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01/03/2008 at 21:12
Hello people, my name is Beth, im 20  and live in anglesey. i am starting to get really scared about the birth of my first baby. i am 37 wks pregnant but i didnt find out i was pregnant untill ii was 21 wks!!!!! had no symtoms. but now im worried about if my baby girl will have any health problems as i still went out etc as usual b4 i knew i was pregnant!! and missed out on all tests. getting really worried. would they have been able to tell if there were any serious problems on the scans??
01/03/2008 at 21:46
hi i cant really answer your question as i am not sure i found out i was pregnant at 6weeks but i am sure they can pick up lots of things on scans, my sister in law found out that she was carrying a baby with its organs growing outside its body at the 21week scan she went on to terminate that pregnancy but is now pregnant again and 32weeks gone and like you she did not find out till late and was still going out getting drunk etc.
my little girl was born at exactly 40weeks and was very very poorly even tho i had not drunk or anything during my pregnancy but my waters broke quite a while before i had her and i had not known they had broken so she got an infection and was in scbu for the first 4days of her life, but the staff were wonderful and did everything they could for her to make her better, so if your baby was born with something wrong with her the staff will do everything they can to make her better, dont be scared and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy get lots of rest coz once she is here life becomes very hectic but worth the 9months wait lol
02/03/2008 at 22:27

Are you worried incase there is something wrong with your baby as oppose to the actual "birthing experience"

I'm pregnant with my 3rd child and like Lawlaw i knew by 5 or 6 weeks with all of mine, all i can say is that they really can tell an awful lot from scans, a lot more than we can see from them. Despite knowing earlyish with mine it does not stop me worrying, it's only natural to worry that there might be something wrong with him/her and unfortunately you won't know until the big day arrives.

I think unless you were drinking a lot everyday there is no real evidence to suggest that alcohol when pregnant harms the baby - although common sense and guidelines tell us to stop drinking. I'm sure that once you did know you took all steps to ensure the health of your little girl. There isn't anything else you could have done.

Try not to worry too much, i'm sure everything will be fine and she'll be the most adorable little bundle you've ever set your eyes on.

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