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Giving up smoking

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09/10/2007 at 12:32

Hello everyone

I found out i am pregnant a few days ago and am so happy about it.

The only downside is im a smoker but i want to quit. I just wondered if there is anyone else who is quitting or anyone who has quit when they found out.

I am desperate to stop as soon as poss and really need some help and advice on best ways or method. be great to hear from anyone who has been through or is going through the same as me.


K xxx

09/10/2007 at 14:00
hi  huni please stop smoking for the sake ur baby
09/10/2007 at 14:47

I definately will stop smoking.

I just wanted help and advice from anyone that has done it

K xxx

09/10/2007 at 18:10

Kirsty - I was a smoker but luckily i had just given up before i found out i was pregnant, I can sympathise on how hard it is!!  i would think that trying to cut down would be better as the baby would be getting some of the nicotine as well so it would be a gradual withdrawl. I would speak to either your MW or G.P and see what they suggest and at least they would give you support or point you in the right direction.

If you reach for a cig remember the little one and how much money you will be saving! I was shocked that my OH and i would save £70 per week approx, that really helped us kick the habit lol

Good luck, it's worth it in the end xxx

09/10/2007 at 18:51

Thanks Caz

Its nice to have some encouragement and advice. I have put my pg test where i leave my cigs so everytime i have one i look at that and feel guilty. i have smoked a few less today than i would normally so thats a good start, so im going to do that and see how i go.

I think also im going to put the money i save in a baby fund so when i come to buy stuff i have a nice little pot of money.

I am determined to do it, just need bit of advice and encouragement!!

Thanks again Caz

K xxx

09/10/2007 at 19:00

Hello Miss Kirsty,

I was a really heavy smoker and when I found out, something inside me clicked and I just stopped. I was lucky as the smell of smoke made me want to throw up. Try cutting down to start and see how you get on. The midwife will be able to help you but you could try the gum or something. People say you put weight on when you stop but you'll put pregnancy weight on anyway!

K x

09/10/2007 at 19:41

Well done you!!! keep at it and i'm sure you will give up. It really does help when you see the money you are saving. Another thing that  helped me was to keep busy at the times i needed to smoke.

Caz xx

09/10/2007 at 20:40

Hi Kirsty,

Unfortunately I have just found out I've lost my baby, but I got loads of support with giving up smoking from the support to stop midwife. She has been coming to see me and my partner at home, once a week and has been fantastic. I used patches and an inhalator, although they say you should try to stop without when you're pregnant, as she said to me, patches are always a better option than continuing to smoke.

If you ring the pregancy smoking helpline on 0800 169 9 169, they can let you know whether this is available in your area.

I can't say I found it easy, even with the best motivation in the world, but I did manage it even though I was a very heavy smoker (30 a day). Make sure you tell everyone around you that you are quitting, and if all else fails, just remind yourself why you're doing this. One thing that really helped me was thinking about the damage I was doing to the baby and visualising it breathing in my smoke (ok, I know this doesn't really happen, but whatever works) and also imagining standing smoking in the street with a big bump and gettign all those disapproving looks.

Getting my partner to give up with me also really helped, it would have been so much harder doing it on my own.

Good luck with your pregnancy and with quitting, it's the most loving thing you can do for yourself and your baby.

Em x

09/10/2007 at 20:42

Hey you Katie

Ah you are well lucky to have the smoke make you feel sick, maybe in a few weeks i will get that too. Im going to try and cut down in the next few days and then see how I go from there if im doing alright then i may just stop altogether. yeh i dont mind putting weight on.

Today i have defo smoked less than i normally would so feeling quite pleased with myself about that. I will get there im determined to do it for my bubba xxx

Caz, im going to ty and get sme bits and pieces to keep me busy just to take mind off it, i think like you it will help me.

Thanks for advice its really appreciated x

K xxx

09/10/2007 at 20:48


Im s sorry to hear about your loss hun. hope you and your partner are ok x

Thank you so much for you advice, i was told by doc as well that to give up without any nrt but lik eyour midwife said patches etc are better than smoking itself. Thanks for the number i shall give it a ring tomorrow and see what they say.

I have also put my positive test on top of my cig packet and thats acually helping me.

Really appreciate your advice.

Sending you a massive hug for your loss.

Lots of love

K xxx

10/10/2007 at 07:44

Hi Kirsty. I smoked about 30 a day when i fell with my first baby and like some of the other ladies on here the thought of what i could do to my baby made me stop. I used to allow myself two aday for the first few days and then the 'occasional' drag for the next few weeks until i felt i could live without it. I found it very hard but the baby coms first. I am so proud of you for making this decision. I hate to see pregnant ladies smoking or people smoking over a pram/baby. After all why should the baby suffer. 9 months of your life is such a short time to make a sacrifice fo the long term health of your baby and the health benefits for you will be quickly apparent too.

I found that the reason i smokedso much was stress relief and lack of confidence (just for me not saying this applies to you) so i worked on that. I will be honest and say i did occasionally sniff my partners ciggy and very very occasionally i had a drag or two later on in mypregnancy as this kept me off them on the whole. I am now onto baby number three and have not smoked for years. Infact i can't stand the smell of srale smoke on anyone now.

I think the trick is to stay focused but don't put too much pressure on yourself. Sometimes when things are really tough just having one or two drags will satisfy the craving and stress is just as harmful to your baby. As long as it isn't on a regular basis. your midwife should help you and ask all your family and friends to support you too. For people who don't understand findout what their weekness is (alcohol/chocolate etc) and ask them to give their vice up for a week or so and see how they get on. They soon realise how hard it is for you. If your partner smokes maybe he could give up with you?

Best of luck and let us know how you get on. if all else fails paul Mckenna's stop smoking book and CD are fab. (I love him anyway) or hypnotherapy or acupuncture work wonders for some people.

By the way CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. When are you due? xxx

10/10/2007 at 09:37

Ah thanks for your encouraging words Philippa.

I am so determined to do it for tha sake of my bubba. i know i will find it really hard but it will be so worth it. I think i smoke more for the sake of it and because its habit now more than actually enjoying it so going to try and get other things to keep me busy when i need to smoke and invest in loads of chewing gum. im not going to put too much pressure on myself as i dont want anything to go wrong as im very early in my pregnancy. partner doesnt smoke and he is so happy that im going to give up but he also said he wont put pressur onme he will just help me, which is great.

Ill invest in paul mckennas book if i struggle too much..thanks.

Thanks for congratulations, im due in june one of the first few on the due june thread. im 4 weeks on friday ao i have found out really early, so probs going to worry a bit until i get my first booking app at 7 weeks!! but im just so happy to have finally gotton pg.

Thanks for advice and support

K xxx

10/10/2007 at 13:08

Ah kirsty that is ace. June OMG I can't believe pople are due in June already! My baby is due Early jan and it has flown but then i have two other boys to keep me busy so i don't have time to think too much about it althought i am so excited now.

It's great that your partner is so supportive and you are right not to put too much pressure on my experience (both personally and as a holistic therapist) pressure to succeed only ends in failure to do so. A sensible approach like yours is much more sucessful!

Good luck for your booking in appointment..honestly 7 weeks will come so soon and before you know it you will be half way there! xxxx

10/10/2007 at 17:14

Hi Kirsty

I too was a smoker when I found out I was pregnant - now when I look at my perfect wee boy Jacob, who will 4 weeks old this Thursday I am so pleased I stopped right at the start - I was able to stop immediately, firstly because I just couldn't smoke a ciggie knowing I had my little bean inside me and then when my sickness kicked in that really helped as ciggie smoke made me really sick - I couldn't even walk past the fag shed at work in the end for it making me gag!!!! The sickness defo helped me as I couldn't even hug my OH who was also a smoker for the smell making me feel sick! He also gave up before baby arrived too so we are both none smokers now!! What I did was tell everyone I was quitting (which raised suspicions along side my change of diet and quitting caffine!! I didn't announce the pregnancy until 11 weeks but most people guessed before then LOL!!), made my home & car a no smoking zone and told all friends so, OH immediately started smoking outside and never around me, always reminded myself of that positive test whenever I found it tough! ...

You can do it hun - it is difficult and I had my moments when I found it really hard but if you want to do it bad enough and for your little one, you will do it. Ask your OH & friends to support you by not offering you a ciggie if they smoke and not smoke around you, and ask them to encourage you with some praise when you are doing well and encouragement when you are struggling... the main thing is to do what is right for you - you know how you are most likely to succeed.

Now that my wee man is here I have no intention of starting again, firstly because he is here and deserves a smoke free life and secondly because if I can go without for 9 months I can go without for ever!! It is a life change and a new little life was the best reason I could have ever had.

Good Luck - you will feel great when you do it - I felt great knowing I had done it for me & my baby and health wise I felt so much better and everything tastes so much better!!! Good luck with your pregnancy... xxx

10/10/2007 at 17:51

Hi Kirsty,

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to give up.

 I haven't had a smoke since Jan this year, but if i wanted to I could. I have a box of cigs in a drawer, i am just choosing not to light one today. I have found that this was the only way to get over the panicy feeling of  wanting a cigarette but not being able have one, I can have one any time I want I'm choosing not to. (you always want what you can't have, its the same with diets!)

I only gave up because the lady accross the road from me was diagnosed with cancer and was a heavy smoker it frightened me that I could be her in the future having to leave behind my children whilst they still needed me.

I smoked with my first three pregnancies and the looks you get from people are enough to make you feel guilty. My midwife at the time God love her was a smoker and understood how difficult it was, her advice, if you can't stop cut down, and don't smoke in the house. I decided which were the cigarettes i couldn't go with out, coffee in the morning with friends who all smoked, after dinner in the evening and everytime I saw the doctor that nagged me to stop smoking! I started smoking outside so once the baby arrived it would have a smoke free environment.

I'm now pregnant again with my fourth I'm due in April. My eldest is now 19 and at university, I'm too old for all this!

10/10/2007 at 18:40

Thank you everyone for your advice and encouragement, it is really helping knowing that im not alone and that there are people i can turn to.

I have come up with a plan, im going to cut down until monday and then monday im going to try the patches, i know that will still be getting nicotine but its better than actually smoking and i know i will suceed!!

Thanks again or your advice and support its really appreciated

K xxxx

10/10/2007 at 18:52

Hi all. Gill i am sure your not too old at all LOL You sound like your doing really well. I have gone along with that theory for the past few years. My hsuband still has one ciggy a day (outside) so there are fags in the house all the time as he doesn't take them to work with him but i choose not to have one and i am ok. I still miss it from time to time but i hate the smell of smoke now and can't imagine going back to it. It's not easy but Well done you xx

Kirsty you take it all at your own pace and keep the pressure down to a minimum. if you fall off the wagon don't be too hard on yourself just begin again...i am sure you will do really well. Take care Love P xx

10/10/2007 at 19:05
Thanks Philippa
I will keep pressure down to a min, will try hard to do it and im sure i will get there.
Feeling bit teary tonight, first time i have felt like that so far but i have got to go work soon so that will take mind off it.
I know i have said this loads but thanks you for advice and support it is soooooooooooooooooo greatky appreciated.
K xxx
10/10/2007 at 19:50
Thats what were all here for. the tearing thing...well get used to it. pregnancy is full of tears, hormones and unesxpected emotions good and bad LOL Enjoy work xx
10/10/2007 at 21:00

Hi Kirsty, i just want to wish you the very best of luck babe.

I tried giving up when i was pregnant and i had help from someone who used to pay me visits and i tried patches and gum and the inhaler and i managed to stop for a whole week but spent the whole week crying and was very depressed.

I ended up not answering the door to the lady or the phone and sat there on my back garden smoking in tears feeling like i was a bad mum to be.

Unfortunately the only thing i was able to do was wait until i really really needed one and then just light one and have a drag then put it out which meant i probably had 1 cigarette a day altogether.

My beautiful daughter eventually came into the world-luckily very healthy and weighing 8lb 3oz but i still felt guilty about that 1 a day.

I totally understand your emotions hun and wish you all the best.

Hugs, lynsey x x x

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