13:27
Hi everyone its been a week since i found out that im pregnant but i think im a couple of months the moment i cant stop feeling sick and iv been bein sick since thursday...which is upsetting me my first pregnancy i never felt like how i am at all and i want to enjoy my pregnancy without having to feel like sick all the time...since thursday all iv eaten is dry digestive biskets wich im getting sick of drinking plenty of fluids,im tired and cant be bothered going into work anymore at all..iv been of work 3 times since friday,and when i do go into work i get upset because i dont want to be in there anymore..i dont know what to do...with myself feeling like this all the time.
16/03/2010 at 13:35


Have you tried all the 'usual' remedies like ginger etc?  Eating before you even get up is supposed to help a bit and bananas are supposed to help because of the pottassium in them or something like that.  I've seen some ladies on here recommending 'preggy pops' which are supposed to help with morning sickness.  I was sick (and exhausted) till about week 16, I felt nauseas all day and would be sick several times in the morning and I couold have fallen asleep on a washing line, lol!  The thing I found helped when none of the other usual ideas worked was the acupressure travel sickness bands you wear on your wrists, they work for me when travelling so I thought I would try them and although it didn't cure the problem it did help, you can get them from most chemists.  If you are really poorly and can't keep anything down see your doctor because they can prescribe anti sickness drugs for ladies who are really suffering. 

Good luck and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

16/03/2010 at 15:00

hiya claire

sorry to hear u are suffering , i had terrible morning/noon/night sickness lol - i was given anti sickness tabs from the doctor but some days i was still sick, so then (this is gunna sound gross) id eat food that i knew wud be easy to sick up lol (yoghurts/ice cream/soup) coz you need to eat and get sugar into your body as you dont want to end up with keytones in your pee etc (doctor also advised to drink sugary drinks to keep blood sugars up!) fingers crossed it eases for you hun

16/03/2010 at 16:48

Hi Gem + Nichole ..

Im not that mad on ginger even though i tried it in my first pregnancy (but it was a ginger cake by the company who makes golden syrups) but it didnt work as well as i hoped back then..but back then I only bin sick once throughout my pregnancy on te day outside of the house at warrington hospital as i was going in for my 12 week scan lol...but for number 2 the pregnancy im happy and excited my baby to come but not enjoying one bit of this sickness,and Iv not been able to go out with long walks with my daughter/partner as i love going for walks,that i cant do at the moment which is upsetting  and even though i might not be 12 weeks gone,i feel hugh as my belly gone fat  ( but thats apart of being pregnant),

I dont really want to be going to the doctors as im one of those people who dont want to look like a hyprocondracte. I think the reason why my mourning sickness is bad is because it also could do with worrying due to not wanting this baby to be born 3 1/2 months premature due to my suffering with high blood pressure medically and renal problems.and worrying aboout coz of that,having to have a c-section as it really hurt in uncomfortable way of the feels of tugging,pulling and pressure, and then after seeing jennifer when she was out but couldnt see her for long (only a min as they needed to get her into neo natal) then having to wait til i could see jennifer again properly for 2nd   time ,but i would class it as first proper  look at her..... because the nurses said to me that i could see jennifer after theyve got my blood pressure down..but coz my bp wouldnt go down and not being able to see jen..i ended up having a fit and went abit uncounsious...when they was giving me this medicen that goes through the bit that connects from the drip to the needle in ur arm..but the medicen made your body burn up and ur throat burnt up just by one little push of the serringe (bout half quarter of a mil) and i had to have about a nearlly full serringe of this medicen ( no wounder i went uncousious) so this is sort of my worry for this pregnancy as I dont want to go through what I had to with my 1st baby....but with my 1st baby jennifer..i wouldnt change it for the world....but just dont want to go through it all that what i think that could be playing on my mourning sickness...

sorry for the long ranting on and on lol     xXx

16/03/2010 at 20:44
Hi Claire

I really feel for you. I had morning sickness with my little boy and it was awful I was sick every day for 16weeks!!! I found that drinking fizzy water helped and having a drink with me all the time and taking a swig whenever a wave of nausea hit really worked. The being sick part was far better than the endless nausea. You really need to find things that you can eat, even if you can only manage smoothies or other gentle things it is really important that you try to eat things even if you can't keep them down

On the subject of your stressful first pregnancy/labour I'm sure you are very anxious but your condition will be carefully monitored and they will talk every precaution to try stop things happening the same again.

I hope everything goes well for you.

18/03/2010 at 00:23

hi Annwen thankyou... im having a proper sit down talk with the midwife this monday this moment in time im really upset and emotional because even though iv already got one child,my partners dad is abit annoid with him but more angery with me..not so much a negative anger more of going to get a lecture in him going to say u need to pay more attension to jennifer and about my finacial situation etc..but my say is,when the baby comes im not going to pay any less attension to jennifer,when the baby comes both of my children are going to have the same amount when the baby comes im going to push jennifer aside and not take any notice of her..nah thats not the case...i love jennifer more than life itself,shes my whole world and i wouldnt know what to do without her.

people who i know think im ni-eve immature etc and im getting to the point where im getting sick of it...why cant people just be on my a good person and i dont need this crap in my life really upset...I just dont think i belong anywhere where i live...towards my partners family,even my partner i feel like i dont feel belong..i just want to move out of warrington..also im sick of people pretending to like me..cause it feels like they just do it to be nice and cant stand it anymore...

26/04/2010 at 14:38

Hi Clare.

 I found out I was pregnant about 4 weeks ago and was confused and worried because I hadnt had any symptoms. I found myself wishing for nausea just so I would feel pregnant! Now I wish I hadnt been so niave- the nausea is here with a vengence and like you I feel constantly sick, tired and worried. 

I found the best thing to settle my stomach is a mug of hot fruity tea (I use ginger tea but if youre not keen on ginger, lemon is good) mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This is an old recipe of my Nana's which works for any digestive issues and the cider vinegar is perfectly safe during pregnancy. You can also put it into apple juice of just plain hot water but I swear it works everytime.

Meanwhile I wish you all the luck with your pregnancy and home life 

Rhi xx

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