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Glucose in Urine

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20/09/2008 at 11:23

Hi everyone,

 Need some more advice x

I had my appointment on Thursday and tested +2 for Ketones and +2 for Protein, so they gave me theyswab things to take home to keep testing to see if any change.  Well so far no Change to the ketones and Protein.

 BUT! Now i ave noticed this morning very clearly that i have Glucose in urine and its not a little bit it turned, it turned to the darkest which is +4 so i am clearly going to try again and if still no change i will be phoning the midwife.

But i have no clue what Glucose in urine means, can anyone give me any advice or am i worrying for nothing!

Thanks ladies for any advice x

Nicole x

20/09/2008 at 13:58

hi nicole,

firstly sorry ur having a bit of trouble, with ur water, i too have been having problems over the past few weeks, battling infections at the minute.  have u done ur retest what was the results??  i would't worry too much as if the docs/ midwife had any conserns they would of done something about it while u were there.  it wont hurt giving them a call and explaining whats happened, at least they know.  if u get no joy with them and ur still worried phone ur labour ward and see if they will see you the more people u speak to about this problem the more it will make u feel a little better.  this is my 3rd baby and ive been lucky with my other 2 not to have anything more than traces of protien in my water from 38 wks.  dont know if any of this helps. good luck hun!! xx

21/09/2008 at 10:28

hi all

well i have had lots of problems with "stuff" in  my urine. since my first appt i have only had 1 clear test!! the rest i have had either leucasites, protein glucose or blood!! with the glucose, as i understand it, it could be a sign of gestational diabetes. it is not a clear indicator so usually you will have to do a GTT (glucose tolerance test) to be sure. as it has come up ++++ i would contact the midwives just to be careful. but like i said i have had glucose in my urine on mamny occasions and the same last time and apparently as your baby grows it can cause stretching and apparently your kidneys are made up of lots of leyers with little holes in and as the stretching occures some glucose can leak through the holes. and its not indicative of diabetes just something that happens. thats prob not the techincal way of explaining it but may help you a little.

so my advice would be to call the midwife and let her know just incase she feels more tests need to be done. good luck but try not to worry too much xxx 

21/09/2008 at 10:32

Thanks Emma,

 I did do a retest and came back with ketones and protein but NO Glucose, so i have been testing more often.  But tested again this morning and glucose came out the same, I think am going to phone my midwife on Monday as these Sample thingys are really worrying as sometimes i am testing +4 for ketones, so you could imagine how i am stressing LOL i was admitted twice at the beginning of pregnancy for having ketones as i was sick and deyhdrated!

 This is my second child and both pregnancies have been really complicated Grrr...

How far on are ya Emma? Ave i seen you in October thread?

Nicole x

21/09/2008 at 10:34

Thank you Natty,

Think i will Phone Midwife, stops the stressing out!

 Thanks again x


21/09/2008 at 21:05
Hiya, hope all goes well when u give the midwife a call. im 22 weeks on tuesday. due 28 january.  xx
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