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Induction at weekends any idea's?

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07/10/2008 at 17:27

Hi girls!

Well I am due 2day but have a consutants appointment on thursday as the MW wants me induced ASAP due to my hip pains and baby is now estimated to be big!

I was wondering if hospitals induce @ wknds?? I really hope so as its got that bad I cant do anything no more! And its getting me really down and upset! I am going to mention on thursday that my MW wants me to be induced ASAP.....but dont know if they can turn around and say ok we can do it 2day.....or a wknd?

Prob depends on the hospital but has any1 been induced b4 @ the wknds?

Advise plz girls!


07/10/2008 at 17:51

Hi Emma,

all i can suggest is maybe phoning labour ward and asking them over the phone. when i had my 2nd daughter i went in on a sunday and they do have the duty docs going round and seeing whos at what stage of labour.  i ended up on a drip to get my contrations stronger but they didnt do this til the monday.  i dont see why they wouldnt be able to induce u over a weekend, depends i guess on how busy they r and how they r going to induce u as i think there r a couple of different ways?!  when u see ur consultant on thursday take ur labour bag and everything ur'll need for hossie that way then ur also ready for if he decideds to keep you in and do it then.  good luck hun!!

 emma & bump 24wks xx

07/10/2008 at 19:06


The hospital i had my little girl at 3 weeks ago induce at weekends cos i was booked in to be induced on a sunday, luckily she made her appearence on the friday before so i didn't need it but there were ladies coming in on sat to be induced too.  It might depend on the area you are in though, i had my baby in Hereford.

Good luck

07/10/2008 at 19:51

Thanks girls!

I am hoping for some luck to be on my side! Not had alot of it @ the min and could do with somthing good going my way!

I just hope the consultant sees how much pain I am in!


08/10/2008 at 08:48
Good Luck Emma & Let Us Kow How U Get On xxx
08/10/2008 at 09:20

hi em. you still here?

good luck on the induction sweety. i do hope that you dont have to wait longer than the weekend. if your still in lots of pain may be worth calling your m/w to see if she can get things moving. she may get you in a nd do a stretch and sweep just to see if that helps things move along (although i do know the cervix does need to be favourable for that so not always poss) dont suffer alone. keep calling the m/w so they will have to take notice. and in the mean time do lots of walking (if poss and not too painful) bounce on your ball. sit forward when sat down and do everything to help gravity on its way. and of course you could always try the old fashioned "self induction" methods such as sex, nipple stimulation and orgasms!!! always worth a try and lots of fun!!! but maybe a hot curry or pineapple not the best idea. you dont want to go in with gas/wind and ulcers all over your mouth!! ha ha xxx 

08/10/2008 at 10:15

Hi Emma,

I got induced with Brooke at the weekend and it was also Boxing day x and when i was admitted to hossie at the very beginning of this pregnancy with sickness, i noticed they brang in alot of people to be induced at the weekends,  as they all got induced in the ward i was in.

So goodluck, and cause your in pain with your hips you can do the same as me and play up on it LOL so am looking to go in next week and get my internal and sweep and hopefully get that weekend for my inducement date x

Good luck hun, see ya over in October thread x

Nicole x

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