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Got Results for Tripple Test today

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25/04/2008 at 16:18

Hi everyone... Ive recieved my results for Tripple Test... and I got Very Low Risk.. which is really good... Plus Iv have got my notes which I was aloud to take home Yippie...

now all I need to wait for is my 19 week scan in about 2 weeks.. so I hope the baby doesnt suffer from high blood pressure and kidney problem( thats what I suffer as a medical condition)... so Iv got to see a doctor a few days after scan to put me on medication for my blood pressure.... but since iv been pregnant and stopped the medication that im on .. the blood pressure as been very normal for a month or two... which is glad to some other medication so i wont get urine infection aswell...

but anyways... how did you all feel when you got your results back... (oh I heard the babys heart beat aswell..)

25/04/2008 at 19:22

hello claire plz could you tell me what the triple test actually tests for. and are you offered it on the nhs? is it a blood test??

karen xx

25/04/2008 at 21:19

Hi Karen...

The Tripple Test, Tests for Down'syndrome.. Wether your in a High Risk or a Low Risk... The Tripple Test Is a blood screening test ( so yes it is a blood test ). It doesnt tell you if your baby has or not have Down'syndrome. *its just to see what the ODDS are*.

The Tripple Test Is offered to you when you first go and see the midwife she'll have to offer you but its your choice wether you want it done or not. Im not with the NHS but I think they'll defintly do.. all you need to do is ask. I had mine done at the warrington genral hospital.

If you want to also know this.... if your a low risk thats really good- meaning that your baby wont suffer from Down'syndrome... If your a high risk then its more likely that your baby has got this condition.. also is your a high risk you would be asked wether you like to take more tests... which i think is called Annomi ( something like that ) but with Annomi.. cause but a risk of a misscarrage... so youve got to think of these things before you go ahead.... i only wanted the Tripple Test to see what the odds are.. if i was in a high risk, personally I wouldnt have the Annomi due to the risk of a misscarrrage... which wont help seeing that I suffer with high blood pressure and kidney problems... so im already in risk there...

its basically down to personal preferance....Im only 19 years old already suffered a misscarrage at the age of 18 so im not taking the chances... but lookerly enough i got a very low risk...

I hope this helps.... and BTW congratulations on your pregnancy.


25/04/2008 at 21:39

thank you claire for your useful info. take care of yourself and baby bump

karen xxx

28/04/2008 at 15:07

No problem hun... I thnk that you can ask any time in pregnancy for the Tripple Test...

Hope that all this informations helps you... woooow thorght I just felt baby move then. felt


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5 messages
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