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09/12/2007 at 21:56

Hi ladies!

 Im a 22 yr old girl and i am 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  I have been working for my current employer for coming up a year in Jan 08.  I havet told my boss i am actually pregnant yet as i know u dont need to let your employer know untill 26 weeks??

Anyway there are a few of my colleagues that do know the knews and im worried that it has got around the office already as my boss has recently tryed finding ways of critisizing my work all of a sudden and has recently put me on a disciplinary.

I think he is trying to get me out of the company as he has found out im pregnant and dosent want to give me meternity leave as we are short on staff and have been for a while!

What do people think? is there anyone else that is in a simular situation, if so, would love to here from u.

 Lots of love

Louise and bump xxx

09/12/2007 at 22:25

Hi Louise

I would officially put it in writing to your boss, along the lines of ' I Louise ****** am expecting a baby on the ********, I will need to attend required appointments as and when necessary'.

Once your boss has this information in writing he/she is skating on very thin ice if they do sack you for any reason as it is a form of discrimination (great pay out!!!!)

Please also dont let him/her get you down, this is the last thing you need this early on in the pregnancy,

Hope this helps, good luck

09/12/2007 at 22:38

Hi Louise

Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!

I would say now would be the time to officially notify your employer of your pregnancy... once you have done this your employer really can not sack you unless you commit some kind of gross misconduct and he has to be able to prove that you have and that his dismissal is nothing to do with your pregnancy status - so, as Jo says any women sacked from employment after official notification of pregnancy has a right to appeal on discrimination - you'll be much safer and more secure in your job once you have officially notified him and probably much more relaxed about it too!

Good Luck

M xx

10/12/2007 at 10:48

Hi ladies

 Thanks to both of you for your advice, i think it is a great idea to hand in my official pregnancy.

I have a meeting with them today so that is what i will do!

Im trying not to let all of this cause any stress to me or my baby as i know it can have a big effect if i let things get to me!

 Thanks again ladies for your advice, i really appreciate it!

I would still love to hear from anyone that may be experiencing the same thing


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