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It finally Worked Part 2!!!!

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15/10/2008 at 21:51

Hi Girls!!

Right I have been reading though the posts...and i thought its time to start a FRESH!!! NO more acting like children and let things GO! I think every 1 wants things left alone now...sp plz no more on this thread!

So girlies....lets start a fresh!

Hope we are all ok?

Olilou is wide awake....and its bed time her all ready for bed @ 8....think she may be having some sort of groth spert HA!

So if you girls would like to join me on here PLZ do!!

Emma + Olivia xxxx

15/10/2008 at 21:58

HERE HERE!!! Thank you so much emma. i was begining to pull my hair out!


they do have growth spurts alot at this stage so i warn you it might be a wakeful night. but you will soon get over that stage and be on to weening and walking then the dreaded POTTY TRAINING!!! Molly has now been 3 days without a nappy and has done wee wee in potty lots!! she has had a couple of accidents but not major ones. i am so proud of her!

well will have to get the list going again and add the newbies to it!

oh and i wont mention you mis spelt your daughters name he he!!! an easy mistake to make!!

take care xxx 

15/10/2008 at 22:14

emma - OLIVIA Born 9/10/08 8lbs 8oz (6 day old!) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

claire - due 3/11/08 - baby girl (19 days to go)

Natty - due 31/12 /08- baby girl (77 days to go)

loopy - due 24/02/09 - boy (132 days to go)

sj - due 11/03/09 - unknown (147 days to go)

nic - due 14/03/09 - unknown (150 days to go) 

lisa - due 19/03/09 - unknown (155 days to go)

sarah - due 26/04/09 - unknown (191 days to go)

vicki p - due 28/05/09 - unknown (223 days to go)

Sam - due 28/05/09 - unknown (223 days to go) 

Aimie - due 5/06/09 - unknown (231 days to go)

jo - due 8/06/09 - unknown (234 days to go)

tereza - due 23/06/09 - unknown (249 days to go)

es - due 24/06/09 - unknown (250 days to go)

i hope i worked that out ok and didn't miss anyone at all? any adjustments that need to be made please let me know. ok night all xxx 

15/10/2008 at 22:21

natty- Hi hunni!

Aww the potty training! My OH little girl was so good when she went through that stage....she got so up set if she had an accident tho.

do you mean Olilou?? Its her nickname its Olivia shorten it to Olilou! She is settling next to me on the sofa a load of pillows...dont think she likes her bouncer and being wrapped up anymore! (think I may of spk to soon LOL)

OMG---just reading through the list.....250 days to go!!! Blimey that was me once he he he.

Right I am off now....gonna try and settle this litle one!

Night Girls!


16/10/2008 at 08:23

morning ladies.

only just noticed a new thread lol.

docs today to get pg confirmed, seems more real now. i feel so positive about this pg, feel totally different from last time.

right off to work

take care


16/10/2008 at 09:02

Morning GIrls

Thats great you are going to get it confirmed my doctors dont do that so have to wait to go to anitnatal clinic at doctors on 3rd Nov grr


16/10/2008 at 09:05

Morning everyone

Emma great idea hope you managed to get some sleep last night i am making the most of my afternoon naps and lye ins on weekends dont know what i will dont when i do have them any more lol.

Natty thanks for working it all out again cant believe Claire has only 19 days to go bet she is getting excited im 18 weeks today so not long till half way

Es had a little smile when i saw the pics of your tests i still have mine on my phone seems like ages ago congrats again hope the doctors goes ok.

Had a look at the davina dvd last night is really good am going to have a go thisafternoon is nice and relaxed am really looking forward to it sad i know

16/10/2008 at 09:06
Morning Tereza how you doing?
16/10/2008 at 09:09
Morning Lisa I am good thanks, had a tiny bit of spotting this morning that was red so panicked and did another test to check that i was pregnant still!, I am going to be a nervous wreck by the end i think! how are you today?

16/10/2008 at 09:13


all well im feeling great i have no moans, or aches or sickness at the moment so all is hunky dorie for me hehehe 4 more sleeps till my 20 week scan OMG im sooo excited about seeing a proper looking baby in there cant wait to find out wot we are having - i think its going to be boy!!!!

glad to hear all is going well for u and olivia

es & tez so super happy for you both

mornign to everyone else xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

16/10/2008 at 09:14
tez if u get too worried got to ure doctors and tell them ure pregnant and spotting they will keep an eye on  u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
16/10/2008 at 09:18

i know what its like as i was the same, i carried on taking my temp (it says high when your pregnant) right up till my 12 week scan , you could give nhs direct aring for advice or trying phoning the docs like Nic said.

16/10/2008 at 09:24

Morning ladies,

Aww bless you Emma, settling in to being mommy so well.

I think my funny spells may be the starting of flu, OH has it he also NEVER gets ill so for him to suffer, it's gotta be bad.

Baby is very busy wriggling and kicking today loving feeling it.

Last night the puppy was laying on my bump (being a mommy's boy as per usual cuz Daddy cut his nails) and his little heart was beating on my stomach, and the baby was moving around then I got one like big kick and the puppy jumped up bless him.

Can't wait till OH can feel it, think it's gonna help him bond better with baby.

Bless him, did anyone see the Bill last night? we were watching and when they found the little girls body, he started crying like floods of tears. Things are starting to get back to normal with us well -- got kisses on my texts this morning

16/10/2008 at 09:41

Morning Nic thanks I am not too worried think i am just worrying over nothing plus my doctors are useless they dont even confirm the pregnancy for you !  Ash gave me the details of the early pregnnacy unit so might use that if i need to.

Thanks Lisa just being paranoid i guess as dont know what to expect!

Morning SJ that is funy about the baby kicking the dog!

16/10/2008 at 10:03

Sarah oh no the last thing you want is a cold hope you dont end up with one.

My cat wont sit on my tummy and more he either sits next to me or on my chest with his fishy breath in my face great lol

Am really pleased things are going well for you both im looking forward to hubby feeling the movement he often talks to my tummy its really sweet.

16/10/2008 at 10:12

hehe, Vid would never talk to my tummy, but the baby loves the sounds of his voice.


16/10/2008 at 10:18

Lisa My cat always tries to sit on my chest not my tummy thankfully!

Kev hasnt started tlaking to my tummy yet but he keeps rubbing it and asking if all is ok inside mummy?


16/10/2008 at 10:19

hi all

emma - ha ha get the name now. i take it all back ( bit embaressed now he he!) but glad you are getting the hang of it. i hope you have had lots of visitors and they have ll been treating you like a princess!!

lisa - omg 18 wks already wow that is so flying by. it is scary watching the days slip away. i have just under 11 wks to go. i am actually feeling pretty good today. still feels like i have a slight infection so will be topping up the fluids today! other than that i am hunky dory too!! 

nic - yay for the scan. cant wait to see if the predicions are right? i think i predicted a boy for you? im not getting too much stuff tho. cos loads of people have said they think its actually a boy!!! have only got a hat and gloves set anda set to leave the hospital in in pink so far. think i will leave it at that.

sj - hope its not the flu but spose thats better than pre eclampsia!! sounds like you and oh are really getting on better. thats fab. sometimes these big changes can rock even the strongest of relationships. but its fab if you can get through it.

T - take it easy and call the unit if you have worries. but im sure its nothing. perhaps its due to the tablets you were on or just implantation bleed. anyway how was the hol? saw the pics and looks like you hav=d a fab time. the hotel looked really nice too!! and i gotta say you and oh looksso so happy together. and the 30th was ok? not too scary i hope. 

i love the positive vibes on here at the moment. seems we are all well and happy. yay!!  take care all. off to potty train some more!!! xxx

16/10/2008 at 10:23

We should be moving to our new house on 31st October -- which is also Pagan new yr. What a fantastic new start for us. Feeling so positive.


16/10/2008 at 10:30

Hey Natty, yeah i think its nothing too will only worry if its a lot of blood i think, could be implantation couldnt it or just my body getting used to things its always only a tiny bit anyways! Holiday was fab it really was good loved every minute of it 30th wasnt too scarey did a really grown up thing and slid on the water slides all day he he!

OOh thats exciting SJ have you started packing? will have to meet up once you are settledxxx

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