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02/08/2008 at 14:03

Hi all,

    A bit about me. I'm Laura 21 been married to hubby 23 for nearly 3 years. We have been trying for our first baby for 18 months now. Due to our ages and the time its taking im currently undergoing primary infertility tests.

    I have not had a period since 22nd April which means i am now over 3 months late.

 I had tests done at the doctors last week for PCOS for which i still await the results. A blood test i had in May showed one of my hormones being slightly elevated hence the further tests being done. The doctors do believe i have PCOS i also have a scan booked for the 19Th September to look into this further.

I have looked at articles on the net but would love to hear from people who do suffer with this and symptoms you have.

My periods are normally very regular and the first day of my period is very very painfully and quite heavy. They only last 3-4 days and after the first day are normal and pain free.

 as im trying for a baby, how will PCOS effect my chances of conceiving and is there anything i can take to help to process?

Look forward to hearing for you all.

 Love laura


02/08/2008 at 16:22

Hi Laura

Im 25 and I also have PCOS, I originally went to the doctor with irregular periods and headaches, I had a scan on my ovaries and they said i didnt have any cysts, then tons of blood tests, an MRI of my pituary gland later, they said i have PCOS, i had another scan of my ovaries and they said i do have cysts. Anyway with the hormonal imbalance and my being overweight i have PCOS.  I was given Bromocriptine for high prolactin (A hormone produced by the pituatry gland) - this made my periods more regular - i then had periods every 28 days. I was also given Metformin for glucose intolerance. I tried to loose weight but only really lost just over a stone. I had several blood tests on day 21 of my cycle to see if i was ovulating and luckily i was. I was booked in for a test to see if my tubes were ok bu in the meantime I bought some ovulation predictor kits from the web and used them every day from about day 10 of my cycle, I ovulated on day 19 and i am now nearly 10 weeks pregnant. I was told to stop the pills which i have done. I will be under a consultant as i am overweight bugt so far so good. I had a little bleeding around week 6 so went for a scan at week 7 and saw a heartbeat. I am going for my next scan on 12th August. Cant wait!!!

My periods were like yours... I would really reccomend that you order some tests from here  then you can see for yourself if you are ovulating and then do the business! You might not ovulate on day 14 like the text books say!

Has your partner had his sperm tested and what tests have u had?

Sara x

02/08/2008 at 17:28

Hi Sara,

   My hubby did 'do his bit' but they lost his specimen so he has to do it again. Typical. Due to me being so late they are saying i need to wait until i have had a period until they start doing tests into my fertility, day 21 and 28 progesterone ect i have a scan on the 19th september to check for cysts and im currently waiting on my bloods to come back for the PCOS checks which are a little nerver racking.

I will be buying some OV tests as soon as ive had my next period, im also going to start taking my temperature aswell so i can clock it that way.

Congratulations on your pregnancy hun! Hoe long were you trying for and how long after being told you had PCOS did you fall?

Laura xxx

02/08/2008 at 17:30
hi laura, just thought i'd say hello and see how u were doing xx
02/08/2008 at 17:49

Hey Laura how are you doing hunny? How is the pregancy going?

Well as you can proberly see from above i still havent had a period so im a little frustrated at the moment to say the least.


02/08/2008 at 17:55
i'm doing really well thankyou sweetie,am now 13wks and 4days and have just got over morning sickness.had our 1st scan weds and saw a v wriggly baby.  am sorry to hear everyhings still up in the air for you xxx
02/08/2008 at 18:05

thanks hun but ill get there eventually. Glad to hear everything is going well for you. God how quick has that gone! 13 weeks already! WOW! are you going to find out what your having?


02/08/2008 at 18:09
i'd love to say no and leave it as a surprise when the big day comes but i know i wont be able to wait lol xxx
02/08/2008 at 18:44

im the same ive always said when our time comes i wouldnt want to know but i cant help myself i think id have to know although ive always said ill be having a girl first. xxx

02/08/2008 at 18:46
I was told i had PCOS in 2006 - and we havent been using contraception but we got married in March then in May we decided to "try" properly and it happened first time
02/08/2008 at 18:58

congratulations hunny!

what form of contraception were you using before if you dont mind me asking as ive read that 'the pill' is one of the main causes for PCOS, im not sure how true that is?


02/08/2008 at 20:09
I only took the pill for a few months when i was about 16/17, I've only ever used condoms. I think my main problem was being overweight!!
03/08/2008 at 12:14

im glad it finally happened for you hunny.

I get my results back next week for PCOS, im expecting the worst but im not letting it get to me too much as i know just because you have it; it wont stop me having a child of my own one day.


03/08/2008 at 12:25

I'm 22 and I got told I have PCOS last June. I'd been on the depo (pill injection) and since coming off it in Feb 2004 I'd only had about 3/4 periods.
Anyway dr's said I needed to be trying for a baby for 12 months until they'd do anything. Then they changed their minds to 18 months because "I was only young and had plenty of time". Anyway I was lucky and fell pregnant last Nov after trying for about 14 months. I'm due on the 13th.

I think the more you concentrate on it and think about it, the more you stress about it. I'd given up on conceiving naturally and was just waiting for the 18 months to be up and low and behold here I am! LOL.

Good luck anyway, I hope you catch soon,

03/08/2008 at 12:38

thanks Nikki and congratualtions. Im pretty much the same now. I also have given up. Im just waiting for all my tests to be done and my scan and will go from there.

As my husband is away witht eh army training and only back weekends we arent really trying as such any way so we are a lot more relaxed and i must say enjoying doing it instead of feeling like its a chore.

Im glad things worked out for you in the end and thanks for sharing your story.

All the best and hope you have a sfae and enjoyable pregnancy.

Laura xxx

03/08/2008 at 14:06
hi. how is everyone today? xx
03/08/2008 at 14:11

Hi Laura, im fine thanks how are you hun? Its very quiet on here today!


03/08/2008 at 14:17
i'm good thankyou,tired as mamnaged to go on a rare night out with friends last night xx
03/08/2008 at 14:20

oh lovely, where did you go?

Im at work AGAIn today until 4 then have to do the two hour drive up to the midlands to pick my brother up. Great stuff!


03/08/2008 at 14:23
just into the local town,stuck to orange juice though lol. sounds like fun xxx
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