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Hi Everyone,back again.(after a year later lol )

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11/03/2010 at 00:03

Hi everone,in 2008 I was on thinkbaby when I was going throgh my 1st pregnancy,and I had a baby girl 3  1/2 months early,born on the 4th july 2008 weighing under a pound.shes now 20 months old nearlly rolling onto 2 years old,started walking about 3-4 weeks ago,which is amazing.The reason she was born early was due to me suffering with high blood pressure (medically) and the doctors was deciding which was the better idea of jennifer coming out early or would she survive better staying in the womb abit longer....

WELL... Im back here again,found out today that im pregnant again which is not so much a shock but had an idea....Im really over the moon that im pregnant im excited,not just because im pregnant but that jennifer will have a brother/ main concern would be will i have to go through having a c-section again and having a premature baby again,i want to sort of know what are the chances of me going full term or atleast giving birth by pushing.i know il most proberly have to talk to the doctor.

ps congratulation to the women out there who are pregnant.

Health and Happyness love Claire and Jennifer xXx

11/03/2010 at 09:59

I forgotton to add in that I also suffer with renal problems (urine infections) but I dont think thats to much of a major concern as iv had day case opperaion about 4 years ago..

Just also wondering healthy eating, im a veggie-I eat all dairy products and I sort of eat healthly except for craving egg fried rice somtimes with fried mushrooms from chinese shop just wondering if thats any good for the baby.... but apart from that, how do u get into a good diet assince I was about 16 yrs old I got into a routine wheres I cant eat breackfast  and have to wait to eat somthing about 1pm ish-Iv got up abit earlier this morning ( which is not normal for me) had eaten a small peice of toast but trying to eat it was hard as it was making me feel ill...also i dont have tea at regular time (but with jennifer she has times for her tea as I dont want her to grow up with my eating habbits), so basically my day to day eating habbits are skip breackfast  then have .ike a phillie buttiethen il wait till like after any time after 5 6ish pm for my main tea ( somtimes il eand up eating my tea like at 8 ish) but I eat quite abit of biskets in between my "main meals" any help/ideas 

11/03/2010 at 10:34

claire just wanted to post coz i remember reading your post about your little one!!! im so glad to read that she is doing fantastically!!! and congratz on your second pregnancy!!!!!! (i have a one year old and was are trying for number 2!!!) anyhooo im not a good eater and i wasnt wen pregnant with leeland but that was due to extreem morning sickness lol just try and eat little and often but dont force yourself!! and my normal tea time is around 7/8 depends what time hubby gets home lol

good luck with your pregnancy hun xxx

11/03/2010 at 14:24
Hi nicole I actually been sick this mourning and jennifer was looking at me with the face expression off u wirdo lol...was funny haha... all i feel like eating is ice cubes and ice crean/ice lollies. but dont think its really healthly for the the baby needs filling up food.iv still got to go to doctors today to giv a sample,but at the mo,i cant be botherd. is it normal not feel like eating because im i dont think im eating enough and i only want to eat icecubes for some strange reason...but if i think about solid foods i feel like im gona throw up in my mouth...the there anything else thats good for mourning sickness apart from ginger biskets.xxxx
11/03/2010 at 22:38

Hi Claire

Congratulations on baby number 2 and so glad Jennifer is growing well!! it sounds difficult with morning sickness on top of a small appitite, but don't worry about the baby getting the right nuitriants just yet, it has everything it needs at the moment from you and your stores of vitemens and minerals. that being said you will need to intake more calories as the baby grows to be able to even think straight, only about 200kal extra a day ut if you don't eat a lot anyway this will be hard. a balanced diet is the best start you can give your growing baby at each stage the feotus needs different vitamens and minerals to develop including oils found it fatty fish and nuts these are vital for good brain development. as you're a vegetarian you are going to find it more difficult to get eveything you need so maybe a vitamin supplement for pregnant women including omega 5 and iron, speak to your midwife about it and really get her to listen!! I know ladies who have gone on to have a v-bac (vaginal birth after c-section) you can get informtion on this from your local nct branch and they are usually a bit more supportive of your choices than the hospitals. I expect after last time you will be under a consultant from day one and classed as ''high risk'' but EVERY pregnancy is different and unless it is something that you are predisposed to in every pregnancy there is no reason you cannot have this baby 'naturally' one of the hardest things you may come across is getting your voice heard amongst all the professionals as to what you want and how yu want it etc. it is your baby and body so don't be pushed in a certain direction.

lots of womn have an initial loss of appetite but when you get the the last few weeks you'll eat anything and Im sure you'll get there!! as for morning sickness ginger biscuits are usually a fail but theres a thread on here about it that I put some things I did, I was sick for the whole 41 weeks lol!!!

 take care xxx

12/03/2010 at 16:55

Hi vicky,

thankyou for your message..all iv been eating so far is digestive biskets (yum) =) ... but apart from that,im just worried that id would have to go through what i had to go through on my first pregnancy and after jennifer was born it was back and to to the hospital for about 2-3 months which was amazing seeing how big jen has grown,but going through having a c-section and a few hours later coz i couldnt see jennifer in neo natel and i ended up having a fit coz my high blood pressure wouldnt go down....

im just basically hoping that this pregnancy will be different...

with the c-section i didnt even go into labour etc they just said..she would survive better outside the womb,so we would do a c-section in 2 hours. xx

16/03/2010 at 15:05


i have posted on your other thread re sickness! i feel for you hun i really do!!! i had it with leeland - dont worry about not getting wot baby needs etc, somedays i didnt eat anything (or sud i say keep anything down) and leeland was fine and my pregnacy bar the sickness was plain sailing really - blood pressure went up a week before he was born but nothing too serious

try and relax (easier sed than done i know lol), no two pregnancys are the same and hopefully this time it will be different!

16/03/2010 at 16:17
Thankyou trying to eat a phillidelphia butty n just hoping to keep it down...i cant stand feeling like this plus looking after jennifer too aswell as my partner haha...but with my first pregnancy i never felt like this so im just thinking why is it like this for this pregnancy??? xXx
16/03/2010 at 16:21

good strong pregnacy? maybe lol i felt like crap for weeks lol it seemed to ease off around 26weeks but i was on the anti sickness tabs till the end! hopefully it will ease off around 12weeks thats when most women start to feel better!

how far are you?

16/03/2010 at 16:56
this is the thing im not sure how far gone but i have quite abit of a bump...i think iv conceived in january /early feb) but not seen midwife properly yet..iv got to phone up tomoz to see test result..even  though iv done 2 pregnancy test both straight away said once i found out test results tomoz then i get booked in..but because i suffer with high blood pressure and renal problems...this midwife said she'll get me booked in asap earlyier than normal..and i have to see more reguarlly and have abit more scans done to check the baby is hoping to have a baby boy..i want to a son called xander....i think its a boy because my 1st pregnancy i wasnt sick at all and had a girl so this pregnany i feel crap all the time being sick so i reckon this could be a xxx
29/03/2010 at 13:59

hiya claire

any news? hows the morning sickness?

i had a boy and i was sick all the time so u never know!! im not fussed either way what we have next hehehe im toyin with the idea of keeping it a suprise (we found out we were havin a boy at 27 weeks i had a 4D scan done!!) just need to fall pregnant now!! this is now month 6 of trying rarrr it takes agesssss lolololol

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