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Foods to avoid in pregnancy

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23/02/2007 at 14:22
why cant you not eat high amounts of vitamin A harm your unborn baby.
23/02/2007 at 20:14
Hi Kayleigh here is a web add that will give u a insight to vitamin a

hope it helps xx
30/06/2007 at 19:10
does it matter what kind of milk i drink????
02/07/2007 at 12:38
Judy. Any kind of cows milk, or soya milk is fine. Not sure if theres any affect during pregnancy if you have goat or sheep milk, so check with your midwife if you drink that kind.
Once you are giving your child proper milk, its not recommended to give them low fat versions until they are at least 2.
14/09/2010 at 13:58
This article is yet another example of the hysterical and guilt-ridden attitude that pregnant women so frequently encounter.

Regarding peanuts, current medical thought is actually that eating peanuts during pregnancy will do no harm at all.

Regarding sushi, the reason for avoiding raw fish is that it can sometimes contain parasites, which may cause problems. However these parasites are destroyed by freezing. All fish served raw in the UK must by law have been pre-frozen - if in doubt while at your favorite sushi restaurant, ask.

Use your common sense when it comes to the food you eat. For example, I wouldn't touch a steak from Angus Steak House or similar establishment under any circumstances. But while pregnant I have happily eaten immensely blue steak from my local butcher, and very good steak restaurants.

Common sense again might suggest that radically changing your diet (assuming it is relatively healthy in the first place and does not consist solely of takeaways and vodka) would not be a good idea as your body is experiencing plenty of radical physical change just by being pregnant.

And as my fortunately very relaxed midwife said to me, if your body wants it, it's probably fine; if your body doesn't, don't eat it.
Go with your instinct and don't let the paranoia and panic surrounding pregnancy get you down.
14/09/2010 at 14:00
Oh, and also, listeria is destroyed by pasteurisation. Pasteurised soft cheese such as brie (yum yum) will not do you any harm. Though you might not want to leave it open in the fridge for a couple of weeks next to the raw chicken before eating it. But then you wouldn't do that anyway!
Again, common sense prevails.
14/09/2010 at 18:07

Hi everyone - i just HAVE to add my 10p worth to this little thread!!

!st off - ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO MUSOGIRL!!!! hurrray to someone who talks perfect sense!!! im currently expecting baby no.8 so i would consider myself as a seasoned, experienced mum to be able to give advice - i too have happily eaten rare steak and consumed the odd glass of rose wine when i felt like it, i dont like blue cheese, but if i did i would eat it, i eat peanuts and have an addiction (AGAIN!!) to nobby nuts!!! and have only just this pm had almost half a packet (god help the weight gain!! LOL) but if you have a relaxed approach to food and think sensibly about what you eat you cant really go wrong, we have goats - i drink their milk without a second thought, and no i dont pasturise it or mess with it! i eat home made icecream with OUR eggs and make my own coleslaw, mayonnaise and potato salads etc again using our own eggs, these too are eaten without pasturisation - yes i know where they have come from  and am totally confident in their quality.  I do pasturise the egg yolks that go into jars being sold to the public and have eaten mayo with them in, tastes the same, just adds 5 mins onto the making time is all, easy process!!! But as musogirl says - if in doubt dont have it,  just use your own discretion and you wont go far wrong! Have an enjoyable pregnancy and DONT stress over trivial foody things!! Take it easy girls xx

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