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How many weeks am i?

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11/05/2006 at 20:46
i'm only 27weeks but people keep telling me i'm really big and my boobs have started leaking does this mean i could be more then 27weeks, i'm getting really paranoid now.
12/05/2006 at 11:10
Don't be paranoid, your midwife would soon tell you if she thought you were measuring big for your dates. I've been huge since about 10 weeks (people keep asking if I'm having twins!) but I know my dates are accurate and I'm now 1 week overdue.
12/05/2006 at 17:42
I know its probabley normal, but i cant help it, i havnt seen my midwife now for 5 weeks so she doesnt know how big i am i've got to see her on the 22nd. Thanx for the advice.

13/05/2006 at 10:42
Hi becky,

Rest assured im also 27 weeks now and my boobs have just started to leak! which was abit of a shocker for me.... even though i knew it would happen. As for how big you are try not to worry to much because every women is different and have different size bumps. You see im harldy big at all mine is only little, but if your concerned talk to your mw and see what she says. I see mine on the 26th and im going to ask her.As every other pregnant woman ive seen is huge compared to me!

so ill hopefully talk to you in August Mums!!!!! haley. x
13/05/2006 at 22:44
Hi Becky,

Try not to worry too much. People have been asking me if I'm having twins since I was 17 weeks - even the mw commented on how big I was. I thought that my dates might be wrong, but I only have 5 days left now and still no sign of the baby!

The mw will start measuring you soon as well and if you are way off the chart they'll send you for another scan. Also it depends on your frame and height as to how you carry the baby. I've hardly put any weight on anywhere apart from the bump and I've still managed to gain about 3 stone.

Good luck and try not to let the comments bother you.

14/05/2006 at 19:33

I think i av put on 1 an ahlf stone an its all bump an boobs ha..ha.. i havnt put on any where else.

Im going to see my mw in too weeks so i'll ask her then.

27/11/2006 at 16:17
one of my mates is pregnant and shes huge but i feel it just depends on the body like i know when im pregnant as im start showing strait away i just depends on the person dont worry
12/02/2007 at 22:38
hi ya just to make you feel better people thought i was having twins from the time i told them i was expecting i had to buy maternity clothes before i was 12 weeks but there's only 1 in there fortunatly. my breasts started leaking when i was about 19 weeks gone don't let people worry you just enjoy it!
08/06/2007 at 10:22
My mw said that if you are quite small you look bigger because you don't have a torso that is very long.
08/06/2007 at 15:47
I've been leaking pre-milk since i was 13 weeks pregnant and for my small frame i'm 31weeks and people keep asking me if i'm having twins which i am not my baby is actaully under size and under weight so i wouldn't take any notice of anyone your midwife would have said if she thought you were more weeks than you are and your dating scan at 12weeks would have said also, so don't worry yourself too much babies don't always go by the book they don't read the same thnig we do, and that midwifes and docs say is an educated guess so

Well take care and good luck

From Lynne XX
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