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First Midwife Appointment

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20/01/2006 at 17:09
Hi there,

Can't believe I'm pregnant! I think I'm 6 weeks, but not exactly sure.. It seems to have taken longer than a year!

I went to see the doctor today, who did absolutely nothing! I thought she would have asked me heaps of questions and examined me and all sorts - just like the book says! But no, just congratulations and book in with the midwife!

So, my appointment with the midwife is at the end of January - got to wait another week and a bit, really nervous, as I don't feel pregnant.. No sickness whatsoever, just cramps every now and then. Is it normal to just see the midwife? I thought the doctor would confirm my pregnancy or something.. Now I feel out of sorts, because I just don't feel pregnant and anxious because I've got to wait another week. Will the midwife confirm I'm pregnant? Oh god, I'm so new at this!!

I'll be 7+4 when I see the midwife, that's too early for a scan is it? Does your midwife send you to the hospital for your scans? Do you just turn up or are you given an appointment?

So many questions!! Sorry.
I don't want to get too excited just yet, not for a few weeks.
20/01/2006 at 17:19
HI Noosha, welcome to the pregnancy pages!

I think doctors tend to be a bit understated about it at first because of the possibility of early miscarriage, so they seem to tend not to get into all the details of it until a few weeks later. That's not meant to worry you! I think that many just adopt a slightly cautious approach.

Also, it's possible that they may assume that if you know so early that you're well-prepared and have done a lot of reading around the subject and already have an idea of the dos and don'ts of pregnancy eating etc.

They don't always do a second test, because the home tests are so accurate these days. That may leave you feeling 'unconfirmed' but really, unless you do a blood tests and wait for the results, the doctor won't be able to do much more than agree that you get a positive result.

You'll get appointments for your scans and the midwife will probably lay out some of the options for birth for you but most importantly will take a uring sample, your clood pressure and weight and will explain to you how the pre-natal care works. There's so much to know that it might be an idea to prepare questions you have, as she won't be able to tell you everything!
20/01/2006 at 17:51
Hi Noosha
It seems very strange when you realise you're pregnant and then nothing happens until your first scan (11 to 13 weeks). Your booking-in with a midwife happens after this usually, when they will talk to you about your health, any early concerns or questions and get you to have some blood tests.
It is all rather quiet at first, but after your 20 week scan things start to get more busy and by the end you're seeing someone every week.
In the meantime, you can always call your doctor or assigned midwife team if you have any worries. Otherwise, feel free to roam ThinkBaby or raise your voice in the forums!
20/01/2006 at 17:54
Hi Noosha
Check out the article we have attached to the top of this thread and hopefully that will answer some questions for you!
Best, Laura
22/01/2006 at 19:58
Oh boy - thanks Laura and Scribbler - you've put my mind at ease! Right, so I sit back and just wait? Ok, I can do that!

It seems like we've been trying for a lifetime, and I think I was waiting for something "bigger" if you know what I mean! More action for sure!

Anyway, thanks for that - really appreciated...

Noosha xx
24/01/2006 at 13:37
Hi Noosha
I thought I might as well add my tuppence worth. Doctors usually don't bother doing a test (as Scribbler says) because these days home tests are just as accurate. If your home test says that you're pregnant, then you're pregnant and there is nothing the doctor do until you're further along and they can start doing tests.
There is no point doing tests too early as the results won't be accurate. You'll find that some of the tests that you'll be offered have to be performed during certain weeks.
The midwife is the one who is professionally trained to deal with pregnancy, so she (or he) will be the one who performs most of the tests, except scans which are usually done at the hospital.
It does feel a bit strange to start with, when no one is doing anything but things will start picking up at around 12 weeks when you usually have the first scan, which will be arranged by the midwife and you're sent an appointment. Make sure you have a full bladder for the appointment!
I'm due my 2nd scan this week but it will have to be delayed because I've just moved and changed doctors so I have to go through another booking appointment (weight, height, blood pressure, previous medical history, etc) before I can get an appointment for the scan.
Anyway, things are always a bit slower than you imagine to start with but they will pick up. Be patient and rest as much as you can.
Good luck and congratulations
24/01/2006 at 22:29
Thanks so much Ginny,
Do you know how much it means to have someone who's in the know to put your mind at rest?!

I think that every area is different too - my sister said that her doctor did the whole caboodle for her first visit, then she went to the midwife who took things from there - that was what I was expecting I think..

But now I know what's going to happen I feel better, it's not the great unknown! I know I'm not the first woman to get pregnant, and thank god for this forum, otherwise it would certainly feel that way!!

Noosha xx
25/01/2006 at 12:49
Hi again Noosha.
I had my 1st "booking" appointment with my new midwife today and found that she went through everything again. She's given me a new folder for my notes and went through my height,weight, BP, took blood, previous history, etc. I don't know if it's because I'm halfway there now or whether it's because different areas do things differently.
Don't get too worried if things don't go according to what other people tell you. Some people will try to tell you that you "should" be having this or that done but it's only because that's how it happened for them. It doesn't mean that your midwife, doctor or hospital do things in the same way.
This forum is great if you want any advice, help or even need a little chat with someone. We're all in the same boat and often just want to ask someone else's opinion.
25/01/2006 at 17:57
Hi there
Yes, first booking probably does vary form area to area. I was in London and our area was so busy I don't think I ever saw the same midwife twice through my pregnancy appointments with my first child. In some areas you might get the same person all the way through, but midwife teams are very efficient at knowing what you need through your notes so no need to worry on that score.

29/03/2006 at 14:36

Hi there, I am very new here too. Just want to say have read above and it has made me feel a bit easier about it. i still cant quite believe that I am pregnant. It was the nurse at casualty that done my test because I was to go for an x-ray which I didnt get. I too dont feel pregnant. Got first appointment with doctor tomorow but dont know what will happen.
Got a little bit of an idea now though.

10/04/2006 at 14:20
Hi everybody,
I had my daughter two years ago and have just (today) done a home pregnancy test and it has come up (very strong) saying positive. I'm not sure whether i am 5 weeks or 1 week pregnant, as my last period was nothing to write home about! I booked in with the doctor as soon as i found out and got an immediate appointment (which was a suprise!). I know i'm not new to it but it sure feels that way. I had my daughter two months early she weighed 4lbs14oz which was good for being delivered at 32weeks. I have a very strong feeling that this new one will be early also so i feel like i'm in a rush and i won't have the full 9 months to deal with it, it'll be more like 7 months and maybe one of those has gone already! (Oh gosh 6 months left!!)I can't wait though and my partner has said no more for a long while after this one is born but i'm sure i can twist his arm like i did this time!! Good luck to all you out there who are reading this and i'm sure i'll speak again soon. Natalie
10/04/2006 at 16:38
Hey Natalie that's wonderful news, congratulations. Even if your partner sounds like he's in shock, a little!
It's interesting what you say about your baby being born early making that preparation time seem so much shorter. Of course it's true but when you go full term you just don't think about that aspect of having a 'premmie'.
How is your daughter? Do you think she'll enjoy having a little brother or sister at 2 and a half? I think my daughter (who's 2 and half) would love it.
11/04/2006 at 09:06
Hi Laura,

Thanks for your message its so nice to have some one to talk to that understands! My daughter is so mother like already at 2 that i think for the initial meeting she'll think its her baby doll, which will be quite cute, but not when its keeping her awake at night! Not sure what to do with sleeping arrangments, whether to have the new baby in with us and then let them share a room?. With my first she was only in our room at night for 6 weeks and for 4 weeks of those i was in hospital under monitering due to her being so prem. So we were very lucky in the fact that she only slept in our room for 2 weeks and then went into her own. Went to the doctors yesterday to tell them about my home pregnancy test (positive) and they have referred me to the hospital for an early pregnancy scan due to my dates being a bit hay-wire! Thats on wed (this week) and i'm so nervous (even though its my second). I could either be 4 weeks or between 8-10 weeks, which again liek i said doesn't give me much time at all (approx. 5months) until delivery! How bloody scary! Anyway good luck to you and what did you have first a girl or a boy? Are you going to find out this time? I think we might!!!
15/08/2006 at 23:38
Hi all,
just found out i'm pregnant, i'm 5 weeks tommorrow, i been having cramps for the last couple of days, they don't last for long and are exactly the same as period pains. if i was to have a period it would be now and loads of people have said it is normal to have cramps and i might even have slight spotting of blood.
i'm a first time mum to be, so i'm worried about everything, has anyone had the same this normal?

kimberley xxxx
15/08/2006 at 23:49
Hi Kimberley
Congratulations on the pregnancy!
There are so many different ways pregnancy manifests itself for women in the early weeks. I was just very tired. I did have stomach pains but that was a serious gall stone problem – great!
To be honest, there is not a great deal you can do right now except take it easy, maybe relax with warm but not hot baths etc. Spotting is common at this stage but it's unlikely to be for some weeks before you see a midwife for your 'booking in'. However, once your GP confirmed the pregnancy you should have been attached to a midwife or midwife team in your area and they are available for you to speak to (or to make a special appt with) from now, so do call your surgery if you haven't been given a contact number for them yet.
Speaking to them at least by phone, will help you feel a little more in control of the situation and I'm sure they can put your mind at rest.
26/11/2006 at 02:33
hi everyone,
bit of a strange one..discovered 2 months ago i was pregnant, however i've miscarried before and didnt really tel anyone. had a day of very light bleeding when my period was due 1 month ago but no pains. so hoped for best and got on with things. this week i had a lot of blood and ended up in a&e. had an internal(fun;0)
just to be told there was a gestation sac but its oly a month old...what tdoes this mean, nurse couldnt tell me anything, i have to go back in two weeks for another internal.. any advice?
i feel so helpless. i dont even know whats happened.
27/11/2006 at 16:02
Hello Sarah
Sorry to hear about your experience. So did the midwife say that you have miscarried or that you are now one month pregnant? It does sound like they have left you in the dark and to have to wait two weeks seems a very long time when you understandably want to know what is going on with your body.
What exactly did they say at the hospital?
laura x
07/12/2006 at 21:29
Hi everyone, (Kimberly)

I'm so relieved to have found this site. I've just found out I am pregnant (about 6 weeks) and have been trawling the internet trying to find out about the whole mystery of it all. The questions and responses I have read have put my mind at rest. Kimberley, I have been having cramps and have felt as though I am going to start my period any day. I'm so paranoid and keep running to the toilet to check. My parnter and I are absolutely over the moon but are first time parents so are really scared to. I think this site is going to be a life line for me.
Thank you so me everyone!!
XX Christine
12/12/2006 at 11:46
Hi Sarah,
You say you discovered that you were pregnant two months ago...did you do a test two months ago or did you just assume you were pregnant coz you missed a period?
When you are told your due date it is calculated 40 weeks after the 1st day of your last period - which means it perfectly normal for the baby to be born 2 weeks either way of your due date. Sometimesthe dating scan (12 week scan) usually gives a more accurate due date and sometimes the doctor will officially change your due date. A gestational sac usually means the baby is more than 5 weeks old which can really only mean one of a few things;
1.) You werent pregnant when you thought you were - you are only one month pregnant or so.
2.) You may have conceived 2 months ago, miscarried and are pregnant again.
3.) Sadly it is a possiblity, but the gestational sac may not have a hearbeat and you just havent miscarried naturally yet.

I know its difficult, given your history, but try to relax and stop stressing about it. Take each day as it comes. Do all the do's of pregnancy and dont do all the donts. Everything is out of your hands at this early stage. Think positive as fearing the worst will only stress you and the baby out. I am 5weeks+6 with my 2nd child and very scared/worried/anxious. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and have had 2 miscarriages (August 2005 and May 2006). Just want your to know your not alone. Fingers crossed for everyone!
20/12/2006 at 17:44
Hi Everyone, my name is Phoebe and i have just found out i am pregnant. Feels very surreal, as i dont feel pregnant aside from being off food and really sensitive to smells!
I went to one doctor who doubted i was pregnant so im glad i did the test anyway! I booked in with a doctor with a good rep and he is connecting me with a midwife and im gettig a scan as we dont know how pregnant i am. my periods are too irregular to go by that. This is the first time i have sat down and looked for information on what to do while i wait...Its a really good site, and you guys have been really helpful already. Not knowing how far gone i am is the hardest part so far because i dont know how long i have to organise myself and im living overseas away from my family and friends. i want to be home to have the baby among familiarity and safety. Did anyone else just NOT FEEL PREGNANT?
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