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going into labour naturally after induction

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14/02/2007 at 16:19
Hi i was just wondering if anyone else went into labour naturally after being induced previously.
I have been indeuced with both my other children and worry that i will have to be induced again as my body may not know how to do it on it's own.


Louise xx
14/02/2007 at 19:09
Hi Louise
Don't worry, it doesn't necessarily follow that you will have to be induced again. Hopefully your body will be less reluctant to pop out your third!
How long were you in for before the induction worked before? I had two nights in hospital while the treatment didn't seem to be working at all, then after about 50 hours, the midwife finally saw a window of opportunity to break my waters!
I'm sure lots of other women will be along to offer their own experiences here.
Laura (editor) xx
14/02/2007 at 20:00
Hi Laura, i had pre eclampsia with my first and had to have 2 pesseries my waters broken and then a drip to get me going. My second took 2 pessaries when i was 10 days overdue.
I'm worried about waiting 10 days again as i have been diagnosed with spd and have 24 days til my due date and the thought of waiting that long makes me want to cry.

Louise xx
20/02/2007 at 02:27
Hi all!

i had one natural delivery, overdue by 10days and went into labour myself,

2nd pregnancy was induced at 2 weeks overdue

and my last (15/02/07) i was one day overdue and went into labour myself! so i dont think it really matters!

Louise i was diagnosed with SPD at 13weeks, just delivered vaginally on 15/02, without any problems, the staff know exactly what they are doing, i opted for an epidural which was great and didnt effect me or the baby afterwards,

getting back to normal now, just a little stiff, but no further damage casued with the SPD.

hope this helps and good luck girls with your labour.

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4 messages
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