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measuring big for dates

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11/08/2010 at 17:27

  Just been to midwife and i'm 28weeks 1 day pregnant but my fundal height is measuring 32cms. i am getting a scan at 34 weeks anyway so my midwife isn't making one for me. Does anyone know what this means? does it mean i am measuring 4 weeks ahead? does it just mean i'm having a big baby?


11/08/2010 at 18:20

Hi sj

i measured big all the way through my first pregnancy with my son. i was consistently 2/3 weeks ahead at every measurment. They sent me for a scan at 35 weeks, but the scan showed that my measurments were correct for dates and that the baby didnt look massive so it was quite possibly just the way my bump had formed. As it turned out i had my son early just 6 days later at 35+6 weighing 5lb 13oz. Chances are if he had gone full term he would have been a good 9lber but thats not excessive enough for me to measure over.

In comparison, my 2nd pg i measured correct right through and went to 39 weeks giving birth to another boy weighing just 7lb 2oz. 

I wiouldnt worry too much, it could be something as simple as how your bump has formed, or even where you placenta is sitting...if its at the front this may add to bump size. Dont worry, your scan will show up if your dates look wrong or baby is going to be a big one!!

Good luck

caroline x

11/08/2010 at 19:44
Hi Sj. Try not to worry too much,I'm currently 32+4wks but am measuring 36wks. I've had two growth scans so far and even though babys slightly larger than normal(est birth weight 8lb ish) not enough to worry about. I've only put on 1 stone so it appears that I just carry 'big'.My friend had a tiny little bump and always measured up to 5wks behind yet her little boy weighed 9lb 7! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy,sorry I haven't been much help. Laura xx
11/08/2010 at 19:50
Hi! Like Caroline I measured big all the way through my first PG. I had a growth scan at 31weeks and baby was normal size. They thought I was going to end up having a 10lb+ baby!! Well she was an average weight 8lb 8oz. So not to big. I realised it was all water and boy was there alot. Try not to worry chick! Xxx
14/08/2010 at 08:43

 thank you! this is my 2nd baby. never had any problems with dd but i was neat because she was back to back most of pregnancy which ended in me having a section. that is why i am having a scan at 34 weeks. She was 8lb 11 so am a wee bit worried that this baby is bigger considering i am trying for a vbac. ive also found out that there are a few reasons why i'm measuring bigger, could be gestational diabetes or that as its my 2nd pregnancy my muscles are looser so just got bigger quicker. trying not to worry too much. x


20/05/2012 at 01:23

Hi sj2, sometimes the baby is really big but not '4 weeks ahead' big. You may want to ask your midwife or OBGYN to see if this is normal, you may have already developed diabetes (causes big tummys). Don't think I'm bad, I just want you to have safe pregnancy. I got diabetes when I was pregnant on my 1st child... and up to now I still do. I was not able to control the illness because I was too proud to have a big tummy (means big baby). I hope you have it check 1st.

13/06/2012 at 21:10

try not to worry i was measureing like that when i had my son was going to have a massive baby apparently and he was only 8lb2 and most of it was water this time round they are telling me the same but i know not to beleive them this time xxx

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