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It finally Worked Part 2!!!!

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21/01/2012 at 14:28

Hello all.

T, wow that's quite a lot. Lily runs around like something demented, so i guess she burns off all that she eats.  No, u r not a bad mother at all. If that's wot he'll eat, then go for it!!

LA, so long as she's healthy & growing, then i'm sure her body is getting all she needs. x

My kitchen gleams - i was in a bad mood this am, so scrubbed it til it shone. I was sick & tired of the kitchen looking like a war zone. Now you need sun-glasses lol.

Hope you're all ok on this cold, windy drizzly day. Miserable outside.

Keep well ladies. xxxxxxxxxx

21/01/2012 at 15:17
Hey holly just on my lunch break at work killian has a cold so hardly eating anything at the moment it's a constant struggle to get him to eat anything the little monkey Bet your kitchen looks very shiny now x
22/01/2012 at 13:25

Hey T. Yeah, iam trying to keep it that way too. Am sick & tired of my house looking like a total pigsty!!!  Hope poor Killian feels better soon. I hate it when they have colds, cos they can't breathe properly.  Lily has one too. She tends to keep them for at least 2 weeks!!!

I have done all my ironing today too. Also stitched holes in the kids' clothes. Matt had 2 school jumpers with holes in the sleeves and Ellie had a hole in her school trousers, so have been a busy bee lol.  I wouldn't mind too much, but Matt's only got a few months left in school and it would be a bit silly to buy him new jumpers. Especially as they cost around £10 each. (he would need 2).

It's  cold and misreable here. I need a fire. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hope you ladies are all having a good weekend.

22/01/2012 at 17:11

You have been busy today Holly!  Our house never seems to be tidy, going to need to be better when Ruby is on the move.  Always hoovering at the moment as she seems to be able to find the smallest bits of fluff and crumbs on the carpet and tries to eat them.

Weather been cold but sunny here today so walked to the park and Ruby had her first ever go on the swings, she loved it.

We've all got a cold too, hope everyone feels better soon.


23/01/2012 at 16:00

Hi everyone, hope you have all had a nice weekend

Holly, I think me and you live very similar lives! My house always looks like a pigsty too, as you all know because I moan about it often enough. I just had to buy all new trousers too, they were beyond sewing though. And why is it the jumpers always shrink? They never look right on Josh, he is skinny and short but has unusually broad shoulders, so they hang on him like a sack but are short in the arms?

We managed to get Reggies bedroom done, it is all sam now. It was already decorate so all we had to do was swap bedding and curtains etc. Out of his christmas money we got him a little telly and dvd player for his wall, he sits up there in his sam bed watching sam, lol. He still doesn't sleep in his bed though? Does anyone else have that problem? He sleeps behind the door.

LA, I have a horrifying story about when my oldest Dylan was going through that stage, I found him eating a dead woodlice.

25/01/2012 at 09:12

Morning ladies.

Nic, yeah i think we are lol!!  Iam trying to stiffle a large snigger re the dead woodlouse lol.  Aw bless him. Must be comfy behind the door!!!!!

You would think that my kids being older would help more. WRONG!!! Iam sure they get worse with age.  I have a very lippy teenager at the mo. Large attitude prob. Answers back all the time. I think i hear a big wallop coming her way if she carries on.

Had a very lazy day y/day. Didn't do much at all. Only washed the dishes, made some scones and a roast lamb dinner. I really couldn't be bothered.  How lazy am i!

Iam paying for it today tho, cos i have to get some washing done & stuff put away. Already done the dishes tho!!

Hope you ALL have a good day. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

25/01/2012 at 10:17

hello ladies

Holly killian still has his cold wasnt too bad at first as he was just coughing last night he woke up as he couldnt breath brought him down with us and he watched the footie with daddy and then just after 10 when we had put him back to bed we heard him cough a lot and then what sounded like him being sick which he had been poor thing all over his bedsheet, pillow duvet 2 blacnkets and bed frame poor little thing said sorry so kev took him to get changed and sorted out his room he was shivering a lot last night hence 2 blankets and one duvet hes still really bunged up today bless him

la glad ruby loved the swings killian goes through phases sometimes he likes them sometimes he doesnt he prefers the slide now

nic glad you finished reggies room sounds nice killian usually does sleep in his bed though only happened maybe 3 times that we found him on the floor but he wont be having a tv in his room till he is a lot older though


25/01/2012 at 15:57

Holly, I totally agree. I have found them much harder the older they get! I have started giving them chores, it is so much easier doing everything myself but I refuse to let them get away with doing nothing. Mmm a roast lamb dinner, I know you said that was a lazy day for you but making a roast dinner would seriously take me all day! Thats why I dont make them

T, Poor Killian, hope he doesn't have that bug that's going round. Hope he is feeling better soonx

I used to think like that too hun, Dylan never had a telly until he was much older either but when you get to no4 and there is nothing but arguments over what they all want to watch, you soon start to re think things, lol. It has been a god sent to be honest, I literally cant get anything done with him so it's been a really big help just being able to put him in his room just while I get ready or hoover etc. Normally he would have turned the house upside down if I was busy doing something.

25/01/2012 at 16:12

thanks nic hes been up for a nap for 2 hours thought he was tired as he lay down on the floor and started to nod off so took him up stairs hes not been too bad just really tired hasnt eaten a massive amount but thats not unusual for him anyway

well dont know about that lol we are stopping at 2 lol and kev is very against children having tvs in their room lol x

28/01/2012 at 14:01

Hello all.

T, aw poor little fellow. I feel so sorry for him. So sweet that he said sorry. Hope he's better soon. xx

Nic, nah there's nothing to it lol!! Just a bit of organisation & a bit of forward planning, and bob's your uncle, he he!! Give it a go!!  Giving them chores will also help them learn to do it themselves when they leave home. Still waiting for at least one of mine to leave, but at 20, maybe it's time to give her a bit of a nudge. (only joking - she can stay as long as she wants) 

Have just been outside to trim my hedge. Takes forever when you have to use a pair of seceteurs. ( sp?) The looks you get lol!! Maybe i'll wave to the next one who stares!!

Hope you're all having a good day. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

30/01/2012 at 16:28

Hi everyone hope you all had a nice weekend

We had a quiet one but me and Lee did have a game of monopoly that got quite heated! Lol. I had Park Lane and Mayfair, and all of the greens all with hotels on. Lee had the oranges and reds and he won me by a mile!!! How is that possible? He must have been cheating but he's not admitting to it if he did!

Also got some good news for next year, my sister is getting married in Mexico so we are all going over for it, it's going to be so expensive but I cant wait

Holly, no amount of planning will be enough for me to put a roast dinner together, lol. I am getting better because there was a time I couldnt make anything but I have a few dishes that im getting good at. I will be the same when it comes to mine leaving home, they drive me up the wall but I cant imagine a day that they wont all be here.

T, hope Killian is feeling better now. And tell Kev he is welcome to swap places with me for a week and see if he is still against telly's in their rooms, lol. In fact it would only take a night in this house, it's like a zoo! But in all honesty, they all have limited time watching them, they dont watch it any more for having it in their rooms, they can all just watch what they want in the time they have.

Im sat here trying to do homework with them, , I dont know what is going on but Toby doesn't have a clue what he is supposed to be doing? It's like they dish out sheets and expect us to teach them (which would be fine if I knew where to start). They expect him to write words that rhyme with cat, net, sun etc. Well he is 4 and just learned to write his name, how the hell am I supposed to teach him that in a weekend?

02/02/2012 at 18:11

hello ladies

holly i know we felt so bad that he said sorry hes not been sick since but still has this stupid cold! Im not sure you will still be saying that in 10 years holly i dont know if you know but at 34 kevs big bro still lives at home lol

nic my weekend was ok ta at work and back there this weekend cant wiat till my maternity leave as should get 37 weeks off lol killian still has a cold kevs mum says i should take him to the docs incase its a chest infection but surely if it was that i would know wouldnt i?

congrats on your sister getting married is the one that lives in spain or whereever it is?

my parents never did my homework lol cant you cheat and get google to help ypu

had mw app on tuesday heard babys heartbeat after a lot of hunting lol

had some good news yesterday too or at least it will be if it pans out  woolies won a tribunal case to do with how the redundancies were handled and won about 6.8 million i didnt think i would get anything as i wasnt in the union but my friend thinks i am i rang the insolvency service to tell them ive moved and will get a form to complete  if i am successful i will get about £2000!


07/02/2012 at 09:16

Where is everyone? Are you all enjoying the snow? I hate snow but we did go sledging on sunday and had loads of fun but im sick of it now, its all turning to ice.

T, yey on hearing the heartbeat, how far on are you now? Thats good news about the redundancy money. When Lee lost his job he got redundancy money but nowhere near what he was owed, he went to a tribunal and got the rest of it. He wasn't in a union either, hope it all goes well and you get what your owed.

As for the homework, I understand what to do, just that Toby didn't and he didn't understand what I as telling him. I dont have the patience for it either. Lee got through it in the end, lol. My parents never used to do my homework either but now it seems like it is the parents job to teach, I dont know what they go to school for? Im so glad I have Lee to help with it all, the last thing I need at the end of a day with Reggie is to do the teachers job for them!

Yes it's the sister that lives in spain (the only one I have), but it turns out that mexico is peak hurricane season in september so dont much fancy it then

07/02/2012 at 15:39

hi nic

no snow in our case it was forecast but didnt get it boo

im 17 weeks now hon hopefully find out the flavour in just under 3 weeks time poor lee glad he got it in the end well would be nice if i got it so will just have to wait and see

well if its upto us to teach us then killian is screwed as i didnt do very well at school and dont know a lot lol

currently got another cold but this one has a cough thats keeping up at night not cool got some linctus at boots but it doesnt do a lot texted mw today and she said if it carries on i can the doc should be able to give me something stronger that is safe

oh yes septemeber is oh dear sorry wasnt sure if you had more siblings than that xxx

15/02/2012 at 15:39

Hi everyone.

Sorry i've not been around for a while, as my internet connection has been down, so had to get another "filter" for it.

Nic, oooh a wedding. How nice. I bet Mexico will be lovely.

T, hope they win the tribunal case. I bet that money will come in real handy.

Nothing much to report here. All very boring and "samey".

We never had any snow. Just very cold. Thet's exactly how i like it, cos i hate snow. Means i can't go anywhere.

Sorry it's only a short one. Iam off to make a fire, cos it's getting cold now. Has been quite nice up until about an hour ago.

Must wake Lily up too, the lazy beast. She's just having a nap.

Keep well ALL. Speak soon. xxxxxxxxxx

18/02/2012 at 10:54
Hi everyone, sorry i've not been on in ages. My charger for my laptop blew up so i have no laptop. Im on my Android now but it takes forever to write anything! T, not long till you find out now, do you have a date for your scan? Holly, snap, i hate snow too! I hope thats the end of it for this winter. Looks like the wedding will be in november now so we miss the hurricane season. Lee is not fussed on going though, he thinks i should go by myself he would rather take them over to tenerife to see her for a fraction of the cost. I suppoose it makes sence rather than paying all that money for somewhere neither of us are that fusses on going. She is adamant she wants it in mexico but its not one of my dream destinations. I cant miss it though so looks like im probably going on my own i have never left lee for more than a night or two so it will be awful
19/02/2012 at 09:31

Morning ladies.

Nic, aw poor you going on your own.  Wot is it with computers at the mo? They are a nightmare.

Ha ha, wot was i saying about snow? We woke up to a dusting of it this morning, but nearly all melted now, cos it's lovely and sunny outside.

Iam looking forward to peace & quiet tomorrow when the kids go back to school. Altho, to be fair, i've not seen much of them at all.

Dh is waking up the neighbourhood with Queen's "i want to break free".  Ha ha, so do i sometimes!!!!!!!!

Hope ALL you ladies are well and not having too much of a rubbish time. xxxxx

22/02/2012 at 20:49

hi girls hope everyone is ok/

i can kind of see lees point its a lot of money just for a wedding im not sure we would do it we couldnt offard it to me honest let me know what you decide

hey holly no snow here lol

killian is still biting everyone little monkey oh well have keep telling him off xx

25/02/2012 at 10:08

Morning ladies.

Wot a gorgeous day! Hope you've ALL got one.

T, Lil doesn't bite for some reason. Not sure why, but not complaining!! Hope you're ok. When do you have your scan? Hope all goes well. xx

Nic, how you doing? Wot's your plan of action today? Same old, i suppose.

I've got the uniforms in the washer. Hope to dry them outside if i can. Why waste the sunshine!!!!!!!!

Can i ask you ladies how tall are your little ones? Iam a bit concerned that Lil is only going to be a shortie. I measured her last week and she's only 85cm. Still fits into size 18-24 month old clothes. sisze 2-3 are way too big.  She does weigh 21lb 13 oz.

We've dropped the afternoon bottle and the night time bottle. Whoop, a big step forward. She has had 3 nights on the bounce in her own bed. Having said that, she spent last night in my bed.

Hope you ALL have a lovely weekend.

Hurray, spring will soon be here. Bring out the shades lol!!

25/02/2012 at 12:10

I have managed to hijack Dyans laptop, I have been checking in but it is a nuisance trying to write anything on my android.

T, how long is it till your scan? have you got a date? Reggie is not realy a biter either but he did take a chunk out of my arm last week, I was so shocked because he has never done it before. I dont think he will again because he got quite upset over it, I think he just got over excited when I was tickling him and didn't realise what he was doing.

Holly, realy wouldn't worry too much about Lily' size Reg is into just going into 2-3 on top but he is 12-18 on the bottom just going nto 18-24, he will be 3 in july. Everyone says he's a big boy when they see him but I think people just say that for the sake of it because he's a little shorty. And I have told you about my friend's little girl before, she is 4 and is still in 12-18 months. I got her an outfit for her birthday in 2-3 and had to take it back because it was huge on her.

I havent even started on the uniforms yet, I think I will be popping them in the tumble dryer, then hopefully they wont all need ironing.

My plan of action today is a bit of cleaning to do, then a bit of running round to do, then we have friends over tonight for a few drinks, im going to make a lasagne I think, im on a diet so will have to have a small piece with salad.

I am getting some serious tantrums off Reggie at the minute, it's getting to the point I cant take him anywhere. Dont get me wrong, they all had tantrums but this is another level of tantruming!  Cant wait till this phase is over

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