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membrane sweep?

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25/02/2009 at 14:52

Today is my due date

so hopefully i will go today, but if i don't i'm having a membrane sweep done on the friday, Im more nervous about that than the birth as my midwife told me usually in 24-48 hours i should go into labour, on the saturday and sunday my mum can't make it, my brother who lives with us is going to visit my mum and my bf is working away which means if i go into labour i have to meet him at the hospital, plus i was counting on my mother in law as I'm very close to her anyway but she's had an operation which doesn't allow her to drive for weeks so all i can rely on is my father in law and im not close to him at all!! infact he said he doesn't want to be at the hospital when im giving birth but to be in the pub wetting the baby's head, so as you can imagine I'm not going to feel comfortable, im getting stressed thinking what i can do when i go into labour..

has anyone else had a membrane sweep if so what actually happened and did it make anything easier or harder?

Thanks sarah ann x

25/02/2009 at 15:55
i havent had one but i have been told that they dont always bring on labour.  im allowed one on my due date and then i get them every other day up until im 2 weeks late.  the fact that they offer more than one means that you may not go into labour over the weekend.  if your really worried you could ask for them to leave it till monday
25/02/2009 at 18:07

I had one on a monday when I was 5 days overdue and had a show that evening but didn't go into labour till the Friday morning and had my daughter on the Friday afternoon.

Good luck!

25/02/2009 at 18:15
I had one on Monday, i was 39+6, she said my cervix was still high and hard, but i am 1cm dilated, she couldnt do a membrane sweep but said she could feel the babies head... It wasnt very painful, just really uncomfortable. Anyway i had bloody mucus discharge ever since, and i have had pains, but no labour/contractions!!! Im booked in for induction on 6th March when i will be 10 days over!
25/02/2009 at 20:28
Had one on my first child, and had a show straight away, then they had me in to be induced the next morning. When they examined me before inserting a pessary I had dilated 3 cms. Was quite uncomfortable though (the sweep, I mean).
25/02/2009 at 21:37


I had a sweep on the Friday morning at 40 weeks, contractions started Sunday morning and my son was born on the Monday morning. I'd been having show for several weeks and when the midwife did the sweep she said I wasn't favourable. I found it no different to a regular internal exam, slightly uncomfortable ofcourse but not at all painful (and I had been really nervous as people had said they were really painful). I'd had an examination with a speculum before and that made me cry it hurt so much but the sweep was absolutely fine. I do know lots of women who had several sweeps that did nothing and they ended up being induced at 40 + 11, but if you're worried I'd ask to have the sweep on the Monday instead.

Good Luck with everything - you're about to have the most incredible experience!!! xx

02/03/2009 at 12:45

They won't give you asweep if you really don't want one but there is no sure way of telling if it will set you off or not, it deends if your body is ready for labour or yet or not, if the cervix is still posterier ie facing towards the back your MW may not be able to do it effectively, good luck with everything. skybluesara who posted above had her baby on friday just gone we think, hasn't been confirmed but it was a february baby!! so a sweep can take more than a few days!


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